Mikel Arteta fails to convince the Arsenal players to accept a pay cut

Mikel Arteta has added his voice to the ongoing impasse between Arsenal’s first-team squad and the club’s hierarchy in their bid to get the players to accept a pay cut.

Arsenal wants the players to take a percentage cut to their current wages for the next 12 months, but the players are against such a plan.

The players are willing to defer a portion of their wages for that period, but the club wants them to abandon a portion of their earnings entirely.

Both parties have been struggling to reach an agreement following several attempts by the club, and Mikel Arteta stepped in.

The Spaniard has been unimpressed by the ongoing back-and-forth between the players and the club and he did something about it.

The Athletic’s David Ornstein reports that the Spaniard held a long conference call with his players yesterday where he told them about his unhappiness at the situation.

He encouraged his players to understand where the club was coming from and accept the terms that have been offered to them in this difficult time.

However, he left them to continue deliberating among themselves and offered them his support in whatever decision they finally settle on.

There was no collective agreement, though no formal vote was taken either, but according to Ornstein, the players are looking at bringing in third parties to negotiate on their behalf, that could be anyone from agents to family members.

This really is terrible from the players, they ignore the board, they ignore the manager and they are ignoring the vast majority of the Arsenal fan base judging by comments on here other sites.


  1. jon fox says:

    If these selfish morons who we are supposed to support do NOT agree to real cuts, I hereby declare war on them. I will not and cannot support people who are so callous. I support the club but unless they quickly agree to cuts, I no longer support our present team.

    Quite irrespective of these discussions about such a paltry cut, this enforced rest from playing will be far longer than most realise and almost all Prem players will,in the end, though after much argy bargy, be forced into accepting substantial cuts or become unemployed and unwanted by their own fans. They are too dim to see the danger they are in personally but many of us see it only too clearly. Certainly I do, for just one.

  2. SueP says:

    Following on from Jon I am absolutely dumbfounded by the players’ stance. If this is purely about having their contracts paid up and in full then what a sorry state of affairs the world has come to.
    As much as I want the squad to give to the NHS in the most tax effective way possible I am at a loss to understand their position after so long in negotiations . This no longer appears to have anything to do with supporting the NHS at all, and the longer this fiasco persists the longer the memories of The Arsenal faithful will be.

  3. ThirdManJW says:

    The players showing their true colours. Before I was 50/50 on this, but now the board are all taking cuts for 12 months, the players have to follow.

    I think Barca players have taken a 70% cut or deferral, yet our squad can’t even come up with a tiny percentage at the moment. And the players wonder why the get so much stick from the fans. Given their pathetic performances, the majority of our squad do not even deserve the bulk of their pay anyway!

  4. Top Gunner says:

    Barcelona players are taking home 70% . What about Arsenal players who do not show commitment in the field of play? How can this guys be so selfish? The All blacks of New Zealand and Springboks of South Africa has accepted 50% pay cuts. Im talking about top class rugby players

  5. Sue says:

    It’s being reported that Arsenal are to receive a cash injection from Kroenke to help ease the club’s financial burden……

    1. SueP says:

      That’s an interesting development,Sue

      Will it be to cover the wage bill or for transfers? I wait with interest

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