Mikel Arteta is confident that Arsenal will offer youngster a new deal

Mikel Arteta expects Bukayo Saka performances will be rewarded with a new contract.

Mikel Arteta is confident that Arsenal will tie down Bukayo Saka to a new deal after the youngster’s rise to prominence.

Saka has been one of Arsenal’s breakout star this campaign, he broke into the first team at the end of last season and he has continued his development with 23 appearances this season.

He has also shown his versatility after filling in at the back for the injured Kieran Tierney and Sead Kolasinac.

He remains an important member of the team under Mikel Arteta following his debut under their former manager.

However, he has just 18 months left on his current deal and Liverpool alongside Manchester United have reportedly been monitoring his progress with close interest.

The Gunners would not want to lose him but with the 18-year-old on just £3k per week, he needs a contract renewal as soon as possible.

Arteta is confident that a new contract will be offered to him in the near future and he doesn’t seem to be bothered about losing the youngster.

He said per Arsenal.com: “I am really happy with how they [young players] are developing.

“Part of that developing is to improve the contract and to tie them to the club. But that has to follow a natural process.

“We have Edu, we have Raul [Sanllehi], Vinai [Venkatesham] and Huss [Fahmy] who are in charge of that and I am sure we will do the right thing when players deserve to improve and extend their contracts.”


  1. Mad to sell him now, he’s been nothing short of brilliant for a player of his young age, magnificent. Need to get him off that stupid 3 grand a week asap

  2. Arsenal must not let go of Saka. He is the type of young player a club can build around. He shows vision, quality and flashes of brilliance almost every match, even when playing out of position. And he is only going to get better. Arsenal needs to make signing him to an extension on proper wages a priority.

  3. Saka, Martinelli, Gouendouzi, Willock and all the younger players can all be tied down to this club on good fair wages and do this club a massive favour. We can then try to sell the older players with less pressure on us to take the pressure off our wage bill, like Ozil (bad value) mustaffi (bad value) xhaka (bad value) lacca (a decision needed) auba (a decision needed) Bellerin (bad value) and probably Socrates, Kalasinac. It would free up our wages to invest in better prospects for the future.

  4. He will soon have likes of Barca, Real, Bayern, Klopp on him already are signs and he can read and aware of top teams interest.

    As any player, he wants to play CL and win titles; mainly as world witnesses it, Arsenal is currently a mid table team because of lack of ambition of a cheap owner.

    While others progress, we going opposite way, he is used to fill RB hole then benched….

    So many reasons for him, his folks & entourage to be cautious. He should be raised already, how can Martinelli makes 15k already is pretty low for him?

    Beyond ridiculous wage and money; players are careful, Auba did not sign for that, he could be making more money for a year he has been in talk to extend…

    Arteta comments are from board and Kroenke, you can hear it… To not create too much buzz and have him in position to think he is a priority for our future; in order to extend him 5 years for 3k + 00,1 cent! That unreal Kroenke’s Suarez offer will stay in history! We been ruined by Kroenke for over 15 years!

    Emery asked for Partey, Zaha and Maguire! Because he went as much it was possible to with squad he had, almost made it but bit short. He looked at season and asked these 3 players. Very accurate additions, this is team he envisioned:

    Bellerin Chambers Maguire Tierny
    Niles. ………… willock
    Zaha Laca. Auba

    We would be in a very different spot, fighting for top4, potentially title considering bench with Torreira, Xhaka, Ozil, Saka, Martinelli, Nelson Holding.

    Emery’s EL title target defenetly made sense with additions he asked for!

    Can’t blame manager when an owner with no passion ruins all coach’s title ambition that way! Kante & Suarez were great additions Wenger felt key to compete, win titles, his ambition ruined!

    We are very fortunate for Prof to have left this stadium, club with great shape & image, and this youth system that he has developed for decades in order to compete with no money! Keeping us in CL was a miracle!

    When we look at club a season and a half later; top6 was a great, we were still fighting for top4, but when squad doesn’t allowed it, can’t expect miracles forever; other teams been putting money and progressing.

    Wolves and shieffieod both able to strengthen , buying 1 player for 25M each! Spurs, Everton got players &
    a top coach. Arteta is a great assistant coach, we need a top coach and players to compete!

    Arteta must fulfill his coach potential in a smaller club as everyone does!

    He asked to city to guarranty for him to be head coach after Guardiola, of course they refused; he has no experience has a head coach. Can’t pick proper formation nor make right changes when subs! Formation defines or picked upon tac tic. That was Guardiola role, Arteta was more on one on one & involved with players in training, get them ready for game, spirit & phisycaly… He does that very well but then play them wrong for a a fortunate draw in result.

  5. The Prof left us in good shape did he? When he was sacked it was a very good reason PAL.We were going downhill with Wenger totally incapable of getting us out of the S**t he had put us in.
    And as for believing Emery would have taken us forward with that totally unbalanced team you have just offered up makes you every bit as delusional as he was.

    1. That reply was to @ Mo ( pass me another spliff ) gunna who is obviously off his head on something illegal unless he lives in Denver or Amsterdam

  6. Yep, Mogli is pi…ing me off as well with his negative and completely off-the-track comments. I wonder in which pub he and his drinking pals come up with this absolute garbage, because, seriously, it is not possible for 1 brain to conceive this lot.

  7. Of course they will offer him a new contract, that’s a no-brainer. Whether he accepts it is another matter. Another club might make promises that Arsenal are not prepared to make, and an offer that Arsenal regards as unreasonable for a player of his age. We have no choice but to put our trust in the management team to do the best in the interests of the club.

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