Mikel Arteta hails one of his players a “natural leader” Is that a sign?

Arsenal’s Granit Xhaka has had a rollercoaster career at the Emirates, but one thing that seems certain is that the Swiss midfielder has leadership qualities in him.

Signed by Arsene Wenger, he has continued to play important roles in the Arsenal team under different managers and Mikel Arteta has now hailed his leadership skills.

Xhaka’s return to the starting XI in Arsenal’s last game inspired the Gunners to beat Southampton 2-0.

He brought about leadership and urgency into the team’s play that had been missing in the game against Brighton.

He had fallen out with the club’s fans earlier in the season and he was even stripped of the captain’s armband. However, he has remained a key figure in the team after Arteta convinced him to remain at the Emirates when he wanted to leave in the last transfer window.

The Spaniard has now hailed his midfielder as a “natural leader”.

Arteta said, as quoted by Sun Sports: “He is a natural leader.

“He is always 100 per cent committed, not just for himself but for his team-mates – all the time. I am happy you can hear him.”

It makes you wonder if Arteta is lining up Xhaka to once again be the Arsenal captain, especially if Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang decides to leave this summer.

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  1. We are in a bad way if he interprets xhaka a natural leader. He did also bull up ozil, so take what he say with a pinch of salt. Wanting Luiz to stay and wanting Mari and soares is some very worrying signs.

    1. I’m not too happy with him being captain either, but on the other hand – who has better leadership qualities?

  2. Xhaka is an enigma to me. Not the most talented but I have to say, after the debacle that was his tirade at the Emirates, he has shown determination and turned his career around. A team is a mix of personalities and abilities and I have seen a desire from within himself to get back on track even if the majority don’t rate him highly enough to be part of the squad. I can admire that.

    1. Exactly. His response to the whole shows he is a real man and I respect him for that. Not everyone can overcome such huddle in life, lots of players career has been affected because of similar thing but he handled it well, hopefully Guedozi can learn that from him and get his career back on track

  3. It’s hard to find words for a manager who is calling Xhaka and David Luiz leaders on and off the pitch. If we’re unlucky it is saying something quite scary about senior Arteta’s psychological qualities. I don’t think he is experienced and mature enough for this job, to lead Asn’l. He can’t keep distance to the players. And players like Xhaka and Luiz, who shouldn’t be in a starting XI, using Arteta’s lack of experience to manipulate the man to take the wrong decisions in their favour. Both Granit Xhaka and David Luiz are real poor players and should be sold.

    1. Rumors says that Clown Luiz is starting against Sheffield tomorrow. If so, senior Arteta is playing Russian roulette. It could be a shot in the head.

      1. lets wish them good luck and hope for the best.The Mustafi Luiz Comedy you can never be a relieved person until the final whistle is blown. One good game against a bottom half team has made ourselves world beaters again?
        A player who foul mouths his own fans under what so ever conditions is never a natural leader so goes for a player who has n number of penalties / sending off in a season. We are doomed if these are the role models for the youngsters and younger fans. Deluded coach, sad to say.
        A Good individual and fighter like Leno can be our future captain.

    2. Well if Arteta is being manipulated by Xhaka and Luiz we might just as well throw in the towel

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