Mikel Arteta finally opens up on Granit Xhaka’s move to Hertha Berlin

Mikel Arteta gives an update on the Granit Xhaka speculation

Arsenal has had to deal with a lot of issues both on and off the field this season and one of those issues have been the future of Granit Xhaka.

The midfielder has been unsettled since it appeared that the club backed the supporters and turned against him when he had issues with the fans.

He was stripped of the captain’s armband and he seems to still be hurt by that incident.

He started Mikel Arteta’s first game as Arsenal’s manager but he was left at home for their game against Chelsea.

Before the match, Arteta was asked about reports that Xhaka has agreed to join Hertha Berlin and was waiting for the Gunners to agree to a fee with the Germans.

Arteta who has made it clear before that he rated Xhaka insisted that it was an internal issue and the club would look to sort it out internally.

Arteta told Sky Sports, per the Metro: ‘What I can say internally we will have to face that situation.

‘And we’ll handle that with all the senior people in the directors’ area.’

He was also asked if this would be the first major hurdle he would face as Arsenal’s manager and he replied:

‘There are going to be many more, you know.’


  1. If Xhaka doesnt want to stay, let him go, get £30 odd million for him and then spend that money plus some from the kitty on Sangare, Berge and Szoboszlai (£60-70m total) in a complete midfield transformation. Whilst at it, persuade Roma to take Mikhi permanently (£20m) and anyone to take Elneny (£5m).
    I personally think Torreira will want out too, this league is too physical for him, he will want an easy life back in Italy again! If he did want out, Doucoure from Watford would be my choice to replace him as he has the height, physical presence and can run with the ball! I witnessed Mason Mount bully us of the ball, what a joke!

    1. how is the league too physical for Torreira? He has been our best player in Arteta’s 2 games so far. Torreira is a beast and our Kante. i will not sell Torreira nor Auba for anything…unless they force a move out. But as it stands, I do not see Torreira wanting to leave especially where he is becoming the engine in Arteta’s midfield. Surround those two with hungry and focused players and Arsenal will smile again

  2. Please no need to be insulting and rude. He played with his heart and best he could.

    Xhaka is not Arsenal issue but Kroenke pulling strings in our back creating all his mess.

    1) He pushes Ozil out, imposes that to board and coach; brings Ceballos to cool off Emery, who plays Xhaka, picked as Captain, which was supposed to be Ozil in term of years spent in club, then Laca who is more of a fighter and leader on pitch.

    They then gave it to Auba to try to extend his contract; wanted by top teams. But Kroenke will sell him if he doesn’t sign a new deal, to not lose, make profit always!

    Why sack Emery without a replacement already in motion? To not spend money, hoping Eddie did a miracle! And even then, no plan to sign a top coach, jumping on Arteta who is cheaper and told it is no money for this window; unless we sell!

    By then, we will be in relegation if we lose need to two games which is most likely to happen!

    It seems unreal but this is Arsenal fall since kicking AW! 18 months time, we are almost relagated!

    Useless to say more, I feel so ashamed when I see Sir Alex treatment at Man U and what Kroenke done to AW and Arsenal doing so!

    1. We will only get relegated due to fans not knowing how to be football fans! Kroenke’s have taken advantage of our fickle fans so we have ourselves to blame! Stop buying merchandise and stop watching the team play, hit pockets hard, protest hard and dont change till changes take place! Liverpool proved it can happen so for all those fans who shrug it off, they can do one as well!

      1. Would be great to see fans unite against them…. the sooner it happens, the better for us, because I think the Kroenkes just intend to run our club into the ground.

        1. I think its beyond intention, its becoming a reality! They will leave the club with a mountain of debt and struggling to ever recover! Guys help to get them out asap!

        2. @AY75
          You guys got bamboozled into thinking you had power and turned on the only guy who bled for this club, AW. The Kronks played you all like the suckers you are and had you spouting venom and protesting to get AW pushed out. Now they have a bunch of paper pushers, who know Jack about football and care less about the club. Well, this is what you all wanted so bad. Now this is what you got for your”Beloved club “… To think protests will make old man Kronk sell, don’t hold your breath…

  3. There are too many people saying sell this or that player as if that will magically solve Arsenal’s problems. Arsenal have allowed several players to go over the last few transfer windows but are no better off. In fact, you look at the current squad and the weaknesses in key areas are a real worry.
    I do think the team need to strengthen but it needs to be done sensibly. You can’t just “sell everybody”.

  4. Even though he was really good recently, Xhaka is error-prone and if he can be sold, perfect. With Ceballos fit, we should be ok by June.

  5. If Xhaka wants to go than Arsenal should allow him to go. I feel letting go of Ramsey and Sanchez was the biggest mistake the Board made and we are paying for it dearly. We must immediately buy a CB and a good strong midfielder, both from the Pl. No need to spend big and buy from other leagues as the players come to the Pl and struggle. There are good players at Norriddge, Watford and Brighton who will want to come to Arsenal and are more cheaper than the expensively clad players from other leagues and have PL experience.

    1. Norwich – Aarons/Godfrey/Lewis
      Brighton – Dunk
      Burnley – Tarkowski
      Aston Villa – Grealish
      Watford – Doucoure
      Southampton – Ings

      If we can’t attract the above then surely we have finished as a club?

    2. Sanchez wanted to leave and he was acting like a big baby. Based on his performance after leaving we did okay on that one. I like Ramsey a lot, but we have to remember that he was really hot and cold, mostly cold after that awful leg break. Regardless though, losing him for nothing was a disgrace.

  6. In this window the club need to get rid of the deadwood for good, i don’t see why they can’t!

    Elneny (currently on loan)
    Mikhi (currently on loan)

    If better players can be found then also add Kolasenic who is always injured and no use to us if only available for less than half a season!

    Loan out:
    Nketiah (new loan as Leeds not playing him)

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