Midfielder linked with Arsenal, it must be an international break

The European transfer window shut just three days ago and will not open now for another four months and already there is gossip linking Arsenal with a January signing.

That tells me it must be a slow news day, in better words it must be an international break.

I love these periods personally because it gives me an opportunity to put out a regular stream of talking points, that is not always so easy in the transfer windows and in the middle of a full programme of games.

I am not actually criticising anyone in the media for going with transfer gossip this early, I may even put up some myself if I feel it is warranted but I am saying that it must be hard right now for some blogs, websites etc to meet their daily quota of Arsenal related articles when there is a lack of actual news.

The international break is a bit boring let’s be honest, it goes on for too long in my opinion and while I fully support the breaks because I know it serves England well, it is still a frustrating time.

For the record, the midfielder being linked with a move to Arsenal is Roma midfielder Cengiz Under. Apparently Turkish Football has spoken with one of Under’s representatives, who wishes to remain anonymous of course, and he has confirmed that Arsenal, Tottenham and Bayern Munich are interested.

I am not saying it is bull but I would eat my own hat if he joins any of the three named clubs in January.

Like I say, it must be an international break.


  1. gotanidea says:

    Arsenal already have Pepe as their RW

    And why would three big European clubs chase a mediocre winger

    1. Frédéric slimane says:

      He is not a winger but midfielder.

  2. Grandad says:

    With Pepe on board we most certainly do not require another winger but during this lull period it would be interesting to learn the position which our fans consider to be a priority in the January window?.Personally I would invest in a physically powerful defensive midfielder which is badly needed if a 4-3-3 system ,which Emery seems to favour, is to be effective.MAN City and Liverpool and Leicester have excellent players in this position and with respect to Torreria and perhaps Chambers we are lacking in this department.

    1. A J says:

      100% agree.

  3. Indeed, arsenal needs even more two players to sustain its midfield

  4. Bruno says:

    We need a young commanding center back and his name is upamecano..
    He and saliba will be perfect together .
    If we can get a decent fee for xhaka, chambers and mustafi , we can also invest in a smart defensive midfielder

  5. Vikjtaar says:

    I think we need a young, powerful, tall centre-back in Upamecano to pair up with the returning Holding in our defence. A well rounded defensive midfielder is also urgently needed. These are the positions that we need to get players in. The 4-3-3 formation begs for them.

  6. Clueless UE says:

    All of you calling for a decent center back, arsenal may not invest in a center back for the next two seasons. Saliba is joining us next season and we already have chambers, luiz, holding, mustafi and socratic etc.

    Except if we can offload some of our center backs that are deemed surplus for requirement.

    Thesame with our mid field

  7. jon fox says:

    Another non article about nonsense.

  8. A J says:

    Two players stood out at the summers U21’s Euros’ ,
    Ceballos and Upamecano.

    We got one ( for at least a season, let’s hope longer i.e. sign him up if poss’) can we land the other ?

    My surprise is if we had at least an idea the Iwobi money was coming in, why did we not top up our already on the table bid for a shoe in centre back (Upamecano).

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