Michail Antonio sends a message to Arsenal about Declan Rice

According to Michail Antonio, there is still immense potential for growth in Declan Rice’s career, as the midfielder garners interest from Arsenal.

Rice is currently regarded as one of the Premier League’s finest players in his position and consistently delivers impressive performances for West Ham.

The Englishman has the opportunity to secure the Conference League title with his club this season, as they have reached the final of the European competition.

Following the conclusion of that match, Arsenal is expected to intensify their pursuit of Rice and seek to secure his services for their squad. Antonio, acknowledging Rice’s talent, anticipates that the midfielder will continue to excel regardless of his eventual destination.

The attacker tells The Athletic about his teammate:

“Dec has not even touched his best yet. He is unbelievable.

“What I see every day in training, he’s got so much more to do, so much more to learn. But what he’s doing right now, he’s up there as one of the best in the league already. I love him as a player, I love him as a person.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

We all know what Rice can do on the pitch, but hearing this from his teammate confirms he is a player we do not want to miss out on.

Considering how expensive English players can be, we expect the Hammers to ask us for a lot of money before they allow him to change clubs.

Now the season is over, it’s time for the summer Arsenal quiz from our friends at Dublin Arsenal – It’s always a laugh and helps while away the time while we wait for Arsenal’s first signings to come in!

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  1. Rice can walk on water, Rice can work miracles, but he could hardly help West Ham in their relegation struggles.

    Antonio loves Rice N Peas for sure, but he would be better off convincing his overhyped, overrated and overvalued friend to stay at West Ham.

    Rice isn’t worth a penny over 50M; Mac Allister to Liverpool for less than 40M is the real benchmark for world-class midfielders.

    1. I thought Antonio preferred ackee and saltfish !
      Would you be against Rice coming for £50m then, or do you not rate him at all ?
      MacAllister is decent enough but HE is overrated in imo, and what Rice can do well is not what MacAllister does. Rice or /and Caicedo will strengthen us defensively as well as offensively, and that’s what I believe we need. Less goals conceded and a tough midfield which bolsters our defence so that we can go back to the days of clean sheets. Remember them ? The basis of all genuine champions is being hard to breach and having a formidable MF. Our offensive players will always score the goals, but our defenders and defensive MF players should make us impregnable (at least most of the time). You’ve made me feel hungry now.

      1. Don’t get me wrong, Rice is a capable DM but there are more pressing priorities in the squad – locking down Saliba and finding a new striker. Not convinced that spending over 70M on a DM is smart especially one that doesn’t score enough goals. Back to the menu of the day, lets agree on ackee and saltfish plus rice n peas.

        1. Yeh man, now you talking. Don’t let Gunsmoke see the words about food, because he is craven.
          Although some have written off the possibility of Balogun playing for us again, he is the one I am most curious about. I really want to see how much he has improved, if at all. His success in France can not be just ignored by MA, unless of course our scouts have not felt that he has sufficiently improved. Let’s see.

      2. Rice is not worth more than £75 mill in my opinion, but because he’s British and for political/ PR reasons his price tag will be exploited.

        Acke and saltfish is awesome with ripe plantains, sweet potatoes, white yam and cornmeal dumplings.

  2. People are sleeping on Rice. The fact Bayern are interested despite the English tax should tell you everything. Man Utd would love him but he doesn’t want to move up north. Not sure why people are not more excited in general.

    Know the Man Utd mouth pieces particularly Neville have been downplaying him and trying to claim he’s overpriced, is funny how they only started saying that after it became clear he didn’t want to join United. In the past when United was an option they all talked him up and the quotes were the same sort of prices as now and he’s gotten better.

    1. So are you saying Rice is not Overpriced even with the British tax?

      You think Rice will be pulling trees when he come around?

      I know you believe all this rumor but trust me there is a diff between a club interested in a player and signing the player.

      If you think Bayern will sighn Rice for 100M, keep deceiving yourself

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