Mikel Arteta handed a touchline ban after his celebration against Luton

Mikel Arteta has received a touchline ban following his celebration of Arsenal’s late winner against Luton, which earned him a caution. The Gunners secured a last-minute victory against the Hatters, prompting jubilant reactions from the fans.

Arsenal’s supporters widely celebrated Declan Rice’s winning goal, and Arteta enthusiastically joined in. However, his exuberance led to a yellow card, marking his third of the season and resulting in a touchline ban. As a result, he won’t be able to be on the sidelines when Arsenal faces Aston Villa, as reported by The Sun.

The upcoming match poses yet another challenge for Arsenal, potentially proving to be a tougher test than the recent victory against Luton.

Just Arsenal Opinion

The dramatic end to the Luton game deserved the celebration and Arteta will be disappointed that he will miss the Villa game.

The game against Villians will be a big test for us as a club and we can expect a very tough game.

Unai Emery will want to show us that we should not have sacked him and he is doing a fantastic job at Villa Park.

But we back our boys to defeat them and continue to march on at the top of the Premier League table.

Watch the amazing highlights of Luton v Arsenal here…

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  1. The manner of the victory was just a little too much to contain, he’s only human.

    Maybe only Avraham Grant or Liverpool legend Benitez could contain their emotions last night, with the cliffhanger.

  2. On a more serious note-
    I don’t want to see Arteta banished to the stands because he should know better than to rile the officials
    I don’t blame him for being ecstatic but he has a history of making it difficult for the ref and his linesmen/women to adopt a neutral stance
    It’s no different from a wally waving his shirt around after scoring and getting a card

      1. Any mistake from the Argentine Haaland was always on spot to punish them, We got a raw deal out of this sale

        1. @Gunsmoke
          Big time…We let a world class keeper go for chips money. Now, we’re stuck with two wannabes… Life is cruel. 😂

            1. To clear up any confusion, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to call a goalkeeper that has won the Copa America and it’s golden ball award, the World Cup and it’s golden ball award, FIFA goalkeeper of the year, and the Yashin award, world-class.

  3. On the performance of tonight performance, it going to be almost impossible to prized Douglass Luiz away from the Villans

  4. How on earth can Manchester city players get away with surrounding the referee, shouting expletives in his face and carry on after the final whistle be allowed to get away with that kind of behaviour, with no punishment whatsoever?
    Look at the way Haaland acted and yet, he gets away with it.
    Meanwhile, a 97th winner that released all the emotions involved when watching football, both from Luton and Arsenal players, fans and managers, is deemed to be so bad it warrants a yellow card… for one person only and, of course, that person is Mikel Arteta.
    How was it possible to single out just one person from the scenes that enveloped the ground?

    Don’t agree with you, SueP, for calling a player a “wally” for waving his/her shirt around (yes, it happens in women’s football as well) I just don’t get the criticism… it’s all about passion, plain and simple.

    That means that half the Arsenal players were “wallies” and heaven’s knows what they will be called after throwing their shirts into the away supporters end.

    It’s said that VAR is taking the passion out of the game – it seems that showing ANY kind of passion, as MA and the players did, is to be frowned upon…. unless, of course, your Haaland and a city player.

    MA is who he is, a passionate man who wears his heart on his sleeve, as do his players and the fans – long may it continue.

    1. Ken1945
      I meant taking off the shirt immediately after scoring which is a yellow card offence and although emotions run high a card could be sufficient to get a second yellow and a sending off – hence my wally/wally-ess point
      I totally agree that City got let off lightly against Spurs and our manager has been sent to the stands for celebrating a tense evening. Maybe it was a case of our neutral officials getting their own back?

      1. Thanks SueP and the point you make about “neutral officials” getting their own back, is something that really does bother me as well.
        What other explanation could there be for singling out MA from hundreds of celebrating people?
        I wonder if the referee actually saw it himself, or whether VAR was used to pinpoint him?

  5. Sometimes you wonder if Arteta is the ‘easy target to always set an example with’. De Zerbi came out hard and clear to condemn referees, adding he hates 80% of the whole bunch. Let Arteta say something about the “standard” or “quality” of “refereeing” and they’ll come out guns blazing. So no opinions/views from Arteta; he shouldn’t fall into the trap even when asked; no displays of excitement pitch side; punching the air and crossing into the pitch is for Klopp. No engaging 4th officials, its dissent.

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