Micah Richards praises “brilliant” Arsenal man against Leicester

Granit Xhaka is gradually gaining a very positive reputation among fans and pundits.

The Swiss midfielder has been an important Arsenal player since Mikel Arteta became the club’s manager.

He has divided opinion among the club’s fans since he first moved to the Emirates, but Arteta trusts him, and he seems to improve under the guidance of the Spanish boss.

He was one of Arsenal’s best players as they beat Leicester City 4-2 at the Emirates yesterday.

He got a goal, almost scored another and made some great runs forward throughout the match.

Fans and pundits were delighted to see him play so good, and the former Manchester City man, Micah Richards, believes he was brilliant.

He said on Match of the Day on BBC One: “Xhaka was brilliant today as well.”

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This is the most exciting Arsenal team to watch in years, and all its players deserve credit for how they have performed so far.

It is just two matches in, and we don’t need to get ahead of ourselves, but this Arsenal team is so good that they must win a trophy this season.

Xhaka has started well. Now we hope he can be consistent enough to keep performing this good all season.

Watch Mikel Arteta on Arsenal 4-2 Leicester – Another good day for the Gunners….

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  1. The most underated player
    Can see some divided views.
    Perhaps he’ll get the thanks he deserves.

    1. He has never been underrated by our gaffers. Wenger, Emery and now Arteta. Only fans and a few pundits underrate Xhaka. He is an ever-present player in his national team.

      1. Agree, Mr. Wenger and Unai never underrated him, but under them he gave some horrendous underrated performances. I can absolve Unai, he lasted a few months and with the language barrier, most of his thoughts could not materialise. But Mr. Wenger during his tenure did nothing to help improve him, but Mikel did! Give credit where it is due, Mikel has done a phenomenal job on the Xhaka project even after his personal turmoil. Neves, Yuri and Xhaka, I’ll choose Xhaka any match day over the other two although I have not changed my opinion that we need an upgrade over Xhaka, and that his age is catching up. Cannot rate Fabio as he is yet to debut. Till then let us support Xhaka.

      2. Mctominy made a bad tackle the other day and I thought if that was xhaka surely could have been red carded. I have seen improvement this season and do hope he stays off the costly and stupid errors he does have in his game. Couldn’t blame people who underrate him, he has coast the team over the years countless times but admittedly when out of the team we lack balance and lokonga must improve immensely to fill the gap when called upon.

  2. All the arsenal players where fantastic on Saturday, but we must close down on conceding cheep goal,if we really want to be a champion, which I think we are already on our way to achieving the goal,but Ramsdale must be reminded of the dream and we must communicate with him with a lot of respect.

    1. Ramdale at fault for both goals. Should’ve stayed on his line for the head back from Saliba but got caught in no man land coming out, then for Maddisons goal he should be got a foot at least onto that and ended up straight through his legs at a very tight angle.

      But he will learn as we play more games!!

  3. I think people who don’t improvements on Xhaka are just really blind, the guy has vital since last season

  4. Its very funny, that Micah Richards is praising Xhaka, i wonder how long it will be that he is blaming him. These pundits like Richards are good at throwing praise one week when it suits a saying the next, that they have never rated said player. Xhaka is doing ok but he is not good enough for Arsenal, if we are ambitious. He is so limited. Lets see where the praise is deeper into the season shall we.

    1. Reggie could this be the year Xhaka repay us handsomely, he seems to have a new leash on life recently

    2. My concern is the mental toughness, can we stand our ground when roughed up and in particular Xhaka, can he not react when provoked but otherwise good going 3specially that he scored.

    1. Reggie, my post went in as yours did!!
      So not accusing you as having an agenda, but have you?

      He was excellent yesterday, after a shaky ten minute start.

      So far this season, that’s been the case, so I’m interested to know what performances would change your mind?

      1. I dont have an agenda ken, i just dont see what the fuss is with him. I have no problem with Mr Xhaka, i just think we need better.

  5. Almost one year before Thomas Partey join Arsenal, he said I would like to play in a midfield with Xhaka, Partey to me was the best player playing in his position on the planet rival only by a player still at PSG call Varretta.

    Now it must be a reason Partey miles away wanted to play along side Xhaka, that’s a question I wanted to ask Partey at Camping arena in preseason.

    Xhaka is a polarizing figure alright, but there must be something every accomplished manager seen in him that we armchair managers are struggling with

      1. For me yesterday the one player who I didn’t even notice or even think was on the pitch was partey ,not sure if that was just because he was doing his job or I didn’t take much notice ,strange for me because usually i have OCD regarding what’s happening on the pitch .
        But I cannot remember how good or bad he played 😂

        1. Partey was excellent yesterday getting out of tight spot on more than one occasion his understanding of the game was on a different level

          1. Thats what you see – and none of his passes arrived at the place intended – and one time he came out of a tight spot and the Goals are all someone else – with Partey nowhere to be found

      2. Reggie
        Now this is one of the strangest thing have ever seen in football.

        Partey was the work horse at Athletic Madrid, he was a very aggressive player never known to shy away from a good tackle or was ever injured, I have been watching him for years and always wanted him to join us.

        Just cant understand his sudden injury record, but school children in Jamaica knows when he’s not playing.

        1. Agree Gunsmoke, he was never injured before he came to us but the guy has obvious class, he has won leagues and has CL qualities. We win normally when he is in midfield. He needs a top class partner.

  6. With each succeeding game, Xhaka continues to make a mockery of his critics. While he can be a hothead at times, the positives he brings to the team far outweigh the negatives. He will have the occasional bad game, but he deserves credit like any other player without prejudice when he does well.

    1. People tend to underestimate the effects of both a lack of self-confidence and confidence from your manager can do to s young player, especially one new to a country and league.

  7. If one is comparing Xhaka to Partey’s influence yesterday , I suggest one area to look at is their individual distribution.

    Partey’s was very poor yesterday, much worse than Xhaka’s.

    Both have strengths and weaknesses, but to keep concentrating on Xhaka’s, while turning a blind eye to Partey’s, seems like an agenda to me.

  8. Xhaka is a silent hardworking guy. He has his flaws like every human being, but for every manager to use him consistently should tell us there is something good we aren’t noticing in him

  9. He is never unavailable and him and Partey are forming
    a partnership of quality !! We must start to give him love!

  10. It is quite clear that Xhaka’s game has improved under Arteta. This does not mean that he is the best midfielder in the word.
    If he continues to play at the level he played at the weekend he will surely be amongst the best in the PL by the end of the season. However, there is a long way to go yet.
    Many have been critical of Xhaka and previous managers some of which is probably justified. However, his performances under Arteta have generally improved. Unfortunately, he still throws in unnecessary aberrations in games; even when playing well.
    Overall, I think he now needs more recognition for the positive aspects of his game.

  11. In attack Zinchenko slots into midfield leaving us with 3 at the back and Xhaka makes forward runs overlapping Ødegaard…in defense we have 4 at the back with Xhaka next to Partey….Xhaka is doing better in that free role

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