Mikel Arteta is expecting a battle against West Ham

Arsenal are set for our first home game of the season tonight against West Ham at the Emirates, and with the Gunners convincing 3-0 win over Fulham last week, many pundits are predicting another easy three points for us.

But local derbys are never easy, and the Hammers are not going to just lie down and surrender, despite their awful opening day defeat to Newcastle United. The boss Mikel Arteta is certainly not expecting an easy game, and he told Arsenal.com: “Always a threat, we have a good example of the game we played against them last March. It was really difficult, we managed to win the game but we had a lot of problems, so we better be ready because after a defeat teams are always more dangerous.”

He continued: “Well, they have many strengths and some weaknesses, like we all have. I know David, the manager, really well and I know what he will be trying to do tomorrow to hurt us as well. It will be a tough game and I am expecting a difficult battle tomorrow.”

That last game against West Ham was our last one before the lockdown was brought in, so a lot has happenedsince then, but Arteta has certainly not forgotten. “Well, it was ages ago. But obviously when I started to look back at the game and what we did, I think we were lucky that day to win the game. They created a lot of issues, we did not control certain important aspects of West Ham’s threats and we have to be better tomorrow.”

I like to think that Arteta has got Arsenal’s mentality in a much better place than we were before lockdown, and the fact that we have only lost once to the Hammers in our last ten meetings will stand us in good stead. Yes it should be a good battle, but it is one that I am fully expecting to win…


  1. It’s going to be a tough game. It’s a local derby and West Ham will raise their game. I saw someone on another Arsenal site suggesting drop Willian. OMG how can Willian be dropped? Nevertheless we should beat them. Maybe Ceballos for Elneny, but maybe Elneny’s discipline would suit tonight’s game. Not long till the end of the transfer window and our midfield still lacks something…so lets hope the Aouar talk is real and not fictional. I don’t normally predict but putting my head on the block….2-0 or 2-1…to the guys in RED….COYG.

  2. Yes and obviously, I will put my money on the odds to bet on Arsenal beating the West Hammers 4 nil in the Premier League match at the Emirates Stadium tonight.

    I am not underating nor underestimating the likelihood of the Hammers resolving to get or steal a point in the match either by hook or crock to save themselves from getting embarrassed again.

    But I am more than sure to guarantee us Gooners they will fail woefully in their mission attempt to achieve this result.

    This is because Arsenal will not condescend to go down low that will allow West Ham get anything out of the match besides to entertain the audiences watching the match on TV by playing entertainment football but to the gallery.

    I think Arsenal are in such a high spirit, top-form and strong mood at the moment that will not allow any teams in the PL to get anything out the match that they will play against Arsenal but only entertaining the match watching audiences which the Gunners may allow or not.

    Therefore, David Moves the West Ham gaffer and his Hammers side team will definitely hit a brick-wall in their match against Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium tonight that will make the Hammers to lose heavily in the match to Arsenal compellingly. So be it.

  3. It will be a battle of them defending their fortress fruitlessly with their hammers while we mercilessly bring it down with our cannons.

  4. As I put down a 4-0 win to us in Dan’s article I’m hoping for a dazzling display against a team that I think will really struggle this season. I’m expecting a win rather than hoping, like I used to do. Arsenal are in a much better place now

  5. Arsenal are indeed in a much better position under MA and my take on tonight’s game would be to WIN.
    No amount of xcuse would be tolerated at this point and I’d like to stress that Arteta has/is doing a great job. He’s brought many dead fans to live again doing just best with the players he inherited. I can’t be anything other than a Gunner.

    For the sake of football, I’d like to stress this and of course this is my personal opinion; what would happen when the likes of Partey and Aouare are added to the team and eventually fails to impress. Ceballos is doing well and Arteta likes him… Period

    Let’s stop the idea of condemning and underrating our players and I think that’s the sole reason why we have loads of players waiting to be offloaded

  6. He’s respecting opponent, a good dporit, keep players on their toes and aware that they must do much better.

    Great stuff

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