Mikel Arteta gets the dreaded vote of confidence

As we have seen many many times in the Premier League, when a manager is in such a bad position that there are rumours that there is a sacking on the way, The boss or the Board some out and give a public vote of confidence in support of the manager.

This is usually done just before the manager gets told he is in the last chance saloon, and if nothing improves quickly then they will have no choice bit to sack him.

It looks to me that that is exactly where Mikel Arteta is now, and he has already stressed to the Arsenal players that nothing less than a win will do against Burnley on Sunday, and, sure enough, the Gunners chief executive Vinai Venkatesham has issued a message of support for Arteta. ‘With Mikel we have got a number of things,’ Venkatesham told Henry Winter in The Times.

‘You’ve got an individual who has extraordinary experience in the Premier League across his time at Arsenal, Everton, Man City and then back at Arsenal.

‘You have got a guy that loves this club and understands what it means to play for this club, and he was obviously captain here. You’ve got a guy who is a real team player.

‘The team he’s formed with Edu [the technical director], and also his technical staff, is really, really strong.

‘You’ve got a guy who is absolutely driven to succeed and be successful on the pitch, but doing it in a way that respects our history and traditions. So I think with him we have got a really, really powerful individual.’

It has already been reported that Arteta has only got three games to save his job, and the way that the Spaniard has been insisting to the players that only a win will do, does that mean that he has been given an ultimatum himeslf?


  1. Yep, a chief of board who tries to protect his job for mistake he made in bringing an assistant coach with zero head coach experience in a top club he is ruining with a dumboard he heads!

    We were 14th, are 15th and table points a major point this year more again; it is a coach competition.

    We are where Arteta belong in this coach table, not where this club belong at all.

    Wenger must come back urgently, save this season, then appoint a young talented coach as Liepzig one and head this board as Chairman & President as he is supposed to be!

    Get rid of these clowns. Or we will fall off further down and hopefully Kroenke forced to sell, he lost a lot since Wenger left… Board making crazy buziness he imposes; 50M for transfer; instalmt paymt plans to get Pepe, Luiz, now Willian, to save a few buck, they pay wages anf bonuses, as done to Ozil to not let him go free.

    All these trickeries are like a boomerang life is; always comes back to hit you!

  2. Lacazette-Aubameyang duo is supposed to be like Kane-Son (youtube.com/watch?v=GJtXZjR6se8&t=202s), but it obviously will never happen and it’s been hurting the team. Lacazette is just not tall/ strong enough to hold the opponents off like Kane and the opposition’s counter-attacks often start from the misunderstanding between our attackers

    Players/ managers/ directors came and left Arsenal, but only one big slacker remains. The lack of control and negligence is like a chain reaction from the top of the hierarchy

    Kroenke must’ve thought his employees could put in extra effort and do their work 100% professionally without tight monitoring, just because he’s been paying them handsomely. When things don’t work, Kroenke just replaces his employees with the new ones and the huge turnover has been hurting the club

    1. agree with all the points. Our players also need to take responsibility as for that 90min they are in control of the game. They are professionals and should adopt the maturity and creativity of professionals. Why is it always the coach. Our forward contingent is not doing the job they did in Aug and Sep.

      1. Arsenal need to follow Liverpool’s recruitment policy. Klopp chose tenacious players who are good in one-one-one situations and have EPL experience

        His decisions to recruit Wijnaldum from Newcastle, Robertson from Hull, Mane from Soton, Salah from Roma and Jota from Wolves were frowned upon, but look how those underrated players performed. It’s the opposite of Arsenal’s recruitment preference, that tends to buy fancy players from abroad

  3. To be fair Arsenal has a soft run of games coming up. 7 of the next ten are at home. The 3 away games are useless WBA and Brighton and Everton who are in a slump. Home games v Burnley Newcastle (twice) Palace and Southampton . City in the leek cup is at home and Chelsea also at home. So every chance of a huge revival on the cards… I expect Arsnal to be top 6 to have won the Carabao cup be through to the quarterfinals of the FA cup and through to the last 16 in the El by the end of February. If not Arteta must go on the first of March.

    1. Your optimism is not unfounded but the question remains, will arsenal players turn up for the party, the team problem is not tactic or formations but the players

    2. Seagulls away is not soft. Home fans will be at the Amex and they are really hostile to Arsenal. We usually fail miserably there.

    3. 7 of the next 10 are at home – we’ve just lost our last 3 at home!!! There’s never a soft game as far as we’re concerned! You know we love making teams look like Barca… and certain players like Messi!!
      I’m worried right now and will continue to be so unless we actually decide to turn up against the mighty Burnley tomorrow, which will help a little….

  4. I have to laugh with derision at this daft idea that so many seem to have and some WANT to have , that MA’s job is under a threat from above. Though in a clear minority of those who post regularly onhere, I contend that not only is his job NOT under that laughably inaccurate threat , BUT that he will be here for many years to come.

    As an arch realist, yes Ken – AND DESPITE YOUR SNIDE COMMENTS TO THE CONTRARY – I see with total clarity the depth of this clubs commitment to MA, just as Venkat says.

    We are going through a rough patch no doubt, but I remind you where Man Utd were when Fergies job was SAID to be under threat, just before the glorious(for them) twenty years spell at the very top, rivalled only by ourselves in AW’s golden decade.

    I pooh-pooh the fainthearts on here as ridiculous and hasty overreactors who have not the first understanding of what a poor squad MA had to inherit. Many of these fainthearts were hyping such as BELLERIN as world class(snort with derision!) instead of facing up to the fact he is a hopeless defender and always has been. We have a mere half dozen really good players and a mere handful of promising youngsters but a great pile of deadwood that it has become impossible to get rid of, thanks to GAZIDIS and COVID.

    And that my friends is realism , whether or not YOU have the personal moral courage to face up to it. Time and patience are our way out of this, I have both in abundance. HAVE YOU?

    1. Jon, I see you specifically mentioned Bellerin and have in so many post identified personality like Xhaka, could you tell us who or set you consider good in our current squad, because am finding it difficult to point out many myself except maybe Gabriel

      1. jon fox sounds like a dem Serie name, who is the lead actor talking all that non sense?

        we are 15th, with the most complete and best squad in a decade,

        What da heck jon is talking about…

        Bellerin nor anyone is to blame but this entire managment team this clown cricket fan is heading.and bowing for…

        We never ended up so low at table, Emery did way betrer and wad denied Partey, a top CB and Zaha, instead lost our captain and git Luiz!!!

        Gabriel been added to squad as well.

        They decided to sack Ozil together to end up missing that precise player half season soon!

        So, yes, he should continue to brag and assume his choices; has to resign or accept to be fired for the hollidays final fireworks we about to experiment; 15th spot!

        1. @admin @Mogunna
          “clown cricket fan” – Here we are fighting for racism every second of the day. But then comes certain people who make us realise how well it is ingrained within the core nature, making it impossible to uproot.

          It’s an uncalled remark and downright embarrassing.

      2. Thanks for your pertinent question Adajim, which gives me a chance to say who I rate as good, promising or deadwood.
        Good players are Gabriel, Partey, Tierney, Saka, Auba(though not right now). Promising are Martinelli, Nelson AMN, ESR, Nketiah, Balogun and a few yet to play in the PREM , very young prospects. Deadwood OR at least not right for us, are all the rest, bar LENO , who is a good player but not at his best right now.

        We have just two outfield defenders I wish to keep, as listed, and I would wish to get rid of all the other so called defenders and almost the entire midfield, bar Partey, including Ceballos and of COURSE the woeful XHAKA.

        That is the scale of the problem MA has to change and as realists and those with patience realise – plus Kroenkes unwillingness to properly buy quality replacements and Covid – we are unable to get rid of the forest of deadwood and those not right for us (eg LACA), except in the fulness of time.

        Only real supportors have time and patience. Those who do not are fairweather fans only and only happy when results are going well. That is not how TRUE supporters behave.

        1. I would add Saliba to the promising list. I would also keep Mari, Holding, Elneny and Chambers. We will always need squad players Especially in the near term.

    2. I agree Jon. Arteta needs 3 transfer windows to prove himself, not the ridiculous suggestion of “3 [More] games”. He has a huge task to do and I think he’s young and clever enough to rise to the challenge (Rather like Frank Lampard and OGS are doing at their respective clubs). Besides a change of personnel he’s undertaking a whole change in style, and although it’s clearly a struggle at the moment (EG. Switching from the 3 central defenders (Quick fix) formation to a back-4 / etc). given time I think it’ll get there. Also people must be patient and remember that one of the key players to making these changes happen (Partey) is injured at the moment, and clearly many of our key players are having a dip in form, not to mention that we are carrying quite a lot of injuries in general at the moment.

      1. Where will we be in 3 transfer Windows? Championship? There’s even no time to give him 3 games to resurrect his career. The guy is pulling everyone down

  5. I don’t know what you guys expect from any coach with these set of arrogant unethical players.
    Am part of many who believe our players are good and not as worse as results and performance depicts, but now I can confirm our players are the worst in epl. not in term of potential and/abilitie but character, what is potential that cannot be converted to purposeful results. I look at a £1m-5m Rated players with small wage in Newcastle, Everton, Wolverhampton teams and I compare their character with our superstars we bought in multiple millions with inflated weekly wages, I can’t seems to see much difference in fact most of those small players are putting in better effort, so tell me how an organisation can do well with such set of employee. You can blame Wenger, Emery, in fact, sack MA and bring Pep, you will get same results with these lots, the bad news is we are stuck with most of them, and most worse news is we blame coach for their inabilities whereas these are men who should be held responsible and accountable.
    I see mouriho tactic in spur and compare with MA, not much difference but player interpretation and efficiency get the results. Am so disappointed with AUBA, willian, Lacca, these are EPL proven players that should be leading others in the team by example, unfortunately they too are looking for who to give them a tap in the back

    1. Spot on and your last sentence is the sole reason I will always refer to Arsene wenger, because he always gave this primadonnas a pat on the back. The whole mentality of players that come to this club is quickly corrupted because of the non-chalant culture they met and that all began with the last decade of the wenger era. In that era, doesn’t matter if we got battered 8-2 or 5-1, wenger will still cover up for these players and say they did well, then they get back on the bus and take selfies and laughing like they had just won. This mentality has eaten so deep to the core of our club that it easily corrupts new players.

  6. Seems rather elaborate and descriptive compared to the usual pre-sacking “vote of confidence”. Either it’s not that or Vinai is just a long-winded fella who has a habit of too much information

    1. well resumed. He is outa here and must remain as laim to be credible in his failure loser he is, proud of his managmt at 15th spot!

      1. Not entirely sure I understand what you mean, besides that you want Arteta out. Well the likelihood of that happening increases with every week we remain at our current position.

        In the meantime, I certainly hope for the sake of the club that we start scoring from open play and win some games soon

  7. How many games has AMN played in the CM or DM all his entire arsenal career? If he is as good as all of you see, why has no manager seen that?
    Partey has just arrived, we need to find the best partner for him as well find the right balance, don’t you agree?

  8. To be fair, though.
    There is obvious speculation in the fanbase and elsewhere, whether MA’s job is under threat.
    So the club has 3 options:
    1) To stay silent – that will increase specualtion
    2) Declare confidence – this may lead to increased speculation as well
    3) Sack MA

    What would you have them do??

    1. Easy and sensible answer Anders, is to issue a detailed statement stating exactly why theyhave full confidence in him , – not just a run of the mill confidence statement – and to say that he has their backing for the long term.
      A proper defence of their well chosen position designed to shut the many fools up who call for his sacking. THAT is what I would do!

  9. Maitland-Niles may not be well tested as a DM but he’s toughness gives him an edge fit for that role as Partey is injured, as our midfield is easily run through with Ceballos and Xhaka,

    It would be wise for Arteta to softly include Willock as a B2B player just ahead of Maitland-Niles/Elneny and Partey,
    Whilst having Aubameyang, Lacazette /Balogun and Smith-Rowe/Nelson upfront,

    Arsenal certainly needs fresh and hungry minds.

    If Arteta can’t see, better he leaves.

    I believed in him but he’s broken my heart.

  10. When I compare the players that we have and for most of those teams above us on the log, I think that we’ve got a decent squad. But the manager cannot fully utilize the potential of those players. In my conclusion, the manager is at fault. He should bear the brunt

  11. After 11 games, we’re already 11 poits behind log leaders. But most fans are happy and the CEO want to cover his mistakes of appointing an inexperienced Manager. How can we be happy to be losers? We don’t have to protect an individual over over lovely football team

  12. look the table doesnt lie and add to that the unattractive football we are playing then the club is in a deeply unhealthy spot … are there lots of reasons for this other than arteta yes but arteta right now is part of the problem not part of the solution as he has not been able to instill any kind of footballing style in to the players and basic managerial errors over selection … so there is no real team to talk of and all fans are left hoping for is enough players show up on the day to produce a decent performance … my inclination is that he has til end of january to sort this mess out and begin to build something tangible but a loss to burnley will make for a very uncomfortable xmas run which could easily see the end of him

  13. Arteta is bang average and nowhere near big enough for arsenal people keep talking about how he has bad players and needs 3 windows before he can be judged well Frank Lampard got top 4 without any signings while losing his best player in hazard, But his Chelsea team still play good football and he actually gives youngsters a chance. People are acting like Arteta is as good as Klopp and Pep when he’s not even on Lampard’s level.

    1. Lampard hasn’t even had a season with Chelsea yet lol he only took over in July so no he hasn’t “finished top 4” 🤣

      1. Umm sorry Rory but he took over in June 2019 with a ban on incoming transfers. And if he didn’t get into top four why are Chelsea in the champions League?

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