Mikel Arteta “feeling great” after massive win at Tottenham – Aren’t we all?

What is not to like about Arsenal’s win at Tottenham yesterday, when Arteta silenced the pundits yet again with our first away win against our bitter rivals since 2014.

Apparently we are still not favourites to win the League but surely after this weekend everyone will realise that we are the real deal now and will start giving Arsenal some credit, which he fully deserves considering where we were just two years ago.

But as always the boss is as humble as ever, but he can’t help but be extremely happy after seeing his young team come up trumps at the Tottenham Stadium, and he is especially happy to see the Arsenal fans feeling as happy as he is. Arteta told Arsenal.com: “I’m very happy for two reasons. One, because I saw a team with a lot of courage, determination and quality, and that really wanted it today, to come here and win the game.

“And the other one, because we have a job where we are really privileged that we can make a lot of people happy and when you have this opportunity, you have to try to do it. So the enjoyment of sharing the victory with the fans was a great feeling and then everything that we do, all the suffering, the hours of work, it makes a lot of sense when you have moments like this.

Arsenal’s Spanish manager Mikel Arteta (C) celebrates with his players on the pitch after the English Premier League football match between Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, on January 15, 2023. (Photo by ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP via Getty Images)

“It’s great, I’m going in the dressing room and just feeling the joy and the togetherness around the team and how much it meant for them. It’s special and we know that here because of the way we play, the way we behave, the way we are and the way we live together and the unity that we have. So we must not forget that, because tomorrow we must try to do exactly the same to carry on the form that we have at the moment.”

Well this has been a perfect weekend for us happy Arsenal fans, with the only blight being the last-minute equaliser by Chelsea Women in the earlier game, but that was more than made up by watching the ecstatic scenes at Tottenham!

Happy Admin!


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  1. Yup, but we can’t celebrate too long. Next match will likely be more difficult, and we can’t really afford to lose it because it would cement utd as serious challengers and give them enormous momentum. If we beat them, it would take away a lot of their recent positivity, but a draw would probably be fine for both sides.

  2. The first half of the game yesterday was probably the best half of a PL game this season. It’s quality all over pitch and we are playing with a confidence I haven’t seen for several decades. I don’t believe that we will win the league, but 15-2-1 is an amazing result after 18 games.

    1. Agree Didrik – I was thinking exactly the same after the first half – I can’t recall a more complete performance. Whether we keep it going or not (we are certainly good enough, but football is unpredictable) if we are still fighting it out over the last few weeks I will be happy as we will have had one hell of a fun season!

      1. I agree guy, I’m optimistic but we all know how fast it can turn around. At the moment I don’t believe it will slip we are a world class team, and we have reached a level I thought could be a reality in a year or two. The process have been a success and we are competitive again. I’m happy for all people involved 🔴⚪️

  3. People not mentioning Isak and Newcastle. …they have got to where they are without him a lot of the time as he joined late and was injured.

    Best defensive record in the league and score goals. ! Howe has done a great job in a short time. They ha e cash and can buy well.this window. So not just United to worry about esp as we have to play them at St James.!

    Hopefully Chelsea can do us some favours with their 100 players by beating some of our competitors!

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