Mikel Arteta admits that making five substitutions would alter their game plan

The Premier League is set to return next week, but the rest of the season would see a number of new changes made to the game.

There will be no fans in the stadiums for the rest of this season and the players would be expected to play three games in the space of a week as the competition’s organisers look to finish the campaign as early as possible.

One other major alteration to the game as we know it would be an increase in the number of substitutions that a team is allowed to make per game.

Teams could only make a maximum of three substitutions before now, but a new rule change will allow them to make five substitutions for their remaining games of the season.

This could turn out to be good or bad, but one thing that is certain is the fact that making five substitutions would change a team’s game plan and Mikel Arteta thinks so too.

He told Sky Sports’ The Football Show: ‘A new thing we have to adapt to as coaches, communication will be important too. Changing five players will really change the game plan.’

The Spaniard will for sure be training his team to adapt to these changes and Arsenal fans will no doubt hope it helps their team to get the wins that they need.

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  1. This will actually help us! If you start a game with Luiz, Mustafi, Bellerin, Ozil, and Xhaka (which is very likely), then that’s 5 substitutions to make already!

  2. I really don’t understand why Arteta is saying like this..
    this is something fans and everybody’s else could be happy for.
    this new rule brings in flexibility, different alternatives, to mention but a few.
    I support it 100%

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