Mikel Arteta claims he has the backing of the board despite Kroenke banner

One of the highlights of Arsenal’s game against Aston Villa was when the Gunners’ fans flew a banner above the stadium which read: “Back Arteta, Kroenke Out”

Some fans have clearly shown that they have faith in the work that Arteta is doing and that the club has to back the Spaniard to improve the team in the next transfer window.

Arteta managed to sign two new defenders to bolster his squad in the last transfer window, and the rest of the team he has been using are players that he inherited from previous managers.

He would no doubt be keen to bring in his own players, just like every manager. However, the coronavirus pandemic might limit the club’s spending in the next transfer window.

Fans have seen the likes of Chelsea back Frank Lampard with a healthy transfer kitty that has seen him sign some of the best players around Europe in preparation for next season.

They will want the club to give Arteta a similar backing. Asked about the banner that was flown during the game and Mikel Arteta revealed that he has the backing of the club’s owners and board.

On a banner which flew over the ground reading “Back Arteta, Kroenke Out” Arteta said via BBC: “The Kroenkes and the board and the sporting director, I have their full backing. I have that 100% – the fans have to believe what I’m saying.”

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  1. Arteta, know that what fans mean by “backing” is enough money to get good players. Nothing less or more.

    1. Sounds great mate I am sure something gonna happen at end of the season which is pretty good.

  2. That’s good to know, but in the case of Kroenke it will not manifest itself in terms of an injection of cash.Arteta will have to operate on a shoestring for the foreseeable future and raise funds by selling before he buys.We are already committed to another 25m instalment for Pepe, but the less said about that the better.

  3. Kronke does not select the starting line-up nor involved in training. Arsenal spent £100mil last season, Arteta should show us the end product of that £100mil. Dont shift the from Arteta to Kronke. Did Arteta do anything special to warrant this backing?

    1. Kroenke gave that backing to Emery. Half a season and a cup final is all Arteta has had so far, so for me the jury is out for some time to come

    2. Top Gunner, obviously you don’t know Arteta wasn’t the coach last season..
      The one who spent the 100mil couldn’t do anything with the investment.
      So wat do you expect?
      Miracles? Even Pep can’t do shite with these crop of players.
      So either back Arteta to have his full season or back out

      1. I know very well. Does it mean that Arteta is not using those players that were bought by £100million? Can those backing Arteta, justify why we are below Sheffield United and Burnley

    3. Top gunner you have to know every single coach has got his own way of choosing players that he thinks will his ambitions or targets for.
      So how the hell are you counting on Arteta a money he didn’t spent by single player or you are only talking because you only know how exactly to talk?

  4. Though MA has publicly said to us fans not to blame Kroenke and claimed that Kroenke is fully behind the club, only naive and youthful unworldlywise fans are fooled by this understandable but incorrect double talk from MA.
    As manager (or coach if you prefer) and also fairly newly installed, he is bound to speak the party line but no wiser fan belives that rot for even a milli second. Wise folk know that in all walks of business life, utterances and statements are issued for reasons of keeping the rightful complaints at bay. Politicians regularly lie or distort and so do football clubs, football managers, owners and in fact humans generally, at times of trouble. That is what humans do, simple as that but only wet behind the ears fans are taken in by this tripe.
    I am old,ugly, gnarled, cynical,( and also devilishly handsome!!) been round the proverbial, block countless times and certainly was NOT born yesterday. All who are like me and thankfuly that means most of us on here, know full well that Kroenke is a huge handicap BUT while he remains owner, MA needs to – politically speaking – play the devious game that Kroenke decrees or lose his job.
    MA has not, as yet, an iota of the great credibility Wenger had back in around 2008, when, instead of publicly challenging Kroenke with the backing of the whole fan base at that time, he decided to settle for being manager of a club carrying the vile handicap of Kroenke. Wenger could and should have changed things but chickened out and the rest as they say is history.

    We now have 13 long years of Kroenke caused regression, through gross lack of proper investment , made worse by the appalling financial mismanagement of GAZIDIS and all rubber stamped by Wenger. Both were disgracefully left in position to cause and further this damage by the absent, uncaring and unknowing owner, which makes Kroenke ultimately responsible; just as ALL business owners are ultimately also to blame when things go wrong.
    What we wiser fans should do is educate the less knowing ones who buy into this false statement as being of face value and continue and step up our campaign to rid OUR club of this Kroenke cancer!

  5. Chelsea did not spend a cent last season but they are above of us in the log. Arteta and Lampard are new managers in the EPL. Please justify your facts in that regard

  6. Very simple Top Gunner.Lampard inherited a squad which is far stronger than that at Arsenal.If you disagree with my statement you clearly are unable to distinguish between who is a good footballer and who is not.

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