Mikel Arteta gets involved in convincing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to stay

Mikel Arteta is joining Arsenal’s efforts to convince Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang that he has a future at the Emirates, reports the Telegraph.

The Arsenal captain is one of the high-profile players entering the final year of their current deal and the Gunners are keen not to lose him in the summer.

The club has reportedly been in talks with him over a new deal, although the coronavirus pandemic has put a stop to the contract negotiations, both parties weren’t making much progress.

The same report further claims that this is because Aubameyang is looking to play Champions League football again even if that would mean leaving Arsenal.

However, Arteta who has convinced the club’s doctor Gary O’Driscoll to ignore Liverpool’s interest and remain with the Gunners earlier is confident that he can pull the same win with Aubameyang.

The report from the Telegraph claims that Arteta hopes to convince the Gabon striker that he is looking to build a new team that would challenge for the Premier League and Champions League around him.

Aubameyang has been one of the Premier League’s top scorers since he came to England with the former Borussia Dortmund striker winning the Golden Boot last season. He is also just two goals shy of leading scorer, Jamie Vardy at the moment.

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  1. Skills1000 says:

    I do think it makes sense to convince him to stay. He is top quality. We should add more quality players to the squad. We have regressed over the years. We use to challenge for the title some years ago. Now, we are finding it hard to make top four.

  2. jon fox says:

    OF COURSE ALMOST ALL WOULD LOVE HIM TO STAY. But equally, most, even almost all actually think he will be leaving. I will be surprised if he stays but our best hope is that the new financial realities in world top football will prevent anyone at his age paying him more than we give him. I never overlook, that no matter what players official statements may say – often issued to disguise their real intentions from fans of the club they play for – the PRIME reason and above all others, is MONEY. Most, though not 100% of players, go where the money and length of contract is best for them. That just MAY, only MAY, be a factor that keeps him here. On balance though, I think keeping him is no more than 30% likely. But for Covid, I’d have said less than 10%.

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