Mikel Arteta authority is without question at Arsenal including transfers

Mikel Arteta rejected Edu’s recommendation proving he has the final say on transfers.

Arsenal could have made a move for PSG’s Layvin Kurzawa this month but Mikel Arteta doesn’t seem to rate the player.

Kurzawa is available for a cut-price deal this winter as he enters into the final six months of his contract and he has been linked with a move to Arsenal.

Star Sports claim that Edu had recommended the signing of Kurzawa to Mikel Arteta, but the manager decided against making a move for the defender.

One reason that Arteta decided not to move for Kurzawa is that he trusts Bukayo Saka to fill the left-back spot that has been left open because of the injuries to Kieran Tierney and Sead Kolasinac.

Kurzawa is set to leave PSG for free when this season ends and several clubs have been looking to sign him, Arsenal has now turned their attention to other targets.

The Gunners have already sealed the signing of Pablo Mari from Flamengo. The Spaniard is highly rated and spent three years on the books of Manchester City although he never played for their first team.

He comes at a time when Arsenal will be missing Shkodran Mustafi and Calum Chambers through injury.

Southampton outcast Cedric Soares is also likely to sign for Arsenal before the transfer window shuts and you have to think that Arteta has sanctioned both the Mari and Soares deals.

It seems that no transfers can be done without Arteta being 100% on board and that can only be a good thing.


  1. Mogunna says:

    Nothing new, usually manager ask and or approve players proposed. Let’s see how we solve LB issue.

  2. Muha Anko Anko says:

    David Luiz should be available for our next game. That was a straight red card for a professional foul which is a one match ban

    1. Truth says:

      Wasn’t he suspended for 3 games? We have played two since his suspencion.

      1. SueP says:

        According to the Arsenal website he was suspended for one game – Bournemouth

        1. Admin Martin says:

          Yup, having looked into it more that does appear to be the case, I will update the article to reflect that

        2. Truth says:

          I was thinking of Auba. My bad. Miss Auba more than Luiz.

          1. jon fox says:

            “Miss Auba?” Who is she! I reckon she’s more attractive than Miss Luiz eh! lol.

      2. Knight says:

        It was a tactical foul,so his red card is for 2 games including the one in which he was suspended.Same as if one handles the ball that is goal bound.For the case of Auba,it was because of dangerous play,because his tackle endangered the opposing player.So his suspension was 2 games,not including the one in which he was suspended.But when you appeal and card and loose,they add another game suspension to those you were supposed to sit out.Thats why Auba is sitting out 3,and Luiz sitting out 2

        1. Knight says:

          *sorry,Auba sitting out 3 and Luiz sitting out 1.My mistake in the last sentence

  3. Grandad says:

    What left back issue?.

    1. Admin Martin says:

      Two injured and a teenager being drafted in out of position. I think that would classify as an issue, but Arteta does not, so that is me told lol

      1. GunneRay says:

        Who are any of us to question AM, Martin?..

        ..He da man!

        1. Admin Martin says:

          It is the absolute right of every Arsenal fan to question anybody and everyone at Arsenal. Remember, no fans, no club.

          1. jon fox says:

            Hear hear to that Martin and on a far wider basis than merely Arsenal too. IF ONLY WE FANS COLLECTIVELY REALISED THE VAST POWER WE HAVE TO CHANGE THINGS FOR THE BETTER. Only our own obsession with looking at the present and virtually ignoring the future, prevents us taking effective action. Like all not attending ANY Arsenal matches til Kroenke leaves. IT WOULD WORK BUT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!

    2. ozziegunner says:

      I hope that Arteta, as Head Coach, can vet players; I certainly back his view on Kurzawa.

  4. Philly the kid says:

    Not sure it’ll be anything to do with how MA rates Kurzawa, tbh.
    We have 2 LB’s already, but only 1 RB. Soares, as well as being a RB ,can also cover at LB too (apparently), so I’d imagine it’s more a pragmatic decision based on having a more balanced squad.

    1. Tommogun58 says:

      i’m inclined to agree with you Philly the kid.

  5. frank ogamma says:

    I agreed with MA, buying another LB while we hav three of them that doing well in that department is wast of resources while we still hav other department to is licking. we need bos to bos midfielder that is (10) we need a player like Santi Cazola in that midfield

    1. Sean Williams says:

      Oh how I miss little Santi. Magical little player. We need someone like him again.

      1. jon fox says:

        By next seasons start we will all be calling for a top box to box midfielder and a top creative, EFFECTIVE, central midfielder too. Our defence will, I believe, be largely put right by then. Two, probably three” defensive” clowns will be released too, presumably to go back to the circus, where they belong! THEN our defence will no longer be a circus!

  6. GunneRay says:

    I doubt MA would have the final say if Gazidis was still around. But then, I doubt MA would even be at Arsenal if Gazidis was still there!! No doubt we would sill have, erm, what’s his name.. oh yeah, Emery. How quickly I forget! 😁 😂 🤣

    Anyway, MA should be the one to make the final call as all managers should, really! 👍

  7. SAGooner says:

    I would have been very surprised indeed had MA NOT had a say in transfers. It would be an extremely silly concept to have someone other than the coach buying and selling players left, right and centre, and then expect the coach to win trophies with what you give hin……

  8. ozziegunner says:

    I hope that Arteta, as Head Coach, can vet players; I certainly back his view on Kurzawa.

  9. kuko says:

    me I can’t wait to see Madison in our midfield please if our coach can do that business

  10. Sean Williams says:

    Firstly I do like Arteta’s strong character. He has definitely got the players on side and that is No 1. Although they are loans, which pisses me off, I think he has made two astute signings. Some will, fairly, disagree with me, but I think Soares is a good signing. He is not so much a wing back as a defensive full back and for certain games will be invaluable, the guy knows how to mark. This is just until Tierney is back. The whole Southampton team were total rubbish for the first part of the season, so Cedric is not to blame. 30 odd caps for Portugal and only 28…that is not bad at all. What truly pisses me of are our Multi Billionaire owners who are just absent parents leaving their Arsenal child with no love. To be like City or Liverpool, we have to have the BEST…. and with the Kroenke’s that will not happen. I do believe Arteta will move us forward though and he is showing he can become special.

  11. SAGooner says:

    Stop the Kroenke bashing, please! It serves no purpose whatsoever. We’re building, like Liverpool and City also built over a few years. How many of the players they have now had you ever heatd of before the teams became championship material? Who decides what is “…the best…” You or the coach?

    1. Sean Williams says:

      What is wrong in seeing the Kroenke’s characteristics. They are the basis of our club. My support goes to the players who will make this club better and Arteta who I trust. If we cannot critique the owners you take away the singular most important thing humans have. That’s why in SA people who cared spoke up. So I’ll say it good and loud…the Kroenkes have not led us upwards but downwards. Our position reinforces that.

  12. Gunnerphilic says:

    @Sean Williams. I quite understand your point. We fans can (and should) make our feelings known when we’re not happy with those upstairs. But maybe we we need to tone down the ‘Kroenke bashing’ a bit as SA called it. Why? Because it will serve little or no purpose except that it is a free swing at them, which will always be available anyway.

    Why did not we keep the atmosphere around our dear club as positive as possible. We seem to have had enough of fighting and scratching out of eyes. Now that the club appears to be on a better trajectory, we need to keep things positive. After all, the same Kroenkes sanctioned the buyng if the player we are talking about now. So let’s cut them some slack for now, shall we?

    Arteta looks to me like the kind of coach that might win us our first Champions League. I know many will think am speaking too soon, and they are right. But you see, his coming and his recent moves makes me dream again. And nothing wrong in that.

    1. Sean Williams says:

      Hi Gunnerphilic

      I do really agree we must be positive and support Arteta and the boys who are out there on the pitch. It’s hard and competitive. Although the minuit it we are beaten some may change their tune. It will take time and I do support understanding that. But just like bad governments, in the moral sense, make things bad for the people, bad Arsenal owners make things difficult for the supporters. So I totally agree we should support Arteta, the team and the club but we should always pull up the owners if they don’t do their job with the same love that we have for the team. Sorry.

  13. Gunnerphilic says:

    We appear to have a good team off the field (fans, scouts, Arteta and Edu) trying to build a very good team on the field. It looks to me that we will do very well having all teams both on or off the field working together just like our motto says. Victory through Harmony.

    1. Sean Williams says:

      Harmony is great but it has to be realistic and the owners have to participate in harmony. The whole choir has to be in harmony. That is what we want a beautiful harmony, dance, power on the pitch. But everybody including the owners must be in it.

      1. jon fox says:

        I run a choir and would never have a tone deaf trouble maker like KROENKE ANYWHERE NEAR IT, SEAN! He would not recognise the word harmony, nor does he even care for it, vital though it is.

  14. jon fox says:

    I was one who initially strongly supported Emery coming here and I continued to support him strongly until about half a dozen games this season. OH, HOW WRONG I WAS!!! Now that we have MA, I cannot help see the HUGE CONTRAST between someone with a vision, a plan, who can actually coach and who speaks perfect English, who also has a personality and man management skills in spades, AGAINST someone who had none of these vital assets. I feel ashamed at how WRONG I WAS ON THE ABYSMAL EMERY! But FINALLY, we have moved on and thank God for that!

    1. ken1945 says:

      Jon, now this post I can most certainly identify with the man I have conversed with three times on the phone with.

      Why on earth should you be ashamed of a sincere, well thought out view? Retrospective thinking is always 100% correct and how I wish we, as human beings, had that ability.

      The one thing that has united us on here, in varying degrees I admit, is Mikel Arteta dont you agree?
      I believe we had lost our way, our identity and our dreams during AW’s last two years and UE’s year and a half – we were desperate for some kind of leadership…and now we have it in MA.

      You and I disagree on a lot of things regarding the club we have supported together for over 60 years, but we have stayed with it through thick and thin – dont be ashamed my friend, be realistic!!!

      I am sure you know what I mean when I say that MA becoming manager has lifted EVERYTHING to a level that reminds me of a certain”Arsene who” when he first arrived…now let’s get on with tearing each others views apart once again PAL!!!

    2. Sean Williams says:

      I too backed Emery over Arteta before, so I got it wrong. But how were we to know that he would not be the right person. His English was so poor that I never ever knew what he was talking about. I think on this site there is a discrepancy between the elders like me and you Jon, Grandad too and the younger ones. We are seen as nihilistic, but nothing could be further from the truth. We know bull when we see it and have enough experience to vocalise or write about it. I’m too old to want to have any power of position….. but when I see the unethical, the immoral and wool-pulling I have to speak.

      1. ken1945 says:

        Sean, well said sir…and if I remember correctly (though Reggie thinks I get it wrong all the time!!), everyone was of the opinion that, as the appointment was made, we should all give him time.

        Actually Sean, being old gives one a power of position, if only because we’ve seen it all before at our wonderful club – like playing Leeds at a night game with just over 4,000 fans at Highbury – “those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end”!!!

        1. Sean Williams says:


          Things change, but how great the days were from the days of Liam Brady, Liverpool and Michael Thomas 2-0, to the late 90’s and the Invincibles. Sadly I was over-indulged and now expect to be spoon fed Pires, Henry and Bergkamp quality every game watching from the upper West Stand. My expectations are set against players I may not see the like of again. Even though the eyes get impaired a little with age, experience makes us ‘see’ more clearly. I hope the youngsters get the same highs that we got.

          1. ken1945 says:

            Indeed Sean, being able to sing “We are the champions” once again is on my bucket/wish list.

            I was watching the Swindon Town final the other day and tried to imagine today’s players trying to play football on the ploughed field that was called Wembley.

            The game today is so much more skillfully played, but the raw passion and effort will never equal the days of our experiences, in my opinion anyway.

    3. Glorious says:

      @ Jon fox,

      Please don’t blame yourself for supporting Unai Emery during his time with our club. You did the right thing, and as you have said, we have move on, so move on too and keep supporting the club. Gracia

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