Mikel Arteta discusses the tension on the touchline during the Arsenal-Porto game

Mikel Arteta has discussed the tension from both benches when Arsenal faced FC Porto in the Champions League on Tuesday evening.

It was a difficult fixture for both clubs as the Gunners tried to get back in the tie, having lost the first leg 1-0.

Arsenal was prepared for Porto and their antics, which succeeded in Portugal, and the Gunners were more savvy in their response to everything Porto threw at them.

The tension on the field boiled over to the touchline, with the FC Porto manager accusing Mikel Arteta of insulting his family after the game.

However, the Arsenal gaffer has defended the conduct of both benches and admits it was a game that had a lot of tension, and they had to support their teams.

He said, as quoted by The Sun:

“A lot is at stake, you defend your team at every decision.

“You want every decision to go your way and that’s part of the game.”

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It was one of the most difficult games we have played this year, considering how ruthless we have been for much of 2024.

However, there are tougher games ahead in Europe and the Premier League, so we have to be prepared.

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  1. This is the only knock out phase where no major shocks occurred as far as I remember. Almost all the favorite went through bar Atletico. Atletico and Inter both were heavy weights and though inter were slight favorites, getting eliminated by Atletico is not much surprising. So this tournament is turning out good for bookmakers. In this aspect, Arsenal has high chance of making it to semis. And even spur fans may want us to win as it might just give then one extra spot for champions league.

  2. There are baby steps forward since the gaffer labeled the decision to allowed Anthony Gordon’s goal to stand, in the 1 nil loss at St James Park as embarrassing and disgrace.

    So technically his passion and the touch line with the fire in his belly bears small but noticeable fruits.

  3. The Porto manager is a man full of dirty tricks, promoting and encouraging fouls, negative tactics, cheating and overall a very anti football approach. In the end real football won.

  4. The Porto manager keeps claiming that he is insulted by different managers. It’s beginning to look like a habit of his. They may end up calling him the ferret after uncle Albert from only fools and horses, where he got caught out as a habitual claimant for pretending to fall down pub cellars. “The Ferret”.ha ha ha.

    1. The Porto Manager is histrionic, and desperate to dig up or create motivation wherever he can.

      Personally just acknowledge that you lost and the opponent was better that day.

      Instead some Porto fans are saying “money wins out,” or the manager claiming Arteta insulted his family.

      That’s not Arteta’s style, we all know that after several years.

      If he claimed Arteta “froze him out” and ignored him that would be more believable stuff.

  5. Arteta is just more passionate than some managers, nothing wrong with that attitude, it gives energy to the crowd and the team. Hope it carries on.

  6. You have to wonder exactly what SORT of manager would make up such a plainly false story. And you may also wonder why he has past form for doing this previously and not once, but at least twice!
    Either way, it is not worth taking seriously and I SIMPLY FEEL SORRY FOR HIS LACK OF MORALS AND FOR FEELING THE NEED TO LIE ABOUT MA!

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