Mikel Arteta claimed to have ‘benefited’ by empty stadiums

Lawrie Sanchez has claimed that manager Mikel Arteta has profited by fans not being in stadiums this season, and expects Arsenal to give him more time to put things right.

The Gunners have been far from their best this term, and currently look set to fail to earn European football going into the new campaign.

Despite a rough season, the manager’s job does appear safe however, and the former Fulham boss adds that while it was ’embarrassing’ to be knocked out of Europe this term by Unai Emery, his job is safe.

Sanchez told Football FanCast: “It was embarrassing to be knocked out of the Europe League by Emery, but, the one thing he has got on his CV is winning the FA Cup.

“I think they will bear with him – fans not being in the stadium has probably benefited managers that have struggled, like him. Once you started getting booed off pitches, owners start to take notice.

“I think they will give him another year, give him another transfer window, and give him the benefit of the doubt.”

The club appears to be willing to stick with the manager, and Sanchez’s prediction of just one more transfer window to get the club back on the right track sounds realistic.

Living off that FA Cup victory can only last so long however, and the team will surely have to be on course for Europe by Christmas or that harsh decision will need to be made.


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  1. Kev82 says:

    So another season down the toilet before it has began… We’ve seen Arteta’s brand of football and it’s the perfect remedy for insomniacs.

    1. Ba Elkhirsawy says:

      😂😂true, Some Matches are relatively late in my country and when I am tired it becomes so difficult to keep my eyes open 😁.

    2. MartinelliTheBench says:

      And we’ll be playing less games overall so even less of a chance for up and coming youngsters to get 1st team experience.

      Look at the season that passed with us being knocked out of the cups. Our youngsters got zero development and are a year older.

      1. Grantygooner says:

        Good point. We have historically, certainly since Arsene took charge, given the youngsters a run in the league cup and more latterly the Europa league. Luckily for us MTB it was the youngsters who benefited from that type of experience who were competitive and saved MA’s job.

      2. Grantygooner says:

        Just to clarify that may have come across as my being glad the youngsters saved MA’s job, DEFINITELY NOT GLAD ABOUT THAT!

        1. ozziegunner says:

          👍 👍 And if the Emirates stadium was open to spectators this season, given 13 losses Arteta would be gone!

    3. Vanall777 says:

      Spot on Kev, our football is dire. Even my young kids have not idea of our style of play. We’ve played more backwards passes than the current rugby union teams combined. Truly, truly, awful.

  2. Ba Elkhirsawy says:

    Once fans are back, he will get booed a lot I am afraid, and it won’t be easy for the players.
    Brighton game will be a good preview of Emirates’ atmosphere next season.

    1. Sue says:

      👍We may have clinched a place in the Conference League by then, so all may be forgiven 😂

      The fans will be delighted to be back.. until we fail to beat them and Welbz bangs one in!! 😂

      1. Ba Elkhirsawy says:

        😂😂makes you wonder, if he ever scores against a non-ex team 😁
        Let’s keep fingers crossed Sue, I would not like atmosphere to go toxic in Emirates even if I want Arteta out.
        If he managed to improve things in Arsenal, before getting sacked, then I have no problem with him. No real fan wants his team to fail.

  3. ozziegunner says:

    👍 👍 And if the Emirates stadium was open to spectators this season, given 13 losses Arteta would be gone!

    1. Reggie says:

      Ozzie, how can anyone disagree but it shouldn’t need spectators to get a manager sacked that has amassed 13 losses and a defeat by a manager not good enough for Arsenal with an inferior team.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Reggie, the mediocre results on the field are symptomatic of the quality of the owners and management at Arsenal.

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