Mhkitaryan is proving to be worth every penny to Arsenal right now

When Henrik Mhkitaryan arrived as part of the deal when we robbed Manchester United of a lot of money for Alexis Sanchez, we were unconvinced that we had got a good deal, especially when his wages were pitched as high as Aubameyang’s. Since then he has spent a lot of time on the sidelines with injuries and rarely got a regular run of games, but just recently he seems to have got his act together and was one of our very best players against Tottenham at the weekend.

Unai Emery praised him highly after the game, and admitted that it would be very hard for anyone to match his energy and work-rate for a full 90 minutes. The Boss said: “He he had a big performance in both boxes, defensively and offensively,”

“He has the quality to help us in our style to play. For example, usually he can’t play 90 minutes while being consistent with his work. And another player maybe cannot do that either, at such intensity.

“But against Tottenham for example we changed some players after Wednesday, we changed also some players in the match to get fresh players, fresh energy, and I think it’s good combination and was important to help us, not today to win but to get close to doing that.”

We can’t help but praise the way Emery has got his players performing, and even though he rotates a lot more than we expected, they all seem to understand what the boss wants them to do, and they are doing it well.

Until recently, I would have said that Mhki was a good squad player at best, but I’m coming round to thinking he should be playing in as many games as possible if he can carry on performing like that.

What do you think?



  1. Yes, I admit I have not been a big fan of Mkhi since he signed and have been highly critical of him, but recently he is winning me over – he was definitely on a list of players I’d have liked to seen sold in summer but I hope he can keep up his recent form and prove me wrong.

  2. Similar feelings here Will Its taken him a while to come to terms with the worth ethic expected by Emery but since he returned from injury he has moved through the years and is making a very effective contribution unlike our “friend” who moved to Man Utd.

    1. The old saying “form is temporary but class is permanent” comes to mind. He was always a nice player who had been messed up by Jose Mourinho. The injury seems to have been a blessing in disguise because he had time for rest and reflection. Even before his injury he was beginning to show glimpses of his quality. He is a hardworking player who is always trying his best to help the team.
      Another player whose quality has begun to show is Grant Xhaka. Many of our fans had turned him into a punch bag forgetting that he was still a young man with room for improvement. Emery has now turned his fortunes around. I was always optimistic about him knowing that Arsene Wenger would not have spent so much money on a player who didn’t have special qualities.
      Iwobi is yet another player who I believe will surprise many on this site and become a real quality player. Some people seem to forget that someone at 22 years is still in his formative stages. It is expected that he will make some blunders but ultimately he will be a top quality player.
      All in all I am very optimistic about Arsenal’s future because of the quality youngsters that we have. Let us look at them: Mavropanos and Holding in central defence; Bellerin on right back; Torreira, Xhaka and Guendouzi in midfield; Iwobi, Willock, Reiss Nelson, Nketiah and some other promising youngsters. Who can doubt Arsenal’s future?

    1. Maybe he was carrying injuries and we may now see the player he was at his best at Dortmund ?

  3. As iv said repeatedly Mhkataryan will prove his naysayers wrong – he has been taking up some good positions and most of all he knows exactly where the onion basket is.

    Im glad he’s swinging the opinon of our fans to realise he has much to offer. My hope is he continues the tradition we have had over the years of some outstanding number 7s.

  4. He has been working hard, but I still want to see more consistency when he plays as a winger. I see him as a CAM, but I don’t think he would play centrally as long Ozil is here

    His performance was also good in the second half of last season, when most mid and lower table teams had lost their motivations in competing for the title

    If he can maintain his forms until the first half of next season, I would say he has clicked well with his teammates

  5. hey all. no way was torreira’s tackle a red card offense if you watch the tackle he brought his foot around and did not lunge with his studs pointing straight for rose. arsenal must most definitely appeal the red card

  6. My take on Mkhi is that he is without doubt a very talented player but that he is , like Ozil too, a weak minded man and has little constant “over my dead body attitude” that all true greats have. Henry had it. So did Dennis, Adams, Dalglish, Rush, Seaman and even, way below all their talent level, the likes of Sokratis too and many, many more. BUT FAR FEWER IN THESE MODERN TIMES WHEN OBSCENE MONEY DULLS THE WILL IN ALL BAR THE STRONGEST CHARACTERS. Lifes modern reality really!

    1. That is harsh Jon. 🙁

      Neither one is weak enough to turn to alcohol during their problems, that is real weakness…

      Yet we all love Adams still, we seen him overcome his weakness along with being a great CB, Ozil and Mkhi could get over issues which have held them back if supported… They are great footballers. To be fair, Emery hasn’t picked on Mkhi like Ozil has been, now he is supposingly worth every penny. How much did support aid in him being better?

      I think every human being has weaknesses and it is up to ‘us’ (Arsenal FC as a whole) to help cover them and help the individual excel at what they are good at.

      Lastly, if we look in the UK, one of the biggest killers in men under 55 is suicide, I doubt all those men are wealthy and the wealth made them weak enough to commit such an act.

      Sorry for the morbid fact but I feel it points towards the real issue, not wealth… lack of support instead.

      1. Who mentioned alcohol? Except you! If I instead said he lacked determination that would mean the same effect but might hopefully keep you happy? Surely you see the difference in workrate and all round determination between both our main strikers, in Lacas favour though? I would never say Laca lacks that. And yes, I admit to being harsh on many occasions midkemma – it is only because I dislike half truths, wishy washy excuses and understating the truth. You get that all the time with some timid TV pundits but never with Souness , which to me ,is why he is different class. I always seek the clear truth and dislike distortions and watering down of faults. I constantly described Walcott as a weed; indeed when I used to still regularly attend, my missus would ask “How did the weed play today!”
        I watched the WEED hiding in, an Everton shirt, against their massive rivals Liverpool the other day, when all the other players on both teams were up for it. He was subbed early in second half and the pundit said he was disppointing. I call that necessary TV speak for spineless or weedy. I don’t say Auba is a weed though, merely lacking in enough determination, at least by comparison with many of our other players; like Sokratis, Torreira, even young Guendouzi. And certainly Laca! I just like the plain unvarnished truth in ALL things. Example: I call Trump a racist- I do not merely say he does not like immigrants, as some might timidly call it.. I hope you take my general point.

        On your suicidal point I am fully in ageement and in actuality am far nicer than anyone reading my plain speaking descriptions might imagine. There is a huge difference between say, a homeless person, perhaps divorced, maybe alcoholic and thrown out by his partner and who has no money and no hope and on the other hand, an extremely rich and fit, still in his prime of life footballer. It is not personal with Walcott; if HE were that homeless man thrown out on the street and NOT an immensely rich player overpaid for many years for the effort(or lack) he showed, I would be kind and try to help. There are times for empathy and practical help and there are times for plain speaking. I flatter myself that at my advanced age I know when to use both. That DOES NOT mean younger people don’t do the same. I feel I owed you that long explanation as we are now friendly and will doubtless remain so.

        1. Midkemma, I am a fan of Mezut Ozil at his best, but how has Emery picked on Ozil, other than take him aside and try and encourage him to play the way Emery requires. Ozil is Arsenal’s highest profile, most credentialed and rewarded player; therefore was it not reasonable that the coach, Emery required him to perform at the level we know he is capable of? Was it Emery’s fault that Ozil was unavailable for selection due to injury or illness?

        2. “Who mentioned alcohol? Except you! ”

          I did. I also said that turning to it like Adams did, like Gazza did, that is weakness. Being an alcoholic and not facing reality is a sign of mental weakness, at least from my perspective.

          As you said determination, I can get that, some players do lack determination.

          Some players may set themselves a goal and once they reach it… what now? Almost that kinda thing and they lose some determination until they can find a new drive/goal.

    2. Well, presumably very “young man” since you wish to insult my age, over which none of us, you included , have any control, I ACTUALLY DID say things. I must presume that you are only semi literate and fail to understand properly used English. If you wish to bandy words AND USE PERSONAL INSULTS with me on this forum I will show you a master class in how to use words to put fools down. I trust I have no need to do so in your case though!

  7. Glad Mkhi form has picked up, it would be great to have him at his best, I haven’t really thought we would see him at his best but if he keeps picking up then I better get some nice BBQ source for my hat that I’m about to eat 😛

    1. Whenever I eat my hat , as I at least OUGHT to have done and often too, I recommend good old tomato sauce, not barbeque, as it brings out the flavour of the hat. Or it would do were I brave enough to actually eat it. Which Of course I AM NOT. If you have ever wondered why I do not present a TV cookery show, well now you know why!

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