Mikel Arteta delivers the latest Houssem Aouar transfer update

Mikel Arteta has refused to say if Arsenal will complete their move for Lyon midfielder, Houssem Aouar before this transfer window shuts, but he admitted that they are trying to get the deal over the line.

The Gunners are looking to land the Frenchman before the transfer window closes on Monday and they have made a bid for him.

Their initial offer has been turned down by the French side who want more money (The Guardian).

Lyon is prepared to sell him after landing Lucas Paqueta from AC Milan, but Arsenal will have to pay their asking price for him.

The Gunners are working to table an improved bid that should finally be enough to land him.

But Arteta cannot guarantee that the club will pull off the deal, after all, the midfielder is still the player of Lyon.

But he said that the club is trying their best to ensure that they are able to get the players that they need to have a balanced squad when the transfer window shuts.

When asked about a potential move for Aouar, Arteta said as quoted by the Metro: ‘Well, I am very confident in what we are trying to do internally. [I am getting] clarity and support from everybody at the club to try and improve the team if we can. 

‘But most importantly as well, to get the right balance in the squad, for now and the way we want to evolve the squad in the future. We are all very much aligned but I’m afraid that I cannot give you any updates or news. 

‘I think it is a crucial moment because in the end it defines the people, the players, the balance and the quality that you’re going to have for the rest of the season.

‘We need to make some decisions in the next three days, I think everything has been delayed so much, not just us but probably every team because of the context that we’re in at the moment. 

‘We will try to make the best possible decisions and at the end, whatever we have, we go for it fully convinced and prepared to have a good season.’

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  1. Doesn’t look like it will happen to me, even though it was apparently a done deal a week ago🤔

  2. It’s heartbreaking to see the ‘broke’ Spuds making quality signings and for us to struggle to get the one player we need. Our board cannot do anything because Arsenal are “Sole Owner” and that is Kroenke. We cannot become ‘The Arsenal’ again because Kroenke hasn’t the faintest bit of interest. So sad to see us penny pinching and raiding the Piggy Bank to try to get the player we need. It’s heartbreaking. So far Willian on a free, Mr Iceland 1 mill, and Gabriel 27 mill. Losing Torreira and Guendouzi leaves us with NO real midfield.

    1. Sean, look at how much has been wasted and the lies told by the muppets paid to “so called” manage this Club at Board and senior executive level.
      Supporters of other clubs wouldn’t accept this.

  3. Too bad. That was not a confidence speech from Arteta about any incoming signings for me.
    Just 3 days to go.

  4. I AM STILL CONFIDENT WE WILL GET THE DEAL DONE. I never expected a straightforward and easy deal as we are short of money and so are the selling club, Almost all clubs are too.


    1. I am with John on this one. I think we will pull this off, just wish we didn’t have to wait till the 11th hour.

  5. I’m mentally prepared for the worst. Even with no more signings I’m confident of a good chance at a top four finish, a trophy run and at least two pleasant surprises (e.g. Saka showing he has what it takes to play as CAM)

    With some expensive players moved on or out of contract, next summer’s transfer window is when Arteta will really know what he needs.

    Tbh, the fact that we are able to watch PL football this year is fantastic. Anything else is gravy.

  6. Torreira loan move to Atletico Madrid hitting up, so that should bring some little money in to support the 35m euros first bid for Aouar.

    We can’t afford to miss out on signing at least one of Aouar or Partey.

  7. Gives me the assurance there will be incoming/s be it Aouar, Partey or alternatives.
    If only we can get that one midfield player we so need, be he a big or small name, I don’t really mind. I only expect that perfect fitting of a player…..that right person for our midfield . Aouar or Partey or whoever we may sign can either become a flop or a hit.
    Although we’ve delayed so much in doing business, I hope the extended time can help us make the right choices.
    The return of Mari and Mustafi is massive for our defends.

  8. Skip that little frog. Go for Partey instead. We don’t know if Aouar will ad something essential to Asn’l, but I’m sure Thomas Partey would. He goes right in to our starting XI and make the team better. As it is now we have no physical midfielder, no one who knows how to tackle. Xhaka, Ceballos etc falls like… eh… is it “bowling pins” the words I seek? Anyway, what we need is a ball winner out there and TP is a good one. If he still want to come. The recruiters of the club does not belong to the diplomatic corps.

        1. Robert, I agree with you regarding Partey; however Arsenal is a multi racial Club and there is no place for racist terms, please.

          1. What term is racism? Please… Frog? Come on, pal! A frog is an animal species, some kind of Amphibia. Here rather an “unkissed” prince, which we know nothing about – we know nothing of what will become of Monsieur Aouar. Didn’t your mummy read stories for you at bedtime? Or (and that’s why I used it) a nickname for a Frenchman. A British nickname, I guess. You are insulting me.

            1. Robert, If you keep digging that neanderthal hole in the vain hope that you will persuade our noble fans into your retrograde way of speaking , then you are making a big mistake.

              Instead of trying to defend the indefensible, be man enough to admit you made a mistake and you will gain respect. We ALL make mistakes and to err is human , to forgive divine.

              I make MANY mistakes but my usual instinct, once I am persuaded that I HAVE made a mistake, is to try putting it right. You are a decent and clever man, I can see that, but please don’t put yourself on the wrong side of this racial debate! I ask you, in friendship, not to do so, please!

              “Frog” is an old fashioned and insulting term for a french person and not used by decent folk. Decent folk are too wise to use a single pejorative word for nationals of ANY COUNTRY.

      1. Yeah, as a full time reader I live in every Century, even the 1970s (where you even born then, Dec?). I was. If you were not, you are referring to history.

  9. Everything Arteta says in his article is what any supporter could have told a week ago. The whole statement is a waste of space.

  10. But why are we sitting here during this Final Countdown (the last 75hs or so) biting our nails? When Arteta say he and Edu have “full support from the owners” does he mean that, or is he just talking bull? If he has, ask Krupke for the bread ((£100m) and buy Partey and Aouar. Asn’l fans all over the World would love you, Stanley.
    And if it’s just bull.. Gee, officer Krupke. What are we to do? Gee, officer Krupke… Krup you! (The North London Story). With a special thanks to Mister Stephen Sondheim.

    1. Robert, Arsenal left Highbury to compete with the best football clubs in the world.
      Vinai and Edu have publicly stated that Arsenal do not need to sell to buy.
      Josh Kroenke stated publicly to “be very excited”.
      I am still waiting to “be very excited” with over £1 billion spent by EPL clubs, Arsenal has a nett spend of £5 million – Willian free, Cellabos loan, Gabriel £24 million, Rundersson £1 million not including outstanding payments for Pepe and Saliba.

    2. Robert, your comparison between Officer Krupke and Kroenke is not a strong one as only their names are vaguely similar. In fact, in West Side Story in which I have appeared , directed and reviewed, Officer Krupke was intent on good by trying to save lives (by stopping gang fights) and KROENKE, on the other hand , cares nothing for anyone but HIMSELF. A far more true comparison to Kroenke, would be TRUMP. Which says it all! Apart from Bernstein, whom you ignored and who played a substantial part in that show becoming the legend it did!

  11. Roper context is money talks. It talks even louder now during the pandemic. Kronke can build a 5 billion dollar stadium but can’t complete the Arsenal squad?
    You would think at least once in 10 years he could or would accompolish that.

    1. Krupke/ Kronke… in Sweden we say: “Kärt barn har många namn”… Approximately: A loved child have many nicknames… But Krupke/ Kronke will never win Super Bowl. He is wasting the wife’s money on a monument over his own magnificence.

  12. If, I was Arteta ,and didn’t get the backing of the Arsenal board and owners for the player(s) that I need to strengthen the team in this transfer window, I would start my personal negotiations with other clubs ,after the deadline day and plan Arsenal exit ,when the next transfer window opens. Arteta’s transformation and success at Arsenal deserves respect as he needs support. Too much pinching. Chelsea have given Lampard 250m pounds so far for transfers, yet ,Arteta ,cannot be given at least 50m pounds for a quality midfielder. What a shame, broke Arsenal or just jokers. Maybe corrupted board too. Frustrating.

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