Midfield target DESPERATE for Arsenal transfer says agent!!

The latest words from the agent of Marcelo Brozovic, the Croatian midfielder who has been the subject of a growing number of Arsenal transfer rumours in the last couple of weeks, are about as subtle as a brick through the wondow or a punch in the face.

You do not have to be a master of nuance to get the fact that the agent Miroslav Bicanic and his 22-year old client are pretty damn keen on getting this transfer to Arsenal from his current club Dinamo Zagreb completed this month, as a Metro report has revealed.

Brozovic’s agent said, “We are talking to several clubs, although there is nothing concrete at this moment.

“We know of Arsenal’s interest, but there is nothing agreed. At this moment Marcelo is with Dinamo and everything depends on Dinamo.

“They have to agree a price with a club and then we can hold talks.

“Of course Marcelo would be interested in playing in the Premier League with a club such as Arsenal.

“We hope he can change clubs and come to England as it is one of the best leagues in the world, but the decision depends on Dinamo.”

According to other reports in the football media this week, the Gunners may have already made two transfer offers to the Croatian club, the second of them thought to be around £6 million but we do not know whether this is acceptable or even close to the amount that Dinamo are looking for.

Brozovic is a highly rated central midfielder, although he is said to be more of a playmaker than a defensive player, maybe more of an Arteta than a Flamini and it is clear that Zagreb think a lot of Brozovic as they signed him to a seven year contract back in 2012.

That also means that they will have a strong hand in the transfer discussions, but the words of the agent may just have swung the pendulum back to Arsenal. And the injury to Arteta may just have sharpened up Wenger’s interest as well, so could Brozovic be our second signing of 2015?

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  1. cheeterspotter says:

    All new signings must bring their own and 1st aid kit including crutches. Just in case.

    1. ArnSam says:

      enuf of the teens….c’mon now go 4him

  2. Mick The Gooner says:

    Excuse me for not being up to date, but I’ll confess I’ve never heard of the guy. In other words, a typical Wenger signing.

    1. Pythagoras( but you can call me pi) says:

      You don’t know Brozovic dude?!!!!! Which planet dyu come from?? Oh u only watch the epl like most here n think any player not in epl is trash.. 🙁 🙁 🙁 saaaad.
      He’s huge. a badass beast of a player. I will be so sad if we miss out on him 🙁

  3. Hafiz Rahman says:

    previously i.nv.heard of fab tooo and he turns out for chelsea now

    1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

      To be fair, dudes exact words were ‘a club like arsenal’. The ‘like’ says it all

  4. Champagne Charlie says:

    A lanky playmaker. Good to see we’re sniffing around players we could do without and ignoring the clear priorities.

    How about we get an excitable article at the prospect of a necessary signing being made?


    1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

      Since 2005!

    2. ethangooner says:

      Why all the negative deduction, so now even when Arsenal try to buy players, it is still a bad thing?
      We lost Podolski, and Arteta on long term injury. Rosicky is not young any longer
      What is wrong if the manager bring in replacement to improve squad depth? The fee quoted is practically what we may get from Inter for Podolski, and won’t stop us from getting a proper DM later on.
      What if this guy becoming a new Luka Modric?
      What if Wenger can turn him into a DM like Arteta? Words from Croatia that he has tremendous work rate and stamina beside his obvious technical ability.
      He is an Croatian international, and in their squad for last World Cup – He did not play much as Croatia has strong central midfielders with Modric (Real Madrid) and Rakitic (Barcelona) but it shows how good he is at the tender age of 21. You never heard of him does not mean he is not good enough.
      Wenger had mentioned his top priority this transfer window is to bring in another defender. Let him do his job.
      DM ? We need top class player not average one, I rather wait for Scheiderlein who certainly will move next summer than getting average like Tiote or expensive unproven like Carvalho

      1. Champagne Charlie says:

        Fairly simply.. because we’re happy to spend money everywhere but our NEEDS. You do know we have a defensive crisis right? You know both our fullbacks have played games at CB because we don’t have the necessary depth? You know we had to recall a player from a loan at Charlton because of our troubles at DM?

        So why aren’t these areas being addressed BEFORE replacing Rosicky (who’s fit and able to play), or Podolski (who needs no replacing given his involvement this year)? I’m not against long term planning, which is what all these steps are. But you can’t always plan for the damn future….what about this season, what about Sunday?

        2.5mil for Bielik(17), 6mil for Brozovic(21)….8.5mil on potential, and we refuse to pay 6/7mil for Winston Reid who will improve us RIGHT NOW.

  5. Greg says:

    We are already good in the central midfield area, a quality DM is what is needed! Coyg!

  6. CraigZWE says:

    Blah blah blah, what a load of horse $hit.

    Wenger got his DM, a 17 year old for the future. Anyone with any brain cells what so ever (even half a cell), knows no DM is coming. The stuck up his Ars* old fool won’t invest.

    To be honest I’ll eat my own $hit if we get a CB who ain’t a kid, that’s how confident I am we ain’t getting one.

    1. MightyGunners says:

      I’ll hold you to that.

  7. CraigZWE says:

    Hell if we get DM and CB, I’ll abandon this site, which I read every day for past 18 months.

  8. CraigZWE says:


  9. fred cowardly says:

    If Wenger wants a playmaker, why not sign Fabregas….oh wait never mind.

    Well he can try for Isco.

    A better option would be Reus, a forward, who can play on both wings and in middle of attack

  10. Pythagoras( but you can call me pi) says:

    Isn’t any club out there desperate to snatch away Wenger from Arsenal?? 🙁 🙁 🙁 I will donate a non refundable £10 to aid the transfer 🙁

  11. SaveArsenal says:

    Talking to them since OCTOBER!!!
    WTF have they been talking about?
    Although I think there may be substance to this there should be a ‘metro’ tag in the title of their rehashed articles, they are the worst site for publishing nonsense.

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