Mikel Arteta admits Arsenal are short of players through Covid (and injuries)

Arteta was quoted in the Nottingham Post as saying on Friday: “We are really short with numbers, really, really short,” Arteta admitted.

“We have some issues, but we will know more tomorrow (Saturday).

“We want to play and that is how we are approaching every game. We want to do everything to play the game and don’t expect anything different than to play on Sunday.

Arsenal are travelling to Nottingham today to play Forest in the Third Round of the FA Cup, and although Mikel Arteta knows the importance of progressing in the trophy that we have won more than any other team, he is still unsure which of his players will be available for selection this morning.

Last night he was asked how bad the Covid situation was at the club, and he told Arsenal.com: “I will have them [the players] all tomorrow, we have some issues, but we will know more tomorrow.”

“For me now, it’s very difficult to plan. It’s no priority, you have to go game-by-game, regardless of the competition. You want to plan what’s going to happen in two or three games and you decide for key players not to play because they’re going to play in other matches, it doesn’t work like that, because maybe the next day they get Covid or something happens and you don’t have them! We go game-by-game, try to win every single game and then the rest will be much better.”

When the Boss was asked to clarify how many of his players were affected by coronavirus, he said: “It’s from Covid and injuries as well. I cannot say anything else because obviously I don’t want to give anything away, as you can imagine. Tomorrow we will know more. We are really short in numbers, but we want to play and that’s how we are approaching every game. We will do everything to plan for the game and we’re going to expect them to play on Sunday.”

So it sounds like we will be weakened for sure, but won’t know for certain until we see the team sheet. But we do know that Arteta has now added the youngsters Mika Biereth, Omari Hutchinson and Salah Oulad M’Hand to the playing squad who will be joining Charlie Patino in having a chance to feature.

I am sure we will know more about the situation after the game, but with our League Cup semifinal coming up on Thursday, we can only hope that it is not too devastating for our first team players…

The Just Arsenal Show
Dan Smith talks about knife crime in London, No More Red, and doing things ‘The Arsenal Way’

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  1. We won the league at Anfield,
    We won it at the Lane,
    Stamford bridge, Old Trafford
    No one can say the same.
    Mikel Artetas army.
    We’re back again,
    Arsenal trough and through,
    We’ll sing it in the North Bank,
    And In the clock end too.
    Allez Allez, Allez.

      1. In the 1930s Arsenal won the Football League five times.

        Three of these wins were consecutive: 1932-33, 1933-34 and 1934-35.

        This was in addition to the 1930-31 and 1937-38 triumphs.

        Two of these triple triumphs were gained at the home of Chelsea, Stamford Bridge in 1933 and 1934!

        1. You beat me to that reply Pat lol
          So many think our history started in 1998 but unlike some we’ve been winning titles for decades not years lol

  2. Referring to DANS video,the subject of which IMO is far more important than this article merely about who is/is not playing for us today, I say this: while I praise Dans intent on letting many know why this “no red” is happening today, I feel it a great opportunity missed to go into far more detail in his 11 minutes piece, about WHY knife crime was happening and the reasons behind it.
    In this video, he paused so very long and often that it was, ONCE AGAIN, very hard listening to him.

    IMO he could and should have mentioned the role of drugs in that gang culture and the massive damage it does throughout our society to all ages, young, middle years and older folk.
    The general lack of respect too esp by young school age folk toward authority was sadly not mentioned by DAN.
    In my view he could have said so much more and given far greater insight had he just speeded up and not repeated himself constantly.


    It would be so much more help to him if he took lessons on how to better communicate verbally, incorporating speed, change of pace,vocal inflection and less monotone, excitement, a bit of humour in his speaking and avoiding breathlessness too. Not walking while speaking would help him
    Oh, and pauses play a part too , BUT just not so very often!

      1. Good shout Pat- but you and I know Jon just loves critiquing others. If he was ever able to get his big head out of his arse it would be interesting to see what he would actually do.
        Dan is brilliant in my view. He seems to be the most consistent Article writer other than the Admins and rarely gets things wrong. I know which of the two I would rather read. I bet many others feel the same too

      2. Thank you but no, PAT! It is not my wish to appear on JA.

        But Iwould quite seriously be wiling to help and coach Dan or anyone else on public speaking. I have done a great deal of public speaking, though never on football matters and do know my stuff.

        Feel free to give my email to anyone who is seriously interested in learning this important skill.

        Actually, Dans main problem is that he seems not to know in advance what he will say and how he will say it and that is a mistake.
        On the other hand though it must not come over as reading a script, rather as customer service phone helplines do, so amateurishly.

        Planning and preparation are all important, just as in football!
        Variation and the four P’s are vitally important too; pause(meaning vocal punctuation), pitch, pace, power.

        Words and the power of how to use them to educate and persuade, is also a key skill for top managers. Monotone delivery however, drives listeners and viewers away.


  3. AdPat- never knew that so something learned every day. Born in 1956 it was before my time but was at Anfield 89, Old Trafford 2002 and WHL 2004, Not a lot I could do about the 1930’s but I bet @Ken1385 was there

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