Miguel Almiron coming to Arsenal? – VIDEO Skills, Goals and Assists

Now that it is quite possible that Arsenal are going to be signing Miguel Almiron from Atlanta in January when the MLS season ends. I must admit that our new scouting team appear to have made very good choices at cheap prices so far, so I am hoping that Almiron turns out to be just as good.

Anyway I thought it would be worth revisiting a couple of videos of his time in the USA for you to check out his skills during the last 12 months. The first one shows all 12 of his goals in 31 games for Atlanta…

And this one shows Almiron’s goals, skills and assists.

He looks quite good doesn’t he?



  1. Durand-I know you have been raving over Almiron.Is he good enough for Arsenal.The Premiere League is a big step up from the American League.Is he able to make that leap up do you think?
    Lots of names being mooted around at the moment as a Ramsey replacement but is this what we need in midfield.I would have thought a wide pacy winger was more of a priority than a CM.

    1. Phil I appreciate you mentioning me, and I will do my best to play the part of a scout.

      Almiron has work ethic out of this world; even his teammates and opponents rave about how he IMMEDIATELY fights to win the ball back if possession is lost. Teammates and manager say no CAM puts in a defensive shift like Almiron.

      He can play as a 10 (prob his best) but also on either wing, uses both feet like Santi, and has that “magical” ability with his feet like Santi. He glides past opponents with his pace, has the technique to dribble past opponents or dribble out of danger, and his creative vision has always impressed me.

      I think the pace of play in the premier league won’t trouble him, but maybe the physicality. However, I thought the same of torreira, but our little pit bull hasn’t been phased at all; Torreira tends to be the aggressor.

      All in all, NO DOUBT Almiron has the tools in his locker to play in this league. He fits right into the style Emery plays and demands on both sides of the ball, his engine better than Ramsey’s, and has that work ethic we all cry out for. I will never guarantee success for any player, but rather only guarantee 2 things; Death and taxes. Almiron could solve our need for a winger, and can thrill the Emirates with his prowess for creativity and goal scoring.

      I know MLS is inferior league, but that doesn’t subtract from his skill set. Technique, creativity, passing ability, pace, scores goals, and engine and work ethic to match. He reminds me of Mihraz but faster, works harder, puts in defensive shift, and won’t disappear when things go sideways and get rough.

      1. Thanks Durand-The player is conybeing linked with Clubs in England with West Ham,Everton and Newcastle being most mentioned.Your “Scouting Report” obviously shows the player as someone Emery would feel a natural the way he wants the team to play so we will have to wait and see what happens.Ive seen his highlights and he seems very direct in his play which is a style completely different to Ramsey (which is encouraging).
        Hope all good with you in the U.S.
        Redskins for the playoffs?

        1. Redskins have a good shot if they can overcome their injuries. Kinda reminds me of our club and injuries. The Almiron rumors at least make sense because he’s definitely Emery type player. Haven’t heard anything new this side of the pond, but I’ll pass along what i hear.

  2. I have watched many MLS games, and the standard over there is a million miles away from the Premier League, so don’t expect much! This could just be another Asano type deal, to broaden Arsenal’s appeal, which I am not fully against. But as Phil just said, a winger is surely a priority in January.

    1. Guendouzi came from Ligue 2, remember that?
      Everyone starts from somewhere and it’s not always the big stage

  3. He looks good… who knows if we’ll get him. All the Geordie fans are expecting him to end up there, as his agent was seen at St James Park!
    So get tonight out of the way & I hope all our players come back alright & raring to go! So glad this break is almost over…. cannot wait for soccer saturday!! Everything stops for that!! Then the spuds v chelsea…. not sure how I want that to go… can’t stand either of them!
    Tickets are out on Thursday for the carabao cup ???

  4. Yes, since the majority of Gooners have said a top grade winger, but who is highly productive in goals scoring and assist giving with consistency if I may add, should be prioritised over any other signing by Arsenal during the next January window if Arsenal will sign any player or players at that time, Arsenal should then listen to it’s constituency (the Gooners) and follow suit. But that does not mean Arsenal should not sign Almiro in January if they sign or want to sign a top grade productive winger possibly a right sided one who can also operate from the left wing as well. Arsenal could do these 2 signings in January if there are spaces available for them to occupy in the first team squad in January which will make the club to beat the Brexit likely embargo that could be placed on signing any none UK citizen footballers by the PL clubs as they may not be issued work and resident permits to ply their trades in the PL as from next season which could be activated after the Brexit has come into force.

    1. Sorry Samuel , you may know something of football but you clearly know little about politics and how it works. You have overlooked the fact that even MINOR PREM PLAYERS EARN A FORTUNE AND PAY LOTS iN INCOME TAX. They are therefore precisely the type of high earners that governments and Chancellors love. MOST PLAYERS WHO SOME THINK WOULD HAVE A HARD TIME GETTING PERMISSION TO COME HERE , END UP COMING.

      1. Tory care about home owners, they are the most likely to vote, they do not care about how much someone earns over the potential for a vote which keeps them in power.

        Like any gov that is invited to be formed by parliament, they care about their voters, or rather on how to convince voters to vote for them.

        Yeah, I know it sounds cynical but the circus called politics has done nothing to show otherwise.

        Brexit is perfect example of how votes count more than something real and helpful, we could have worked out the issues before activating article 50 but the politicians cared about getting votes so they just jumped right in without a plan and now look at the current situation. A living joke.

        Tell me Jon, would this non citizen get a vote?

        If you gonna refer to the money then I’d like to remind you that our national debt took a big hit when bailing out the banks, did that get repaid when we sold bank shares off? Lol. No. Our national debt kept rising. How much does money matter over the vote? If money was such an issue then they could increase the tax on the top 1% but do they? PMSL!

  5. Except the CAM is a direct replacement/competition to Ozil like Isco, we dont need this Almiron.
    We still have SmithRowe as young CAM not to mention Iwobi who has gradually been turned to a winger( although the left look best for him) and there is Mkhitaryan.
    Also we have two prolific strikers which means a 2-striker formation that eliminates the need of a CAM is another option.
    We should be in search for at least two wingers not another CAM. If this almiron comes, its misplaced priority.

    1. direct replacement for ramsey, won’t say no but as you said, it should be winger, lb, rb, ramsey replacement, 3rd striker, 2nd goalkeeper, CB this is how we should prioritize this in my humble opinion 🙂

  6. I do believe we’ve been watching him closely, whoever it is over there, am just wondering how other teams and the media found it out so quickly. Mislintat, I rarely heard of Dortmund’s links to the youngsters they were signing, and when you did hear them then it was only a matter of weeks away from being finalized. So I hope this is not a smoke screen, unless the one they’re really looking at ..is a true Mislintat find after some fine work by the man himself. I like the look of this player all the same, he prefers his left foot but he mostly plays on the left. PL players tend to favor cutting inside too much, they should be better on the wing which lets them go outside then hitting in-swingers. Our players are like that, they favor one side, cutting in on their strong foot. That is one of the reasons why I believed this rumour, another is that he can play behind the striker, and maybe even central midfield (if we gained enough injuries). The lad is talented, the through balls that he hits, they seem to start slowing down, right where you’d want them to slow down. He looks a team player but at the same time he has his individual qualities. The American league, this league is allot faster than people give it credit for, it might actually be quicker than the prem at times. Americans get bored easily, they want goals, or at least end to end drama. I don’t think this league is as slow as some may believe it to be. The game is also full of S American talent, it is weighted more heavily towards flair and forward play, more so than your clean sheet is a priority type.

  7. If u want to know a player who can learn and adapt then get a sobber person, almiron might take time to fit in the team but that guy is really good and i wish a arsenal sign him….we shall see fire next season coz he is multipurpose guy…. Good luck fellow gunners

  8. Please advise Emery to get Sandro Tonali to replace Xhaka!!!
    He has all it got to be the next defensive midfield superstar!

  9. Probably just a winger in January to replace Welbeck. Ramsey replacement only if Ramsey leaves in January, which doesn’t look likely. I am hoping we get an Ozil replacement soon too, because we need somebody with more consistency quite simply.

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