Mikel Arteta defends Odegaard’s celebration against Burnley

Martin Odegaard made a statement by cupping his ears during his goal celebration for Arsenal against Burnley, seemingly directed at critics such as Jamie Carragher who had scrutinized his post-match celebration after Arsenal’s victory over Liverpool.

Odegaard faced backlash for what was perceived as an excessive celebration when he was caught on camera taking photos with an Arsenal photographer after the game against Liverpool. This celebration overshadowed discussions about Arsenal’s remarkable victory against the league leaders, a win that revitalised their title aspirations.

Despite the controversy, Mikel Arteta’s team has continued to secure victories with confidence and flair, firmly positioning themselves in the title race alongside Liverpool and Manchester City. Arsenal’s winning streak suggests a team that remains undeterred by external commentary and focused on their pursuit of success in the league.

After the fixture, Mikel Arteta was asked about Odegaard’s celebration and the Gunners gaffer said, as quoted by the Daily Mail:

‘I didn’t notice the gesture but he was really happy in the dressing room afterwards and the way he played the game was exceptional.

‘He doesn’t need to send a message to anyone. If he wants to do something he needs to do it and deal with the consequences. Some people will like it (the reaction to beating Liverpool) and some people won’t, but we really like it.’

Just Arsenal Opinion

Odegaard has been in superb form for us, and, unfortunately, people dwelled so much on that celebration more than the win.

We just need to focus on ourselves and ensure we win as many matches as possible.

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  1. The likes of Jamie Carragher, Gary Neville, Richard Keys, and many others, detest seeing Arsenal being successful, so any opportunity they get to have a go, they will use it.
    I just love it.

  2. The picture shown is NOT Odegaaard “cupping his ears” but is him covering hs ears completely.
    A very different gesture, which renders the rest of the article as being untrue .
    No wonder MA did not see hism cupping his ears “then, as he did not. At least not in THIS picture.

    1. So you are saying its all made up? So Odegaard didn’t make any gesture. Nobody criticised him. And Arteta didn’t actually say anything. Simply because you think the pic is wrong Jon?

      Get a life….

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