Mikel Arteta calls Jorginho “world-class” after another MOTM performance against Newcastle

Many Arsenal fans have been derogatory about Jorginho since his arrival from our neighbours Chelsea, but after early injury problems this season he has come back into the side and been outstanding in midfield alongside Declan Rice.

Jorginho was named MOTM after our humbling of Liverpool, and he has now followed that up in yesterday’s win over Newcastle.

Mikel Arteta couldn’t praise Jorginho enough after the game when he told Arsenal.com: “He’s a top player, especially when the opponents have certain behaviours or certain set-up. The way I can imagine the game, he is going to have a big impact, but I think you have to do it at this level and when he’s not playing consistently, credit to him because he was magnificent today, again.

“He is certainly [world class] but I think individually today we were outstanding in the way we played and we raised the bar again.

“Newcastle are a top side, they are really well-coached and it’s very difficult to do what we’ve done today, to have them in the positions and to make them suffer like we’ve done, so credit to the boys.”

Arsenal are truly in incredible form since the New Year, scoring 25 goals in our six League games since returning from Dubai, keeping the pressure on Liverpool and Man City at the top of the table. All we can do id watch on in awe as we blow our opponents out of the water, and continue to make this one of the most hotly contested title fights for many a year.

We should be feeling sorry for poor Sheffield United, who are sheduled to be our next victims….

Sam P

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  1. Knowing magpies are hot headed and aggressive MA brought in Jorghino to dictate calmly the midfield…genius act…Kudos to the team for paying back and make them SUFFER …we laugh last and best…C.O.Y.G!!!

  2. Im sorry but TRUTH compels me to say that to call Jorginho “a world class player” is arrant nonsense , no matter who says it , even if MA HAS said it, as reported.
    Jorginho is still a decent player and at times , when against the opposition set ups that suit him ,he can look really good. He did yesterday and Liverpool. But ” WORLD CLASS”??! THAT is nonsense and offends my passion for total truth.

    I realise that being a realist and not using hyped and OTT language(except in jest) offends some . But truth is important and the ordinary fan bias that almost all we fans indulge in at times , can only be stretched SO FAR, until it becomes both ridiculous and offensive to truth lovers.

    All that being said and if , as he probably did, MA did indeed call Jorginho ” world class” that does not mean he, MA, actually believes it, because IF HE DID, does it not strike other Gooners as strange that a so called ” world class player” is rarely picked to start in our team!!

    As I often say, only gullible fans take each and every utterance by professional football folk a sgospel truth.

    Realists know that sometimes , things are said for effect, such as building up aplayers self esteem or confidence.

    The reality in life IS dear friends that some people tell WHITE LIES and quite often for the noblest of reasons.
    THAT is what I believe is the REAL reason for MAs, at first sight, ODD sounding comment.

    1. More to manager’s demands of their players the average fan can’t see, not all the time Mikel demands what excites fans even if they have the ability to do it almost all the time, for some reasons best kept secret. Mikel calling Jorge a world class player does’nt mean he is trying to “build his self esteem or confidence” or “telling white lies”. The real reason is Jorginho happens to read the game,dictate play,ensure’s positional discipline and makes those around him shine while looking like the redundant one, amongst other behind the scenes qualities that evades an average fan, so yes Mikel meant what he said 100 percent!!!

  3. I have to say that, even though very recently, I still believed we would NOT win the Prem, our fast growing list of magnetic Prem perfs are beginning to force me to re-examine my beliefs.
    It seems to me to be clear that right now both ourselves andLiverpol are regularly looking more potent and likely to score than are City.

    Is it inconceivable then that City could actually finish third, behind both ourselves and Liverpool.

    I saw City struggle to somewhat fortunately EDGE past a plucky but limited Bournemouth team with Citys defence looking far from secure.


    Though we DID beat them and looked like champions when doing so, as we have looked ever since too.

    As a total realist not prone to OTT optimism without PROPER CAUSE, I now believe our title challenge will come down to whether or not we can keep ALL our key players fit until the very end; Saliba and Gabriel, Rice, Saka and Odegaaard too.

    IF all those players , who so far have hardly missed a game between them all, DO keep fit, then but only then, I reckon we have a REAL SERIOUS CHANCE.

    Right now, we look the very BEST team in England!!

    1. I’m not positive of our chances being “prone to OTT optimism without PROPER CAUSE”. been telling folks on here and other platforms to keep calm and watch the team turn things around for the better given the patterns and of course dominance has been there, just the end product missing. Tactical views has always displayed it, but a lot of fans don’t buy into such, only calling for a change of tactics and some went as far as the coaching staff. i guess football has evolved past what fans used to know it to be. many reasons to be positive during our so called “disastrous form”.

  4. Jorginho looks sharper, a bit faster and with much more stamina this season. The better physical condition is allowing him to play his best football now. Happy days for Arsenal’s midfield.

  5. Jorghino had a decent gane for the second time this season. “World class”? For me Saka, Odergaard, Rice, Martinelli and Gabriel had better games than Jorghino. But he is filling it well but it has to be on a regular basis, which it isn’t yet.

  6. Jorginho hardly ever lets the team down whenever called upon. His football IQ is just unbelievable- he can pick a pass that most football players can’t. Rice is excellent at many things, and I consider him world class, but I feel like he doesn’t have it in him to consistently make the kind of incisive passes that Partey and Jorginho can, between the lines. This usually forces Odegaard to drop deep to help with build up through the middle. Having Jorginho frees Odegaard to play further up the pitch. J may lack in athleticism, but he compensates for that with good reading of the game-there will always be games suited to his style and I won’t mind giving him another year. Man of the match performances against Liverpool and now Newcastle say he still has something to offer on the pitch. What he brings off the pitch is important to the squad as well.

  7. If Mikel Arteta considers Jorginho “world class”, why oh why did he fail to select him to play against FC Porto in the European Cup away leg? Arsenal were overrun in midfield without him at the base.

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