Mikael Silvestre reveals that he always knew who was responsible for Pizzagate

Mikael Silvestre has revealed that he always knew that Cesc Fabregas was guilty of throwing Pizza at Sir Alex Ferguson when both sets of players clashed in the Old Trafford tunnel in 2004.

In a fierce game that eventually ended in a 2-0 win for Manchester United and ended Arsenal’s 49 games unbeaten run, players of both teams clashed on and off the field.

However, the little scuffle in the tunnel saw players from both sides throwing food at each other.

In an iconic moment, a pizza was thrown at Sir Alex Ferguson and the individual who threw it remained a mystery for quite some time.

Cesc Fabregas finally admitted to being the player who threw the Pizza at Ferguson, but Silvestre claimed that he always knew it was the Spaniard that did it and he teased him about it in the Arsenal dressing room but kept it away from the public domain.

He told The Athletic: ‘There was flying pizza on Sir Alex’s suit so it was a crazy end.

‘I had heard from the French guys in the national team, so I knew it was Cesc.

‘So when I joined the Arsenal team, I said ‘I know it was you, don’t lie to me!’ He was laughing about it.

‘But at the time, I can tell you, Sir Alex was not laughing and we were mad as well.

‘It was a foolish moment from Cesc but you must remember he was 18 at the time, an 18-year-old throwing pizza!’

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  1. jon fox says:

    Every Gooner or Manc fan knows beyond doubt and has for very many years already that Cesc was the culprit. This so called “mystery” the article refers to is not true! Common knowledge !

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