Mikel Arteta finally starting to gain credibility as Paul Scholes comments show

Mikel Arteta has turned Arsenal into one of the strongest clubs in England, and an incoming manager has been told to emulate the Spaniard.

Arteta took over an Arsenal team that was struggling to compete among the top six in the Premier League, and he has gradually rebuilt it by replacing some of the old and underperforming players with new individuals.

The former midfielder has had to make some tough decisions along the way, including offloading Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang halfway through this season.

Despite his departure, Arsenal is still competing for a place in the top four, and Arteta could be a model for improvement.

Manchester United has underachieved in the last decade as well and they have made Erik Ten Hag their latest manager.

Their former midfielder, Paul Scholes, has urged the incoming boss to copy Arteta’s revolutionary approach at Arsenal.

He told Talk Sport: “He just has to get them to believe in his methods. It’s quite obvious they haven’t believed in what they’re being coached with the last two managers and haven’t believed in the way they’re playing.

“If you look at what Arteta has done at Arsenal, that was a big rebuilding job and he’s taken no nonsense. I think this manager has to do exactly the same.”

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Arteta is now achieving the results most people think he couldn’t when he first joined the club.

Arsenal needs to keep improving his team. If we secure a return to the Champions League by the end of this season, many quality addition should be made to the group.

It has been a tough season, but Scholes’s recommendation is another reason why we should keep supporting Arteta because he is the right man for the job.

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  1. More pro-Arteta rubbish, this team finished 5th the season before be took over they were hardly struggling to compete. Where did he finish the last two seasons remind us?

      1. I disagree about that.
        Every top manager get sack at some point regardless of their successful career.
        Even Wenger was allegedly sacked.
        The only current manager that haven’t face that fate is pep.
        Even the mighty klopp was doing worse at some point with Dortmund.
        Getting sack is part of the job for all coaches.
        Bielsa who reformed Leeds was sacked, Burnley just sacked their manager as well..

        So using sacking to judge a manager is not a criteria.

        Tuchel was sacked and won the Ucl the following season.
        Di Mateo won the Ucl and get sacked the following season.
        Same club but different decision.

        1. We are actually saying the same thing.you only get sacked when you fail to do your job well,emery got sacked cos he was not doing well that season he was sacked not the previous one he finished fifth even when we had the golden opportunity to finish fourth if not for the draw against brighton(a team we were expected to beat).

          1. I don’t think so.
            You are making this about emery, while I am talking in general..
            Sacking applies to all manager at some point.
            Even Arteta would have been sack at other big club with his past two seasons record.
            Check the list of the manager I mentioned above, most of them did a lot for the club they represented but still ended up being sacked.
            Sack is inevitable for a manager.
            For some team, wining a domestic cup.
            Back to Brighton you sight as an example, this is allegedly our best year in ages according to claim, and we still get turnover by them.
            But this time around with different manager and players.
            And I think we lost to palace too that season which happen this year as well.

  2. Lol.
    Took a team that was struggling to compete against the top6 ?? Really.

    Tell me when last Arsenal was out of the top6 after a season before he arrived to validate your claim.

    Maybe you meant to say an Arsenal team that have never finished below top 6 or the one that didn’t finish 8th in the past 2 decades..

    We don’t even know how sustainable this will be next season when we finally have multiple competitions like the others do..

    We can give arteta a lot of credit, but that paragraph you added was definitely not Worth mentioning..
    Unless you have an evidence to back it up, then show it to us let see.

    More so, you forgot to mention how much he had to spend for this to be in sight.

    1. Among not against,mate and if you can see how sustainable this will be by next season then you just highlighted your brain profile and let me remind you rebuild requires a lot of money-the board’s duty and support-the fans duty,so play your part.

    2. He spent, yes, but he did not spend on super stars. He was even derided for spending big on a keeper who had been relegated twice. So there was coaching to be done on those recruits. Please, give credit where it is due.

    3. Some of you guys who call yourself arsenal fans are very toxic. If arteta is not doing well at arsenal, who else do you think will come and do the job arteta has done. You just criticize when the team is not doing well, you also criticize when they’re doing well.
      You guys are really sick

    1. I usually ignore your type that don’t know how to address different opinion properly.

      But will you kindly explain how someone can’t compete among the top 6th but yet still finish in that top6 for 2 decades.. ??

      But finishing 8th means you are competing among the top6th.
      Make me understand.

      Secondly, you have no proof or any sort of back up to think this form could be carried into next season.

      If I remember vividly we were second behind city last season after December till the end of season, now come this season we found ourselves in 4th after December despite have less competition compare to last season.
      So what do you base your judgement on??
      Let me guess, it’s just imaginary judgement with no ultimate proof.

      Yeah I never said rebuilding won’t cost you money..
      But a better team somewhere knows how to make half of the Money back by marketing their assets very well.

      A Liverpool academic that lost them the community shield with zero EPL goal was sold for closely the same amount of money for what we sold the for willock that got 10epl goals in half of a season and went to win player of the month. Scoring agaisnt most top team in that half season..

      1. Well said kaay a very grown up reply to a very childish poster ,best to just ignore those types ,and having read you’re post I can only say that I could have wrote that myself,but you did it better than I could 👍.

  3. I never said finishing 8th means we are competing among top6 but now we actually are therefore shows that the culture he is trying to instill is starting to come to fruition which the incoming players will be aware of before joining having impact in their performance knowing they’ve got to fight for their place and putting 100% effort leading to optimum results unlike wenger and emery last few months where things keep getting ugly which will eventually lead to terrible results due to poor culture applications if not taken care of which lead to the idea of a rebuild,everyone in his right senses will know that rebuild is all arsenal needs to be great again.

    1. For the record, Wenger never got the monetary support that MA is getting, yet the least position he got was 4th. MA is celebrated for fighting for 4th after so much investment. I find it hilarious tbh. Under Wenger we kept on selling our best, but under MA we buy yet we remain the same, if not worst.

  4. School children gathering deep in a Ukraine bunker knows that the gaffer is cleverly making strides.

    If the gaffer manage to seize the fourth spot amidst the rebuilding and anticipation of retooling he has to be atleast be in the conversation of manager of the season

  5. @dan kit,You always love Any comments or opinions that against Arteta,when will you stop this childish behaviour of yours

    1. I am sorry if my comment appears to be against Arteta, but that was far from my intention.
      I only point a paragraph I felt like doesn’t befit the narrative.
      Because In all truth saying we have not been able to compete among the top6 before he was appointed is false.
      Stats shows otherwise.
      He’s doing great this season, but that doesn’t mean we should compile false statement just for the sake of hype..
      We have been among the top6 for the last 2 decades before he was appointed, so I don’t know how the writer missed that.

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