Mikel Arteta discusses the scenarios he is preparing for at Arsenal in the summer

Mikel Arteta has admitted that the club is unclear on how they will go about their business in the future after the whole football calendar was thrown into chaos by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Gunners have a number of loan players that they have to probably fix new agreements with to extend their deal so they can keep playing for them.

They also have the issue of players contracts needing to be renewed and the Spaniard has admitted that at the moment, they are taking it day by day and making decisions as they come.

The former Manchester City assistant boss was speaking to Sky Sports and he opened up on his plans amidst the uncertainty that hovers around the world of football.

The Arsenal boss said: “I’m planning two or three different scenarios that we can face. Depending on one of those three, we will be able to do more, less or nothing.

“We have to react daily. We don’t know what the financial situation is going to be, we don’t know the rules, the timing, the window. There are so many things we cannot control at the moment.”

Arsenal has a big summer coming up and they will surely be busy as they look to tie the likes of Aubameyang to a new deal as well as look to keep hold of their loan stars like Dani Ceballos beyond this season.

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  1. There is no need for all that complications, as it is quite clear if Arsenal and Arteta to succeed in wining trophies or at least challenge for them, they need to make an overhaul rebuilding rather than cosmetic changes . No less than five or six should leave and as many or little less must be brought in other wise they will suffer and Arteta may not have another chance to build his reputation as a winner.
    Wenger made an instant impact then went for a decade or more as a loser without being blamed, so Arteta must ask for the same privilege to build his team to be responsible for the results. One more important thing is not to let all the young prospects in the team to leave or be sidelined and they should be rewarded lured generously because they are the near and distant future.

  2. Yes, much uncertainty for sure but also much that is certain, though much of it also negative. We can be certain that from now on there will be far less money in the game at all Prem and EFL levels. I will stick to Prem clubs though for now. What is certain is that sooner or later all top level players will be forced by world economic reality to substantially lower their wages, not referrals either but permanent cuts. We can be certain most players will fight tooth and nail to resist this, citing the red herring that many of them already make substantial donations to charities and good causes(which IS true but irrelevant to footballs survival).
    We can be certain that the vast majority of fans, ultimately, will always support the club over and above even the most popular of their own players, if forced to choose between players and their club. We can be certain that the fan to player vital relationship that is a key bulwark which maintains fan love for the club is ALREADY damaged and we can be certain that this damage will increase in severity the longer the players refuse to accept reality.
    We can be certain that many non football and non sports mad folk have long considered top level players to be little more than greedy scum. We can be sure that a number of Arsenal fans and club fans everywhere also think exactly the same but have preferred to hold their nose at this stench of gross greed but no longer will, when they see their loved ones die of this disease and beingtreated by REAL HEROES, who earn a relative pittance and put their own lives in danger by being heroes. All these we can be certain about.

    We can also be certain that there will always be a small percentage of dinosaurs among football fans who will not accept change and will rail against new realities. Some of them are too dull witted to see what is clearly in front of them; others are simply too stubborn to admit to themselves what they clearly see.
    So you see my friends, although their is a great deal of UNcertainty about timing, percentages, how MUCH damage is already done to the love fans have for players in general and how long before football restarts, there is still a great deal about which we CAN be certain and on which we can and must start changing our former ways immediately.

  3. You speak about certainty and uncertainty. I think that’s fair and reasonable.

    You speak about fans who don’t share your views as being dinosaurs. I find that unfair and unreasonable.

    1. Kroenke didn’t prioritise or spend on Arsenal in good times. This is debatable but what is undebatable is that he could do more.

    2. Regardless of what the financial climate might be like moving forward, Arsenal need 3 new high quality players to compete with the best teams in England and Europe.
    a) A player of the stature and quality of Opamecano to partner Saliba.
    b) A player of the stature and quality of Declan Rice to protect Opamecano and Saliba.
    c) A new high quality right back
    The rest of the squad are good enough, especially going forward.

    3. Kroenke won’t prioritise or spend on Arsenal in bad times.

    4. Arsenal fans will be split into two major groups.
    a) Kroenke In group saying let’s just sit tight and ride out the storm and see what happens. Likely result – Nothing will change and we’ll remain mid table for the next decade. (Certainty with no hope of improvement)
    b) Kroenke out group saying let’s get Kroenke out so our club can move in the right direction. Likely result – Unknown (Uncertainty aplenty with the hope of improvement)

    2 years ago Liverpool had a good manager, a reasonably good team and reasonably good results. The manager kept 4-5 core players. He developed 4-5 youngsters. The owners backed him with 4-5 high quality signings. They have been transformed and are no longer getting reasonably good results. They are getting incredible results.

    1. Where is the owner?

    2. Where are the fans?

    3. Where will Arsenal be in 2 years?



    Are you IN or OUT?

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