Mikel Arteta gives an update on the availability of Ozil and Guendouzi

Mikel Arteta must be tired of answering questions regarding Mesut Ozil and Matteo Guendouzi.

The Spaniard has axed both players from his recent first-team selections and the press cannot stop asking about them, Arteta always has a simple response for them as well.

Ozil was given chances earlier in the year when Arteta first became Arsenal’s manager, but the German didn’t do enough to earn more starts and he hasn’t been given any opportunities since the restart.

He has suffered from a back injury, but even when he has been fit, Arteta hasn’t looked at him.

Matteo Guendouzi hasn’t returned to the Arsenal team since his antics made Neal Maupay accuse Arsenal’s players of not being humble in the Gunners’ 2-1 loss to the Seagulls.

Speaking ahead of his team’s next league match against Watford, Arteta was asked to deliver an update on both players and he gave a very simple response.

“It’s true that [Shkodran Mustafi] is injured,” Arteta said via the Express. “We need to assess a little bit how long he’s going to be out and the other two [Ozil and Guendouzi] are available.”

Both players would know that their future is uncertain now, as the team has shown that they don’t need them to achieve their goals.

It was also interesting to hear Arteta refer to them as the other two. It really does look like we will never see those two in an Arsenal shirt again.

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  1. Ozil hasn’t exactly been the signing of the century and guendouzi has a suspect temperament and lacks respect,however he has potential and a fighting spirit and could have turned out a good thing eventually.It looks like Mikel has put his foot down and is standing firm and I admire him for that.

  2. If Arteta let Gouendouzi leave, it’ll be a biggest mistake of his career. The guy is a full athlete, who only want a bit of guidance. He adapted to EPL within a short time, bear in mind that he was from French league 2. But Ozil should just leave Arsenal

      1. He must be thinking “What the bleedin’ hell have I got to do to win this bloody thing?!”

      2. Pep has said “End of season awards are always for Liverpool. We won the league, they won poty…. when they win the league, I’m pretty sure they are going to win poty” Not just us that thinks they’re everyone’s darlings then!!

      1. I was going to say it could be because he plays for us and we haven’t had the greatest of seasons blah blah blah… but look at where Southampton are!! Unbelievable…. and correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think Aguero has ever won it, that is perplexing, also!! Do the people who decide need to go to specsavers or just start watching football??!! 😆

  3. “the other 2 are available…”
    The amount of respect these 2 players get reveals some big news about their futures….

  4. “The other two”! That phrase speaks volumes and if you study how humans talk , their body language and many other verbal and visual clues you can learn a great deal about how people think and what is in their minds. I have no doubt at all that Ozil is right out of the MA PICTURE AND WILL ONLY EVER WEAR OUR SHIRT AGAIN IN DIRE INJURY CRISIS.

  5. Ozil would have left the club the moment Wenger got sacked. Apart from Wenger, I don’t think any coach sees anything special in Ozil.

    If Wenger was still around, Ozil would be playing every week regardless his input.

    1. Arteta played with Ozil & fully knows how good he’s . Arteta is fully of jealous and arrogant . Ozil is still the best play Market compare to that players he’s playing them . Nobody created most chances than him . Whether Arteta likes it or not it’s the fact . He’s making the strikers to creates chances by themselves and still have to score . Is there any logic . Smith won’t do anything . Arsenal will be be like a mere team soon . Ozil won’t leave until his contract expires his agent did confirm . I am happy 😂

  6. Ozil is by far better than the rest of our players…. he doesn’t train hard yet he played under mourinho at Madrid, Wenger managed him well, he played and won the world cup with Germany. Ozil has suffered from playing with inferior players at arsenal. The season despite how he has been treated by our coaches he still has created more chances than the rest of his team mates.

    1. No he most definitely is not !!! He was in the past,many years ago,but now he’s a very expensive piece of deadwood. MA realises this,and unless we have a disastrous amount of injuries,we will never see him again in the first team ! Possibly,not even then with so many youngster in the wings just waiting for a chance.
      Why are so many people living in the past ?

      Stats from some time ago are just that and bear no relation to present time requirements.

      Wake up you Ozil fanboys and smell the coffee !!

      1. @ Danuel . Well said mate . The same Ozil people are talking bad he was the missing puzzle the club . Arsenal were dry for 9 all these creativity players that Arteta mentioned were there why didn’t they win any trophy ? Arsenal started winning FA on Ozil ‘s 1st season . Fans are easily to forget what he has done . He’s still the most assist in league and most player in that team who created most chances . I don’t understand what’s wrong with Arteta I. The players he trusted doesn’t do the job strikers are struggling

        1. just from a pure football stand point, nothing to do with ”if” there is anything we dont know regarding trying to get him out of the club or anything.
          Ozil is by far the most creative player we have ( im not fanboy ) but to play him effectively we need a strong midfield that will cover for the lack of work Ozil puts in defensively.
          At madrid and with Germany he had Khadira at the base of midfield, says it all there.
          When he came to us we had Arteta and then Good old Santi Cazorla.
          i get that both of those players were not a DM with much defensive prowess but they worked hard and could cope with the lack of work rate from Ozil.
          In that time we also had Alexis, who again worked hard, pressed high and went after no hope balls and again i think he played better when Alexis was still here.
          Also stats back this up, Ozil still does what he was bought for and thats creating chances, he may not have many assists the past 2 seasons but thats down to poor finishing.
          the amount of goals we score from midfield has been slowly dwindling down over the past 3-4 seasons.
          I’m not a Ozil fanboy or anything, this is just how i see it and I have watched this guy play since the Voovoozalar WC

  7. Why not just wait and see the players that will come in by the end of the transfer market and also see the start of next season before we start complaining, because i think Arteta is very technical and he’s very secretive. There must be something he really want to show.

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