Mikel Arteta gives a straight response to Mesut Ozil message

Mesut Ozil has been a noticeable absentee from the Arsenal team since the restart of the Premier League season.

The German has been underperforming for a number of years now and he was given a fresh chance when Mikel Arteta became Arsenal’s new manager.

The German still didn’t put in better performances and Arteta appears to have given up on him.

The Spaniard hasn’t named him in any of his recent matchday squads, and the German hasn’t played a minute for the team since the restart.

His absence is a very noticeable one and Arteta has had to deal with answering questions on his future at every press conference.

The Spaniard was speaking to the press ahead of FA Cup semi-final against Man City tomorrow and he was asked about the 31-year-old, again.

Ozil had made a post on social media, claiming to be “ready” despite the club saying that he had a back injury.

When asked about Ozil’s post, Arteta simply said that the German was training as other members of the team and he would only pick players based on who he thinks are ready to play.

Questioned on Ozil’s ‘ready’ message on social media, and whether he will be in the squad that takes on City, Arteta responded frostily as quoted by the Metro: ‘Yeah he’s been training.’

Probed further on whether that means Ozil is in the squad, Arteta continued: ‘I haven’t done the squad yet. But he’s in training.’

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  1. The 3-4-3 and 4-3-3 formations work. So Arteta doesn’t need to change it to a no 10 formation like 4-2-3-1, just to accommodate Ozil

    We’ve got a highly inconsistent passenger like Pepe in the first team and we don’t need to add another one. Imagine if there are two players who are unwilling to work their socks off in the field

  2. Well, there can be no doubt now then – he was injured, he’s now back in training and Arteta will select the players he thinks will bring him results…. aren’t we all 100 % behind him on that?

    After all, there are no “favourites” or “passengers” if you are a professional coach or manager.

    1. Ken still kidding yourself that Arteta will use him then! Will you never learn that MA has now seen what a fraud he is , having given him every chance and, as usual, been let down ONCE AGAIN by this charletan.
      Barring extreme injury crisis, I will be amazed if this fraud is ever chosen in our shirt again. Very few except you and a few other diehards who refuse to see what is obvious, have any time for him. But some never learn and won’t take on board what there eyes see but their brain refuses to accept. Very sad really!

      1. Jon, regarding what eyes see but the brain refuses to accept, I have just two words for you – Unai Emery.

        As for MA, he is now backtracking on what you saw as a manager who will take on kronkie, so I really don’t need any lessons from you, regarding being deluded, as these two examples confirm.

        I also noticed you didn’t confirm your wish that AW was back in the managers chair Jon, at least I am consistent with my views – and what you always miss Jon, is that I support MA in whatever he decides, if he does bring Ozil back into the team,, will you support that 100% as well?

  3. I think Ozil playing or not depends a lot on if we use a back three or not.

    Arteta seem to feel like the defensive solidity requires three at the back right now, then playing Ozil becomes almost impossible.

  4. Arteta gave ozil a clean slate and that lazy player still messed up by not performing. He should have gone down as one of our biggest player with his talent and the timing of his arrival instead he will be remembered by waste of space he was for the duration of his 2nd contract.

    1. He is a thief and a disgrace, he aint giing to be remembered as a great signing, he probably wont be remembered at all for his football, or lack of.

      1. Try Googling Mesut Ozil and come back and tell us how much player in arsenal history has more personal achievements than Ozil and to think you called the you man a “theif” damn disgusting. Your not half the man ozil is.

          1. Achieved? 184 games 33 goals 54 assists.Hahaha!Assist king exposed!
            Ozil and Mikel, both may be right, Ozil maybe ready to seat in the stands and maybe Mikel is training him to sit in the correct position.

          2. Three fa cup winner medals, three Community shield medals, Arsenal player of the year, three times PFA player of the month, rated the top German playing abroad and being awarded a deserved new contract.. but at an obscene salary by the club.
            Easy to check facts if you can be bothered ☑️

  5. I’m totally in support with Arteta to have players who are totally willing to play , play .

  6. Let Ozil enjoy his salary because its the only thing that he cares about. When given a chance to play, he shows that he’s not interested

  7. what i want is creative midfielder arsenal lack creativity from the midfield to the strike.

  8. Reply to KEN . “FACTS TO CHECK” which you refer to are all almost ancient history. Most fans livein thr present, not the distant past, when this fraud once upon a time used to try and actually contributed. I might check up on the Romans too,while Im checking the ancient history you love so much!

    1. While your at it Jon, check the fact that you told Phil you wanted AW back, it seems to have slipped your mind.

      I thought you were always telling our younger fans that they needed to learn the history of the club…forgotten that one as well Jon?

      Loose Cannon asked what had he achieved, as I knew you wouldn’t tell him, I did – are you disputing the facts?

  9. There’s something we’re not being told about Ozil, I wonder if he maybe suffering from an injury or illness of some sort that actually ended his career? I can’t believe that a player of his calibre wouldn’t want to retire in style?

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