Michael Thomas thinks Nunez is the perfect striker for Arteta – but can we afford him?

Arsenal are clearly in need of a new striker that fits into Mikel Arteta’s tactical system, and unless Eddie Nketiah finally decides to sign a contract extension, we will need two new players to play up front.

All the latest rumours seem to indicate that Gabriel Jesus will be Arteta’s number one target, but who could be the second name on Arsenal’s list?

I personally like the idea of bringing in the Dutch international Cody Gakpo, who at 22 has lots of time to learn how to adapt to the Premier League and become our back up striker until he settles in, but the Arsenal legend Michael Thomas thinks that the Gunners should go for the (also 22) Benfica striker Darwin Nunez, who is pretty close to being the finished product already.

Thomas told CaughOffside: “Darwin Nunez has put in some really strong performances in the Champions League this year and he will be a great addition for any club,”

“He is strong, good with his feet and has that Erling Haaland-like instinct in front of goal.

“He would be the perfect number 9 for Arsenal, but if we do not get top four then I think it will be hard to acquire him. All the top teams have now seen what he can do on the biggest stage now.

“It all hangs in the balance but there is going to be a lot of movement from clubs this summer, and I could see him ending up at Bayern Munich should Robert Lewandowski leave.”

To be honest, even if Arsenal get Top Four, I could easily see Nunez moving to a club that is practically guaranteed trophies, and we could not compete with Bayern Munich in that respect. Also the EPL Champion contenders Liverpool are also rumoured to be very keen. If there is a bidding war, Nunez would probably cost even more than both Jesus and Gakpo put together, and although I believe he would be an excellent addition to Arteta’s revolution, I just can’t see him coming to the Emirates, especially as he may end up as a backup to Gabriel Jesus.

Can You?

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  1. Yes we can and we should do it at all cost, having chase Vlohovic all summer, he should be a little cheaper than the Serbian.

    This is the caliber of striker we should be prioritize in signing.

    We should try and seal a deal if Victor Osimhen, prove difficult

  2. Darwin Nunez would be a very good addition. Arsenal should be ambitious next summer and go for a marque striker even if expensive. But the issue with most foreign CF is that it takes time for most of them to adapt to English league. I think any of Tammy Abraham or Gabriel Jesus would be fine because of their skills and experience in English league if Arsenal can’t get D Nunez.

  3. “We don’t buy stars we make them”. Unforunately construction costs have gone up to 30/40/50/60/70+ million before salaries 🙂
    I’m just not a fan of any one costing more than 7000 urgent operatons and getting getting paid the combined salary of 30 brain surgeons for missing a barn door on a regular basis. Something just does not seem right. But then sometime pro football payments seems to be from somewhere in a far away not very parallel universe where execessive failure is often rewarded with excessive gratuity.
    The beuatiful game indeed.

    1. FAIRFAN one of your many spot on posts , which however seem to alternate with so many others of your laughably wrong ones.

      I really wish you would put your half present sensible hat on before you write ALL, not just half your posts. THIS one is excellent!

      It is plain that you have a fine IQ. WHY NOT LET US SEE THAT MORE OFTEN??

  4. Wages won’t be a problem since we have got rid of so many players so far throught out the sesson and soon to be alot more in the summer.

    It all depends on where we finish so this west ham game is vital before we have Leeds, then the Derby. Spurs have Leicester then Liverpool before us. Win the next 2 and we could possibly have a small gap on points heading Into that game.

    Newcastle then Everton to finish the season. I am quietly optimistic we can achieve 4th spot if we keep the tempo from the Che/Utd games.

  5. His contract will only expire in 2025, so he’ll cost a fortune. It’d be okay if he is dominant in the air like Vlahovic, but I suspect he is more similar to Aubameyang and Nketiah

    Arsenal had better wait until Everton get relegated, then they could poach Richarlison or Calvert-Lewin who’s a homegrown

    Jesus will also be affordable because his contract will expire next year, whereas Iheanacho could be a good option as well since he is homegrown. Both strikers have worked with Arteta at Man City, so I expect a very short adaptation period at Arsenal

    1. My goodnes Iheanacho is a terrible player.
      Been around for a long time and has done nothing.
      He is a mid table striker. Might as well convince our Nketiah to sign a new contract instead of going for Iheanacho. Don’t rate him and have never rated him.

      My opinion of course.

      1. Iheanacho looks terrible currently, because of Rodgers’ defensive tactics

        I think he’d fit into Arteta’s system, because:

        – He had worked with Arteta at Man City

        – His aerial ability is pretty good

        – He’d be perfect to receive Ramsdale’s long passes to the right wing, in case the passes can’t reach Saka

        1. Gai,
          Common it’s time Arsenal get an elite striker Darwin Nunez is not in the same level with Ihenachor who hadly scores in Europa Cup; please read Juklin Klop comment about D Nunez. If Nunez is too expensive I would prefer Gabriel Jesus or Watkins. Cluivert or Richardson goal ratio per season is not the type we need. We need a CF forward better than Nkethia and Matinelli who is very promising

  6. Michael Thomas is legend and if he thinks Darwin is good then I’m with him. Keep Eddy though. Hope the homegrowns get chances next season and I don’t mean only Patino.

    1. bergkamp, henry, wright, pires, etc….they have their own favorite and suggestion

      should the club sign them all?

      1. @John Ibrahim.
        Consider all their favourites and choose between them.
        Things to take into consideration (Age, all round game attributes, how much would they cost individually, how much wages is each asking for? Do they want to come to Arsenal?, Do they fit in with what Arteta wants? Etc..).

  7. My portuguese workmate who happens to he a Benfica fan warned me about Tavares when we bought him last season. He said that the Benfica fans were absolutely done with him for being useless. They couldn’t believe their luck when we came in for him.

    I asked him about Nunes, and he said that he is such a good striker but always injured, he has a bad aggravating knee injury. But says he is one if their best players when fully fit.

  8. My practical choices – meaning that I will always choose possibilites that have a real chance of happening instead of those which have NO chance whatsoever , eg HAARLAND -is for us to acquire both Nunez and Jesus.

    I will be surpised actuallY if Jesus DOES NOT arrive this summer.

    Our widely reported interest in him makes perfect sense, unlike the constant spurious links to all zero or one in a million chances to various other hopeless happenings

    Sometimes it seems to me that JA assumes we are ALL BRAINLESS and will therefore simply choose to lap up all the laugahble rumours thatkeep this site busy with daft rumours and subsequent comments galore.

    Some of us – I suggest most of us, in truth – can easily see through this downmarket tactic by those running JA.

  9. I don’t know why we link good players
    , Another team hijacked , we are not serious in any deals ,please our board do something there

  10. Osimhen and Nunez will guarantee us a tittle push.

    Sadly we can’t get the two as Osimhen seems super expensive….my guess is one of them could come.

    Again opinions here about iheanacho seems dumb, cos Rogers ain’t really playing to his strength as a second striker just like van persie, he can dribble, his hold up play and Finnishing is just …. amazing

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