Mikel Arteta delivers a very short update on Mesut Ozil after latest snub

Mesut Ozil hasn’t played for Arsenal since the restart and the German, who has always been the centre of attraction, is a noticeable absentee from the Arsenal first team.

Mikel Arteta has been answering questions about his absence for a long time now, and that won’t change until the German no longer plays for the club.

Ozil is the highest-paid player at Arsenal, but the 31-year-old has failed to justify his huge wages since he signed his current deal.

He had been declared surplus to requirements before Arteta became Arsenal’s new boss, but the Spaniard gave him a chance to prove himself, but Ozil hasn’t done any better since.

Arteta has decided to sideline him and give chances to players whom he feels can do a job for him, and the team has been better off for it.

He has maintained that Ozil is still a part of his plans but as long as the German isn’t playing he will have to justify that and he was asked about the German’s absence recently, he gave a very short response.

“He’s still in the same position as he was last week and two weeks ago, and we said that we will manage everything internally,” he said per the Star.

“I have nothing to say.”

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  1. This really is one bizarre situation….

    And I’m sorry, this isn’t football related but… RIP Naya Rivera 💔😭

    1. I have not read too much into the story but it is sad news, my daughter used to watch the show a lot,

      1. I was a Gleek, Gunner23… I even went to the O2 to watch them in concert… it’s terribly sad.. what a cruel world we live in…

    2. Yeah, Sue. My wishes go out to her family and friends!

      As for Ozil, I really believe we’re seen the last of him in an Arsenal shirt. Shame though, He could have gone down as one of the greats! 🙁

    1. Because we need a coach with experience, not an assistant with zero head coach experience.

      Replace him by Alegri to just name one. Look at Lampard it Gerrard next Reds coach.

      They will never go and risk their club but gain experience, make mistakes somewhere bellow then come as coach…. Arteta never picked a team nor tac tic.

      You can see that, extending Luiz!

  2. I think the ozil situation is like this, the club wants him to take a pay cut which would also have to be publicly known to save face and the player is simply having none of that. Hence the problem with each manager. And if this is the issue I fully back the player.

  3. Arteta must leave with him. Bring a real coach, let assistant Arteta go learn somewhere lower, make mistakes and learn there

  4. The situation of Ozil will never get better for Arsenal. Those who’ve got hope that the guy will improve are not true to themselves. Let Ozil enjoy his salary by watching from the stands. As age increases, the performance will depreciate

  5. sigh, Ozil again. Can the admins do a word count on the site 🙂 ? Ozil must be the number one noun by now. I think that it is wishful thinking that this will leave with him in 2021.

    1. Haha. This site is ten years old. The ozil debate has nothing on the AOB and AKB debate lol

      1. Sorry admin, new here. Just wanted to know whether AOB means Arsene out Brigade or something else?

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