Midfielder surprised by Arsenal’s unwillingness to push through a deal

Arsenal made a move for Houssem Aouar in the last transfer window, but they couldn’t meet Lyon’s asking price.

The Gunners turned their attention towards Thomas Partey and landed the Ghanaian in a late swoop just before the transfer window closed.

ESPN claims that their reluctance to push for his signature surprised the French midfielder, who is still looking to leave Lyon.

Aouar has remained a key member of the Lyon team with the French title challengers happy that he stayed on with them.

The midfielder remains interested in making a move away from France, while he hasn’t ruled out a move to Arsenal, the report says that he is considering moving to other teams as well.

The Gunners would have gotten some preference in signing him in the last transfer window, but they now face competition from Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Arsenal couldn’t meet Lyon’s €60m for his signature in the summer, but the French side might consider a slightly lower fee for his services now.

This is because they know that the coronavirus pandemic has affected the finances of several teams and he would also have just two years left on his current deal in the summer.

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  1. Wasn’t there a story about his family/agents trying to get signing money and that’s what ruined the transfer? Don’t care how good he is, this one doesn’t seem right to me. Might be best to steer clear

    1. Unbelievable do you believe everything you read in the papers?Aulas OL president said it Arsenal didn’t even come close to their valuation of the player which is 60M Arsenal offered just over 40M cash plus player and as for Lyon accepting less than 60M is complete nonsense Aouar he is having a very good season and next summer there will be more clubs in a position to bid for him anyway Memphis Delay said this week”like myself Aouar wants to play for one of the top European teams and people will see how 10×times better he really is..”well that certainly excludes Arsenal!

      1. The same was said about 30-goals-a-season Laca and cut-through-any-defence Pepe.

        Weren’t both of them having very good, if not great seasons in Ligue 1 before we paid through our noses for them? It’s Ligue 1 for god’s sake.

        40m is about the right price for Aouar. 60m is more like daylight robbery. Reckless use of funds if we fall for another hustle like that

  2. Too expensive and not proven in British football. I watched Emi Buendia tonight. We could do a lot worse, he’s perfect for our style.

    1. Sean, Emi Buendia is apparently currently earning £30,000 per week at Norwich City, which just goes to show how Arsenal over pays their players.

  3. Move on from him please. He doesn’t even want to come here that badly. Don’t throw money a players that dont actually want to be here. Have we learned nothing?

    1. He reeks of vanity and ego like a certain player we just got rid of.

      Have had enough of such.

  4. If we have that money then i would ar least try for grealish who Is better and proven here (bu i think he wants utd)

  5. Sounds like he just wants a move ANYWHERE to make more money. A proper mercenary that will no doubt go down with Ozilitis after a couple of weeks here. Forget about him.

      1. Cause everyone else was pulling their weight these last few months.Guess Auba is lazy as well. Just shut up already with your childish agendas..

  6. We rether go for jack grealish a player with an eye for goals, epl experience something we have lacked for long

  7. We’re not spotting directors but to my opinion,we do not need him.
    we rather go for DIABY of B.Leverkusen.

  8. This guy, his agent and family showed that they were more of mercenaries. Pushing for ridiculous sums of wages for a newbie that is yet to prove much.

    This guy gets me nervous, he gives off that aura of trouble.

    Makes me uneasy.

  9. I really don’t know about the asking prices of Emi Buendia and Jack Grealish but I would rather go for one of the these two who knows English football than going to other leagues who will come to struggle for seasons like Pepe.

  10. Making him our primary target would be a gamble because we recently have been bitten very badly by the french league. It is better if we try for people that are in and around the EPL and are familiar with the climate, pace, etc. If Buendia or Grealish(pipe dream really lol) are not available, we can try for Matheus Perreira(might have spelled his name wrong), try for another promising homegrown cam, or promote someone from the academy. Omari Hutchinson might be a superstar in the making.

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