Mikel Arteta fires warning to Gabriel Martinelli ahead of Newcastle match

Mikel Arteta reveals the advice he has given to Gabriel Martinelli

Mikel Arteta has warned new Arsenal star, Gabriel Martinelli that his improvement as a footballer hinges on him listening to coaches and his manager on tips to improve his game.

The Brazilian has been the top youngster at Arsenal this season after his unexpected rise to the top. He is currently the club’s second top scorer after scoring 10 goals for the Gunners in all competitions.

He has been compared to the likes of Ronaldo de Lima and Jurgen Klopp reckons that he is the talent of the century.

Arteta has been impressed by Martinelli but the Spanish manager also knows that the player cannot rest on his laurels if he wants to fulfil his potential.

He has warned the Brazilian that there are still some changes that he needs to make to his game.

He advises him to become aware of the fact that teams and defenders would no longer overlook him as he continues to be important to Arsenal.

“He needs to digest a lot of things,” Arteta told Sky Sports as quoted by Express Sports.

“The better you do, the more you have to start to digest what people think about you.

“He has to think ‘Now, the opponents know me better, the spaces are smaller, I am going to have more attention.

“I still want to do what I was doing three weeks ago or four weeks ago, but now it’s not happening’.

“As a young player, you need to go through that. The mental side of it is a process.”

Very wise words from Arteta and I am sure that Martinelli will take on board everything his manager is telling him and adapt his game as required.


  1. Hope he can adjust his game but slowly slowly Cathy monkey. Great player, just needs to not think to much of himself right now, ignore what s being said about him and stay honest.

  2. Arteta was the final piece required for the jigsaw.
    The Midas with his touch!
    He will turn lots of perceived dead woods to gold.
    Martinelli will become a refined gold.

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