Middlesbrough in relegation zone but the fans are behind them – Unlike Arsenal

Arsene Wenger has kept Arsenal in the Top Four of the Premier League for the last 20 years, and may still manage to do it again this season if we win all our games from now on, but there have been an ever-increasing amount of dissent from the spoiled Arsenal fans on the terraces calling for the head of our most successful manager ever.

Compare this to tonight’s opponents Middlesbrough, who are currently in 19th place in the table and haven’t won since December, are getting excellent support from the home fans, including 30,000 for their last home game against Burnley. The acting Head Coach at Boro, Steve Agnew, reckons the fans are helping enormously in their fight for survival. “You could feel that the 12th man is everything we need right to the end,” Agnew said on the BBC.

“I know for a fact we’ll have that support to the very end. If we stay together and get the goal we’re more than capable of picking the three points up that will virtually change everything.”

His team have picked up four draws in their last 5 home matches with the help of the fans, and they are hoping to get their first win of the year tonight. Agnew said: “It’s a massive run in for us,”

“We’re six points off with a game in hand and it’s all to play for. The players are determined to stay with it, and a break is something we deserve.”

So if the Boro supporters can stay positive when they are in such a precarious position, why can’t the travelling Arsenal fans get behind the team and spur them on to the three points, instead of booing our own players and swearing at the manager?

Sam P


  1. GoonerDNA says:

    Sam, are you really comparing Arsenal to Boro?

    Stop writing nonsense and join the global movement of Wenger out!!!

    1. G-Rude says:

      Oh, so your opinion is the only valid one on the planet is it?

    2. BeastPanda says:

      As it stands we need to compare these sh!t performances with the likes of Boro…

  2. BeastPanda says:

    Wenger after 3-1 lose to Boro: “Emmm, you know, we had 70% possession and we also won the second balls… I felt like my players were a bit mentally jaded because they were thinking of international games that they have in June!”

    1. Janssen says:

      BeastPanda You forgot another favorite; “I felt we were a bit unlucky…”

  3. G-Rude says:

    Arsenal fans are like spoilt brats. Wenger doesn’t get us into Top Four for 1st time in 21 years, and all the toys are thrown out of the pan!
    I didn’t hear Chelsea fans complain when they came 10th last year!

    1. truth teller says:

      True, but their manager was sacked.

      If wenger were sacked I wouldn’t be complaining, bet you no one would.

      Stupid akb you are, deluded .

      1. truth teller says:

        So come on, since you brought up Chelsea, why dont you ask for Wenger to get the boot.

        I mean since what you brought up is exactly the same issue of missing top 4.

      2. Janssen says:

        Not sure Chelsea fans would not complain if they didn’t win anything for 13 years with the same manager.

    2. khangunners says:

      Shame on you for rating top four more than pl title. Anyway its good coz teams are showing ambition to fight for the title we hve our half a.ss..d ambition for top four. Now imagine 6 teams out of which four hve ambition for winning pl and we hve ambition for top four can we really beat them to the top four spot?

    3. BeastPanda says:

      You do not understand the actual issue. it is not getting top 4 it is not a trophy… for the fan. It is for Stan Kronke though as he gets extra income. I’d rather get 1st, 10th, then 1st again (Chelsea?). than to finish 4th,3rd,2nd,6th(as it stands)…

      get your facts right mate!

    4. John0711 says:

      I didn’t realise that was the target. Stupid me though we wanted to win something

    5. AFC says:

      Its because of fans like you that Wenger is still manager of arsenal.

    6. RSH says:

      a lot of us have been wenger out even when he was getting top 4 trophy. The fact you have to bring up 21 years of his history just to make him look good speaks volumes.

    7. ThirdManJW says:


      You haven’t got a clue about a lot of our fans, because many have been unhappy even with Champions League qualification. We could see it was consistent mediocrity, but more on the side of absolute failure than success, and as soon as we got some top managers in our division, absolute failure has unsurprisingly become reality.

      As “truth teller” says, Chelsea fans didn’t complain because they changed managers, which brought about a renewed optimism. You seem to also have a problem with your memory (all AKBs seem to have this problem), because who won the league the season before Chelsea finished 10th? Who got to the Champions League semi-final the season before that?


    8. Le_Pious says:

      Wow, Mr G-Rude. Wow! And suddenly, the standard for the Arsenal FC support, is a relegation battling club! Such genius! You probably should be considered to replace Wenger RIGHT AWAY!
      The Board would have so much less trouble with a Manger like you! No pressure at all! Just keep above relegation, and we’ll be fine! Pathetic.
      Wenger’s achievements in 21 years can be summed up in what? NINE trophies, and a consistent (albeit competitively useless) record of UEFA Champions League qualification.
      Meanwhile, in that same period, Chelsea has won at least three premier league titles, at least THREE FA Cups, at least a couple LEAGUE Cups, and what the heck – BOTH the Europa AND the Champions League trophies!
      How about Man U? Or Man City?
      Oh, wait… “We couldn’t compete with the ‘big boys’ due to financial constraints’.”
      And then Leicester decides, “what the heck! If Arsenal won’t take the EPL, WE will! ”
      I’m tired of having an excuse of a Manager. I’m tired of my club being the laughingstock of Europe. I’m tired of being stuck in the same spot for years – or at best, rotating on the same axis and calling it “progress”.
      Chelsea has changed managers more times than we have in the last TEN YEARS – and have won more trophies than we have in that same period. Ditto Man City.
      We need to move forward.
      Wenger out.

  4. khangunners says:

    Then you need to also get latest interview from wenger. This was last week before the palace game. We are now 10 points with 2 games in hand. Fans are disgusted and they hve the right to be they were promised flying cars and sky scrapers but now reality has hit them hard they are using cart wheels and staying in mud houses. So fans need a break to after all what makes a football team a football team is us fans. Since this is a forum for all gunners i would love more articles on the fans state we deserve more articles supporting us fans. We hve supported mediocrity for so long and now that we show our disgust pple dont want us to

  5. The troll formerly known as Robin Vanpayslip says:

    If this was the 90’s I could have seen us winning this game

  6. Neilinspain says:

    Fans that bleed about how ungrateful Arsenal fans are and how wonderful Wenger has been over the last 20 years..your missing the point: This isn’t your sons sunday league team, this is a big business!! It’s no different to Tesco, HSBC, Marks and Spencer…..the people in charge get fired if they don’t perform to the level they are paid to do…wenger takes a massive salary because it comes with the responsibility of delivering CL……if he fails to deliver he has to be accountable….If you let sentiment get in the way of business you’ll never be the boss…

  7. the team needs fresh ideas. the fans i think are behind the players, but against the manager and board. so please forget the past and thank for that, but the present and future is what the fans are asking. gooner = forever

  8. Gunner 4 Life says:

    It’s not that We are not supporting Arsenal.. we are and always will.. it’s just that We fans are tired of the manager n of the feeling of “Almost there” We are tired of getting only in the top 4 n above Spurs cup.. n dis year We ain’t getting any of these too.. n We don’t want these things also.. All We want z Our team to compete 4 major Trophies.. n Win Them.. We want Our team to be the Best club in London once again…. # COYG

  9. ThirdManJW says:

    Shame on the writer of this article for calling the fans “spoiled”! How exactly are we spoiled then? We pay the highest ticket prices in Europe, and what for? We’re diabolical against every big team, and we get whopped, and humiliated in Europe every season! We have fans today that are making an epic round-trip to Middlesbrough, to watch rubbish football, and the battle for 6th, yet somehow, we’re spoiled?

    Cannot believe we still have fans that are as delusional as Wenger. I just hope Wenger takes these types of fans with him when he finally goes, because what’s in Arsenal’s best interests doesn’t concern them.

  10. ArseOverTit says:

    MB fans can stay positive because they weren’t promised that they would compete with the worlds best, because they don’t pay the highest ticket prices in Europe for a sub standard product and because they st least see their board trying to change the clubs course. The owner also gives a sh£t about the club and the game. And we are AFC!

    Not comparable

  11. John0711 says:

    Strange selection
    Well apart from Ramsey and Giroud back

  12. Vish says:

    Just saw the lineup. Wenger has changed the formation to 3-4-2-1. Giroud up front. Holding is playing along with kos and gabriel. Chambo in, bellerin out, xhaka ramsey in, monreal on wing.
    Please confirm this someone? Has he really made these changes

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      Wenger NEVER changes the formation and tactics. I’ve just seen it on Sky Sports, and they’ve put the formation on there like you say, to confuse us somewhat, but make no mistake, it will be a 4-2-3-1. Gabriel at RB, Ox at RW, the rest back in their normal positions.

    2. ThirdManJW says:

      I apologise Sir, Wenger IS playing three at the back. I nearly fainted out of shock!

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