Mikel Arteta insists that he is working hard to keep hold of Liverpool and Man Utd target

Mikel Arteta has insisted that Arsenal is doing all that they can to tie Bukayo Saka down to a long term deal.

Saka has been one of the breakout stars of Arsenal this season and he has scored three goals and provided nine assists in a stunning campaign.

The teenager has been moved to left-back in recent months after Arsenal’s defenders suffered injuries and loss of form and he has adapted well.

Arteta knows how important the player is and has urged the club to tie him down to a new deal.

Fans are still worried that the club might let him slip through their grasp and they are eager to know the progress being made in terms of negotiations over a new deal.

Speaking ahead of their cancelled game against Manchester City, Mikel Arteta maintained that the club is committed to keeping hold of the youngster and that they are doing all that they can to keep him at the Emirates.

He said as quoted by the Mail: ‘The club is doing what it has to do and is having conversations. [Hopefully] we’ll get it resolved.’

Saka is fast becoming one of the team’s most important players and Arteta knows he will be key member of the squad as he looks to rebuild the Gunners.

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  1. What a night! What a performance from Atletico… that is how you do the biz at Anfield 😉
    Another quiet day at work for me tomorrow…… 😝

    1. Sue, I have been waiting for your response from this wonderful result – a poor result for the Unvincibles!!!!!

      I have to also say that I remember being told how we were humiliated by Atletico when we lost 2-1, with no defence, dross players and players with no fight…. wonder what they will be saying about Liverpool after this humiliation?!?!?!

      1. Sorry got carried away with the irony of it all.

        SAKA – If the new regime mess this up, I wonder who will get the blame?.
        Wasn’t this all supposed to end once gazidis and the three wise men took over?

        He should have been signed sealed and delivered weeks ago.

      2. Did your hear klopp excuses after the game,he said Atlético doesn’t play real,proper football and the defeat doesn’t feel right,2 days after saying they were on of the world’s best, but then again it could have been because of the grass!!

  2. The greatest British team of all time according to recent polls and experts/pundits might end up with only one title, doesn’t make much sense??

  3. Unvincibles – brilliant 😂👌
    Oh I can’t wait to hear that, Ken!
    Plus the poor media, FA etc.. I bet they’re all devastated, what with the spuds last night and now tonight… what a fantastic couple of days, Ken.. bloody loving it!

  4. What joy do you guys derive in Liverpool’s defeat?
    It doesn’t make arsenal fc a better team either

    1. The joy i guess they derive is not against liverpool but the team of people who always play down on the success of Arsenal fc while praising another team that TRIES to achieve similar feat or destroys Arsenal fc failures yet give excuses for other teams with similar failures.

  5. The Club must make the Saka contract saga end asap and keep hold of him at any cost. Otherwise other teams are buzzing around for the youngster and we should not repent later.

  6. I’m hoping Arteta has told the powers above him to get Saka signed on a new improved contract. Surely we can’t mess this one one up?

  7. Agents and maybe families are spoiling the good work club put into developing these youngsters. Getting huge wages for these kids will make some of them lose focus and derail their career. If this continues I don’t see why big clubs won’t close their academy and focus on getting potential talents from lesser clubs. Arsenal put a lot into developing Saka and some how his family and agent think 30k a week and 120k a month is small for 18 years old. His first major contract/salary should gather this much coverage if throughly the boy loves arsenal. Arsenal needs to be careful here because Odoi has done nothing ever since Chelsea gave 100k

  8. Football is literally crying out for a wage cap, players should be ranked into categories and these categories, should have qualifying criteria example, for a midfielder the amount of assists, goals etc, for a striker the amount of shots on target and goals scored and then these categories should have wage caps, this is merely an idea cause the reality is the current model is not sustainable, i mean in what world is 30k a week for an 18 year old inadequate

    1. Great general idea Mike. Sadly there is near zero chance of this ever happening whilst such corrupt authorities as UEFA and FIFA run football.
      If this Corona virus gets far worse and starts bankrupting smaller clubs around the world there will be huge pressure and social stigma on players and their disgusting agents/ parasites to vastly reduce their greed, in order to save the game itself. PART OF ME, IN A PERVERSE WAY, RATHER HOPES THAT HAPPENS, THOUGH OBVIOUSLY I WOULD NOT WISH TO PAY THAT SACRIFICE OF HUMANITY. But since I have no say in it at all, IF it happens, it MIGHT, just MIGHT, be the only hope to ever get sanity and morals back in our beloved sport. Under normal circumstances though, there is no hope at all of morals ever returning and filthy greed being beaten. SIGH!

  9. Among the many jealous and envious of Liverpool posts which gloat about their keeper led demise last night, I want to place on record that I always want British clubs to beat dirty gamesmanship foreign clubs like Atletico. I felt sorry for Liverpools magnificent fans and fine manager , unlike certain other long standing Gooners who are well known on here. Shame their obvious jealousy makes them so bitter, and small minded, say I.

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