Miguel Almiron coming to Premier League! Get the deal done Arsenal

A month ago there was a whole raft of Arsenal rumours saying that we had already finalised a deal for the MLS star Miguel Almiron, although later the Atlanta president denied it.

But now it seems that the deal could still be on as Almiron’s agent, Daniel Campos, has been in the UK talking to clubs about a January move, and he has confirmed that the president has sanctioned the move (not Trump!). Campos was quoted as saying: “At the moment, there is no formal offer,”

“There is just an inquiry, the president of Atlanta is also informing & there is still an intention. Other clubs in Spain & Italy are interested but there is a lot that needs to happen.

“Sincerely we don’t see anything advanced as we haven’t approached the opening of the transfer window (January 2019), but if you ask me, there is a high chance he will go.

“The intention is there, but before any transfer can be made, especially one of a high cost, a lot has to happen which hasn’t happened yet. But there is primary interest from clubs who have inquired about him.”

Almiron is one of the most exciting players to come out of the MLS for years so it would be a great addition to our squad especially if Ramsey departs. Get it done Raul!



  1. sAMa says:

    Where’s the article which says Arsenal are interested in him?

  2. sAMa says:

    I would like to read an article highlighting his achievements this season or the season before.

    1. Admin says:

      There will be a video of his goals and skills going up in 20 minutes….

        1. Phil says:

          Admin-I would like a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich in bed tomorrow morning at 7.15am.Just a little red sauce please (on the sandwich not in the tea).

          1. jon fox says:

            I reckon you have supplied your own sauce to the Admin Phil. HAD TO LAUGH THOUGH!

  3. yen courier says:

    come on Arsenal, sign #miguel almiron

  4. Break-on-through says:

    Miguel! Miguel! Miguel!, he’s coming to Arsenal!

    Miguel! Miguel! Miguel, he makes Tott feel unwell, because Arsenal are doing swell.

  5. Dory says:

    Ain’t never gonna happen.

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