Midfielder confirms exit from Arsenal after 14 years

So the League season comes to an end on Sunday, and we will then begin the summer-long transfer window and endless speculation on who will be leaving and who will be arriving at Arsenal. We are expecting a lot of movement both ways, and today we have confirmation of the first player that will be leaving when his contract ends at the end of the month.

The young midfielder Charlie Gilmour has given an emotional farewell to the Arsenal fans, and used the opportunity to let everyone know he is a free agent for next season. He said on Instagram: “14 years.. from the age of 6 years old to 20 years old,” he wrote. I leave the club I have supported all my life.

“It has been the craziest journey throughout my childhood with so many ups & downs along the way.

“From moving away from my family at the age of 13 to grafting each and everyday.

“My biggest highlight is to say that I’ve played for arsenal football club.

“Thank you to everyone who has helped me in my career so far. The journey continues.

“#OnceAGoonerAlwaysAGooner p.s I’m a free agent, dm for more info.”

We wish him good luck in his future career. I really thought he was going to make the grade here…..



  1. Being a footballer is a gamble. Even if the youngster is highly talented, he could get struck by injuries

    We can see the injury effect on Maitland-Niles already. Hopefully it won’t happen on Saka and Amaechi, because I haven’t seen them playing at the EPL matches

    1. I can’t wait to see more of saka looks like a really good player and gets high praise from lundberg and other piers

  2. I don’t believe that you “really thought he was going to make the grade here”. Your statement is clearly merely made to support a poor article, which by itself is not worthy of writing. This player is a bit part player at best and though, on a human level , we can all feel sorry for those whose dreams of top level football are shattered by the reality of not being good enough, this is a constant daily happening at most top clubs and not a topic of any real interest outside the lads own circle. I do not aim to be unkind; merely realistic about football life at all top clubs, for those many players who fail to make the grade. A wider based article though on this general topic would have had far more worth.

  3. Further to my post, I read the headline and my heart jumped, as I hoped it meant that Xhaka or Elneny or please God, even Ozil or Mkhi were on their way out of the club(which is precisely what the writer intended us all to hope) . Then crushing disappointment when it turned out to be a virtual non story. Sigh!

    1. Surely none of the three players you mentioned have been 14 years at the club,so i don’t see how the writer gave the impression that either of them were leaving although i hope they all do.

      1. FAIR POINT! I TOOK SCANT NOTICE OF THE 14 YEARS AT FIRST. I just clocked “midfielder to leave”. At my age I should have learned to pay proper attention!

    2. Sadly ozil agent said today that his player”ozil bleeds red and will honour his contract until at least 2021″there you have it,ozil id going nowhere:(

      1. Then we have to hope that the players that get bought into the team this season create a spark with in him or whatever it is he needs to lift his game again and start playing good football or we get players that can take his space and make it there own but then we have a bench player earning 300 + k a week that’s a shite problem

        1. I agree we have to hope,apparently this year his form was due to few injuries so may be just may be after a good pre season he can come back to a very good level

  4. Charle Gilmour is still only 20. It will be interesting to see who picks him up and how is career progresses.
    As well as Saka, Arsenal has some good talent in the U23’s and U18’s (these teams won their respective competitions) as well as players on loan. It will be interesting to see how they progress if given the opportunity.

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