Mikel Arteta commits to Arsenal amid PSG links

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has dismissed rumours linking him with a move to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and affirmed his happiness in North London. The Spaniard guided the Gunners to a commendable second-placed finish in the Premier League last season and clinched the FA Cup in his debut campaign in charge.

Following the recent dismissal of PSG’s manager Christophe Galtier, the French giants have been searching for a new leader. While former Barcelona and Spain head coach Luis Enrique is reportedly close to joining PSG, reports have indicated that talks were held with Arteta regarding a potential move.

However, Arteta swiftly quashed the speculation and expressed his contentment at Arsenal in an interview with Marca as quoted by The Metro. He stated, “I can only say that I am happy at Arsenal. I feel loved, valued by our owners, Stan and Josh [Kroenke], and I have a lot to do here at this club. I am happy and tremendously grateful to be at Arsenal.”

When questioned about the possibility of managing Barcelona or Real Madrid in the future, Arteta acknowledged that returning to Spain could be an option but emphasised his current commitment to Arsenal. He stated, “Spain is my country. I have been out for many years and at some point, it could be an option to return to the league and have other experiences.”

Arteta’s devotion to Arsenal extends beyond his current role, as he firmly believes the Gunners will challenge for the Premier League title in the upcoming season. Asserting the club’s ambitions, he declared, “If not, I wouldn’t be sitting here. That’s our ambition. We know the difficulty – it is the best League in the world, and next season will be the most difficult League in the history of the Premier League.”

Recognising the highly competitive nature of the Premier League, Arteta highlighted the quality, organisation, and resources available to teams, as well as the arrival of esteemed managers such as Mauricio Pochettino at Chelsea and Ander Iraola at Bournemouth. Despite the challenges, Arteta remains optimistic about Arsenal’s prospects, emphasising the need to reinforce the squad in order to compete for the league title.

As Arteta firmly shuts down rumours of a potential move to PSG, Arsenal fans can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that their manager is committed to the club’s future endeavours. With Arteta at the helm, Arsenal aims to build on their recent successes and mount a strong challenge in the Premier League, fully aware of the immense competition they will face in pursuing silverware.

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  1. Of course he would!!
    He’s Arsenal through and through.
    Knows what it means and wants to bring the club back to the top.

    1. Spot on KEN. And more than merely Arsenal , as MA knows , as all fans know who have no personal country bias that the PREM itself is to other leagues, even Spain, Italy and Germany , as Arsenal is to such as West Ham, Fulham and even Villa; streets ahead in quality,worldwide supportand interest and importance.

      Why would ANY ambitious manager wish to manager in lowercountries leagues when he cam manage a top level Prem side!

      Exclamation mark and not a question mark is because rthat is a rhetorical question, as all KNOWING FANS WORLDWIDE KNOW in their hearts , and despite whatever they might pretend in public debate.

      At class and potential level even PSG is a little club by comparaison to us. Clubs are not only made big by trophies bought by oil money, but by so much more and history and longevity in the top league, in the top football country too, is a core reason.

      1. Is he Arsenal through and through though Ken ?
        He spent 5 years here and was a subpar player who was bought in as a panic buy when we lost 8-2 to Utd ,obviously nothing to do with his management credentials but he as no Arsenal connection except from being here as a well payed player .
        My biggest memory of him was being bought on as a sub given a goal away and getting subbed straight away ,hardly Arsenal through and through mate .
        Maybe you see it differently to me .

        1. He was a panic buy, but he was a good player for us (good, not great). Things stabilised after we signed him. He was good enough that people questioned if he could play for England at one point (Spain was unrealistic at that time due to Xavi, xabi, etc).

          1. He was subpar mate ,came in as a AM if I remember and left as a CM more defensively his numbers were awful and he was slow and cumbersome just like the players he’s put into our team over the years .

          2. Whether he was or he wasn’t, being a top player doesn’t automatically mean you can manage. Tony Adams springs to mind and the opposite effect is AW who didn’t have great success on the pitch. It really is irrelevant how good a player you were.

        2. DK, in my opinion he was.. Won two fa cups and one Community Shield – was made captain by Arsene Wenger – never brought the club into disrepute and made the club aware that he would leave city, if The Arsenal wanted him.

          Along with Per Mertesaker, he helped our club, after that 8-2 humiliation by united, still finish in the top four, with a plus 25 goal difference.

          I agree he wasn’t one of our top players in his position, but he was a model professional.

          He has carried that resume (I know it’s only my opinion of course) into his managerial role and he, like Wenger before him, represents the club’s values perfectly in the media.

          I pointed out what I believed were his mistakes on many occasions during the past three and a half years, including our two bottling end of seasons debacles….. but he has improved our club and that is what matters.

        3. DAN, WHY WOULD HE HAVE TAKEN THE JOB , IF HE WASNOT A THROUGH AND THROUGH MAN? . He would have been Citys manager after Pep, as is widely acknowledged .

          But he had REAL ambition to make Arsenal HIS club , just as WENGER also did all those years ago. That is how dynasties are created. Our club have never had a quick turnover of managers as some other clubs- Chelsea- have done very often through the decades.

          We are a club who believe in steadily building, But for his language problem, Emery would have been a fine choice as many can now see , given hindsight.
          I rest my case!

  2. It is always good to have a pass player that has a intimacy with the tradition and culture at elm as our gaffer.

    Some time it can make life easier, extra patience and tolerance in most cases is afforded.

    But our gaffer practical knowledge and commitment to Arsenal cause is unquestionable.

  3. This has to be like the signing of the season. What a relief from the “Will he ?Wont he?” Many of his targets will now commit themselves to our club.

  4. I look at the PSG job as a stop gap for the so called elite managers when they are between better situations

  5. I will rather think the Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke and his son Josh, as well as the Arsenal management Board. Should not rest on their oars relaxing and think that Arteta will not spring a surprise to quit Arsenal. To go and pasture new managerially at another top club side sooner than it is expected.
    If he leads the Gunners to the Epl title success next season. But didn’t win the Ucl (but for Arsenal’s sake I hope he does). There is is the likelihood he will stay on at Arsenal the next season to still try his hands at the winning of the Ucl for Arsenal and makes history.
    So therefore, I can see Arteta will be under pressure in particular to deliver the Epl title win to Arsenal next season. And I think because of the pressure that will push him to deliver the Win, he will deliver the win successfully.
    But weather he will also lead the Gunners next season to a Ucl win glory at the first time of the asking. I think he might if his Gunners team reach the final to play to win the trophy and win it.
    Which if it’s happened, will uplift Arteta’s managerial status capacity to the elite status of top club title winning manager,
    afterwards he could consider to manage the Citizens when Guardiola quits the Etihad. Or return to his home country and take up Barcelona appointment to manage them. Or even go to Real Madrid to manage the Blancos. But can us imagine a Caralan coach managing Real Madrid?

    1. No I can’t see him managing RM, SAA
      Even if Arteta proves to be very successful at Arsenal, there are always challenges ahead and new avenues, so he may well decide to go home for the sake of his family.
      For now, I am pleased that he is eager to build the club and take it forward

      1. If he takes Arsenal to the next level there will be other big clubs seeking his signature. A long way to go yet obviously but Arteta is still relatively young and I wouldn’t be surprised if another “super-club” come calling and he decides to move.

  6. Arteta kind of remind me of Pep. He also was imo an average midfielder in his playing days. Both of them however have the vision and quality to read and understand the game holistically. This is a trait that makes average managers stand out frm exceptional ones.

    Arteta’s guidance under Pep will undoubtly help him takw away the crown as best manager in the world frm his mentor. Watch the space!.

    1. Bang Bang, when you claim, laughably wrongly, that Pep was an average midfielder , you show your complete lack of knowledge about his excellent playing career.

      He was a real top class player, as those who KNOW footbal will testify.

      You should educate yourself on such easily checked facts, before embarrassing yourself with such laugable nonsense again.

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