Mikel Arteta blocks Tierney’s move to Real Sociedad

Kieran Tierney’s omission from Mikel Arteta’s squad for Arsenal’s season opener against Nottingham Forest serves as a clear indication that the defender is no longer in favour at the Emirates.

Oleksandr Zinchenko has assumed Tierney’s role in the first team, and in situations where Zinchenko is unavailable, other players such as Jurrien Timber and Takehiro Tomiyasu have been prioritised over the Scottish defender.

Tierney’s desire to depart the club is evident, and there are interested parties willing to accommodate him, including Newcastle United and Real Sociedad. Both clubs have recently secured spots in the Champions League and are keen to strengthen their squads, potentially through a loan deal.

While Arsenal is inclined towards selling Tierney, Mikel Arteta reportedly rejected Real Sociedad’s approach, as reported by Noticias De Gipuzkoa. Consequently, Sociedad has shifted its attention to pursuing Tottenham’s Sergio Reguilon as an alternative option.

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Tierney will continue to push to get his move away from Arsenal, as he knows he deserves to play as many games as possible for the club.

We need him in the squad to cover in cases where we suffer a serious injury, but the defender deserves a bigger role than that, so we should be open to allowing him to leave, even if it is for a loan-to-buy agreement.

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  1. In an ideal world the young Scottish should slide in seamlessly at left back, but the lad has fell out of favor to the extent the bench was not a possibility in the curtain raiser.

    Tierney could certainly let his presence felt just like in preseason, but only if good sense prevail.

    1. What is wrong with Arteta clearly dosnt like Tierney (probably one of the best left backs in premier) also he has no time for ESR he’ll get found out this year and move him on

  2. On another note.
    Enjoy retirement Theo.
    Who can’t forget the 2 0 gesture to the spuds as he was stretchered off in the FA cup

    1. NG What I find impossible to forget was that in game after game he was almost invisible an often a passenger, way overhyped by foolish naive fans, as he never gave remotely enough effort in almost all his games.

      No wonder that what at one time, when he was very young , seemed a stellar career in the making, simply disappeared without trace and he eventually became a way overpaid, way overhyped journeyman.

      Not a player I EVER RATED MUCH AT ALL and I said so often and loudly, as I do again now.

        1. I know you struggle with Emoji’s jonny boy ,so let me help you out ,the 👇was look below to my response to Grandma ,same applys to you .

  3. Keep Tavares as back up and get a fee for Tierney before he’s worth a small transfer fee ,he’s obviously not in Artetas plans as 2 right backs get game time before him ,been saying it for years he’s not good enough unless he’s bombing forward and putting in needless over hit crosses and leaving us exposed behind while struggling to get back into position,even one on one he’s found wanting against good opponents,overhyped IMO and the lack of interest in his signature pretty much sums him up .

    1. Will add ,Zinchenko gave us a new dimension last season ,which proved a master stroke from Arteta which showed in our final league position,not sure why some fans seem intent on getting Tierney back into the squad unless they want Arteta to revert back to flat back 4 because that is the only way you can get Tierney into the team and even then he’s not solid enough anyway .

        1. I’ll take that as a compliment coming from yourself buddy .
          What was it “he would get into any top team in the prem including Man City because he’s world class “
          Low and behold only team that showed any interest was Newcastle and they have gone for a 18 year old rookie from Chelsea ,only team that had any serious interest was a mid table team from Spain that was willing to pay 10 million .
          UTTER GARBAGE!
          Yes from yourself buddy for the last 4 years now jog on 🤡

  4. From the start of the window, I had thought lt was best to sell Tierney for a good fee since he had apparently fallen out of favor even before the end of last season. My view was strengthened after I watched Timber excel at LB against City in the Community Shield game.
    But with Timber injured long term now, we can’t afford to let Tierney go.
    Tavares would be a big risk though it could be argued that it’s the duty of the coaches to work him up to standard

  5. CM, there is just so much coaches can do.Tavares is an athlete who tries to play football, but simply does not have game intelligence.You either have it or you don’t, and unfortunately for him, the latter applies.

  6. It seems to be a regular article from various sources to ‘Sell Tierney’ but he is miles better than Tomisaki and an absolute top player he’s only fault is that he is a traditional full back and not an inverted full back which Arteta prefers but he is a very valuable squad member at the end of games when AFC need to close out games Tierney is just whats needed.
    Sell Tomi,along with Tavares,Soames,Holding before you even think about Tierney !!!

    1. Stan, the issue is not all about the club wanting to sell Tierney; it’s also about the player’s readiness to play second (or, in this case, even third) fiddle. I can imagine the player being under pressure, internal and external, to shift base in order to enhance his career with improved playing time

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