Mikel Arteta gives his assessment of Partey’s performance

Thomas Partey made his first start for Arsenal last night in the Europa League game against Rapid Wien and the Ghanaian left a good impression on his manager.

Mikel Arteta spent much of the summer chasing the signature of the Ghanaian who has proven to be one of the best midfielders in Europe at the moment.

One of the most significant thing that the former Atletico man did was to help the Gunners switch to a 4-4-2 formation in the game last night.

He was in fine form as the Gunners came from a goal down to beat the impressive Austrian side 2-1 in their first Europa League game of the season.

Speaking to the Arsenal official website, Arteta claims that he is very happy with the midfielder’s shift and he praised him for being very confident despite that being his first start for the club.

He was also praised for not shying away from the game at difficult moments.

He said: “I was really impressed because he looked really confident, he grabbed the game in the most difficult period, he took responsibility, he was really comfortable on the ball, he made a lot of right decisions, he was really strong in the challenges in every transition moment. I was impressed.”

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  1. This Leeds team are a joy to watch, the man is good at this pressing game, I pray Arteta starts playing attacking football so Aubamayang can start scoring because all the other strikers are already scoring lots of goals. Bamford just score an hat-tric.

        1. They were superb! I just said on another post not sure if I’m excited or anxious about facing them next month – there’ll be fireworks for sure!!
          The more I watch Ayling, the more I like him!!

          1. They could have won by 6 or even 7 if not for some bad luck and good goalkeeping and yes that David Ayling is a best of a defender. They are so lucky to have a coach like Bielsa.

  2. There was one quality that came over very clearly that Thomas has in abundance……confidence. A confident team usually does well. For some years we have watched Arsenal play nervous football. Confident players like Sanchez, Van Persie and especially all the players from the ‘Invincibles’ era do well. It brought back memories of a young Jack, before injuries got to him. Hopefully Thomas’s confidence and abilities will pass on to the rest of the lads. He is dynamic and cool at the same time. Great signing.

    1. There is different between conceding goals and letting in goals, What Leno did against Man city Liverpool and Rapid vienna is called letting in goals. I’m just glad we are not playing that team now.

      1. @lenohappy, Martinez spilled the same way Leno did against city.

        Why ain’t u saying anything about Leeds first goal?

      2. @Lenohappy Admit it man that first Leeds goal was what Leno did at City.. but you guys seem to think that a man that was loaned out 200 times is the world’s best keeper.. Emi Martinez is decent but he’s no Alisson or Oblak he’s at Aston Villa because that’s his level.

        1. Kev82 I already decided not to talk about the Leno/Martinez stuffs again but you are someone I respect, and I actually like the way you and sue always have that your questions and answers stuffs so I’m going to ask you, are you saying Leno is world class and he is among the top 3 in the league like some fans on here keep saying.

        2. For me, personally, my struggle with Leno is the consistency of his mistakes. Every two games or so, he’s bound to do something comedically wrong. It’s not about an individual spillage, it’s about the same kind of spillage repeating multiple times through his tenure with us. Not about one particular blind pass, but about a blind pass that he plays repeatedly.

          1. Wow I just watched the Leeds goal highlights again and you guys are blaming Martinez for that goal, you call that save ‘spill shot’ you guys are really desperate lol. A keeper made a full strech save and you called it a spill shot, I didn’t expect it from Kev82@Joe Allyson try and watch the highlight again and see the ‘spill shot’ .

          2. The mistake some are making is that they think I’m judging Leno because we sold Martinez, no my problem with Leno is that he can be outstanding for 88th minutes but make an error that will lead to goal in the 90th minutes, he did it 2 seasons ago when we played 4:2 against spurs, he did it against Chelsea when we were 1:0 up in the 82 minutes just a simple cross out and he couldn’t deal with it, we lost that match 2:1, he did it against Olympiacos all he had to do was just roof that ball out but he take a gamble which resulted in a corner, now again yesterday, if anyone think we are going to win a major trophy with Leno then I don’t know what to say.

        3. Common Kev.. There’s no freaking way Leno’s spill compares to Martinez full stretch in d leeds 1st goal.
          Martinez made a full stretch save and then the rebound. Leno made a parry of Foden’s shot.
          Not comparable at all

          1. They ain’t comparable bcos foden was closer to Leno than the leeds player to Martinez.

            So which one was easier to catch?

        4. This is truest comment I have read regarding the Leno/Martinez debate. Leno has his error but Martinez is not better than him imo. Martinez was there when we were looking for a keeper 3 years ago at the age of 25 and we eventually got Leno at the age. I like him more for looking out for himself.

  3. I though TP was amazing last night.

    I would like to see him play against a better team, which should come this weekend but overall we cannot be disappointed with him at all.

    Above all though, I would like to see him play ina 3 man midfield alongside Xaka and DC.

    1. Remove xhaka, and play elneny. Xhaka is too slow. We can’t dominate the midfield with xhaka. Xhaka can come in for a team that doesn’t press. Play xhaka against this Leeds and he’ll keep giving the ball away

  4. TP with Elneny and Ceballos, our midfield will be great. I dont think the 442 formation works however, and MA should go back to 433.

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