Mikel Arteta is not just aiming for Arsenal to win the League title – He wants to be the ‘best in the world’

Arteta knows what’s at stake next season, as he told Marca last week when asked if he believed that Arsenal will win the League after coming so close in the last campaign: “That is our ambition.” he said.

“We know the difficulty: it is the best League in the world and next season is going to be the most difficult League in the history of the Premier. Because? Last year it already was. I’ve been here for 22 years and I’ve never seen a competitive level like that. So much quality, so much organization, so many resources, such good coaches… and now Pochettino and Iraola have arrived. The level is that and to win the Premier you must be the best. That is why we have to be strengthened.

But even so, he is ready for next season. Last week for Arsenal, it was all about making progress regarding the transfer window.

Kai Havertz completed his move to the Emirates. Deals for Rice and Timber to join were also secured. Only a move for another top central midfielder did not materialize, but there’s still plenty of time to close that deal.

Last week’s plans went through. This week, Edu and Arteta are keen on closing two more deals. William Saliba and Reiss Nelson are set to commit their futures to Arsenal; each is tipped to sign four-year contracts.

Saliba’s future has been a hot topic for the last few months. There was a worry that he wouldn’t commit to staying at Arsenal past 2025, when his deal expires. Arsenal would have been forced to sell him this summer if he had rejected a new contract. Fortunately, news broke that he agreed to extend his stay, and he will put pen to paper this week.

As for Reiss Nelson, his contract expired last Friday. Arteta sees him as a crucial part of his project and wants him to stay. Some PL teams have tried to sway the Arsenal game-changer to join them, but with him putting pen to paper this week, they have to look elsewhere.

Arsenal’s activities this summer seem well calculated and thought out; hopefully, come next season, they will pay off and Arteta will get his wish to be the best in the world. As he also told Marca when asked if he was a better coach than he was as a player: “Ugh, difficult. I’ve only been in this for four years and my goal is to be the best in the world, but not on an absolute personal level, but to be the best manager in the world for Arsenal, to help these players and this club to be the best. Play better than anyone… and be able to win.”

How much are we all looking forward to next season?

Sam P

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  1. According to my sources Reiss Nelson has signed his new contract and of course Saliba too.

    We are going to buy more players. Most possible Xavi Simons will be one. His agent is Darrien Dien, son of the great David Dien. They’ve been working behind the scenes on that deal for a while now.

    Also we are probably also going to make an audacious move for Real Madrid’s Tchouameni if Liverpool get Lavia. The interest in Tchouameni is very real.

  2. I for one am very much looking forward to the season ahead. This will be the true test for us now that we are back in UCL and with MA receiving some of the biggest financial backing on the planet over the past few years.

    We can’t hide anywhere now which is good(deadwood/small squad etc etc all in the past), a true test of character and mentality!

    1. Patience is good sometimes. Isn’t it? He would have been gotten rid of before he could have been given a proper chance to build his own team. That’s if some people’s sensationalism was listened to.
      Now the majority of our fanbase seems to be very excited, optimistic and looking forward to next season.

      Patience, Patience and more Patience is the way to go most of the time.
      Isn’t it?

  3. The goal to be the best in the world would be highly improbable to achieve, because Guardiola still manages a big team with almost limitless resources

    1. This is true GAI
      However, KDB maybe entering a dropping off as well as City experiencing their own changes behind the scenes which could affect them too. I’m not sure how long Pep intends to stay so there COULD be wobbles even though we expect MC to be super competitive

      1. De Bruyne would likely become slower next year, but I don’t think it would really matter as long as Guardiola still manages Man City

        They’re approaching Gabri Veiga and I think he could be De Bruyne’s successor

    2. So you think Gardiola and Man City are/will be untouchable?

      I know theyre the best but Everyone will be gunning for them now. By no means they’re unwatchable

      1. Based on EPL results in the last six years, they’re way better and more consistent than other teams in England

    3. It’s clear that to win the PL you have to finish above City, but they are not a machine, they also stutter along the way. That said, I think it will take a team that has an almost perfect season to beat them to the title. City and Liverpool are both teams that can go on a ten match winning run, which is what usually separates the men from the boys. I believe Liverpool will be stronger this season and City will be City, it’s up to us and the will of the footballing gods to win the league. COYG!

  4. Arteta and Arsenal will be the best team in Europe this coming season. To achieve all that Arteta needs his troops to be in the same line with his project and willing to drive it with passion and dedication. This team can win trophies and Arteta gets his wish. And Arsenal will have more haters than ever before, that will make me more excited. Lol.

  5. Sorry to bang on about patience but the Kroenkes were. This enabled the club at all levels to evolve. Sanhelli leaving was one of the most important decisions in my mind as was allowing what Arteta and Edu were planning to be for the longer term health of the club rather than a quick fix. (I think MA tried that with Willian and it didn’t work.)

    Arteta’s steely determination impressed me immediately so I’m not surprised that he is aiming high for himself and Arsenal. He has been given the tools and will have been at Arsenal sufficiently long to put his vision into action

    1. I have always thought Arteta had a very clear plan to completely revamp the squad from top to bottom starting a big clear-out. Then he won the Fa cup with the squad and thought instead of clearing the whole board, starting from scratch and losing a season he could do a 50-50 job and try to be competitive while clearing out which backfired spectacularly hence his terrible 1st full season.

      Basically his 2nd season should have been his 1st where we fought for top 4 and last season should have been his 2nd where we start competing with the best team.

      1. I disagree with some of your points. Certainly, Arteta wanted to change many things at the club. However, some of what you say demonstrates hindsight bias . We have no idea how things would have turned out if we had gone the way you are suggesting.
        During the past few seasons Arteta has moved out a very large number of players. An attempt to make a more dramatic overhaul could have destabilised the squad even more and lead to a situation not unlike Chelsea’s who are now struggling to regain relevance.

  6. I think we need a new CF if we are to challenge City next season. I don’t want us to put all our hopes on Jesus and Nketiah.

  7. Should also think of having a lethal number 9 kind of a player. The likes of Kane, mbappe etc

  8. A fan once said the gaffer is smart and hungry but that’s a dangerous combination to have.

    Something tells me the gaffer smells blood, am not sure where, but he’s not smiling.

    Could it be that life has catch up with the Citizens generational talents, the departure of one and the noticeable loss a venom of another, Ilkay Gundogan and KDB, respectively.

    Am not sure where the danger comes in, but the days of watching Arsenal vs the Citizens behind a big chair certainly looks numbered.


  9. Mikel Arteta is a wonderful personality. I love the confidence he exhibits in trying to build arsenal as well as developing the young talents he has in the team. He makes every one including the fans feel important 👍👍

  10. I mean, that is great ambition from Arteta. He knows with the acquisition of Rice and Havertz, the spotlight will be on him and so he is taking on the challenge with great confidence. We came so close last season in winning the best League in the world and next season we will be stronger and better.

  11. Okay so looks VERY certain that Havertz, Rice and Timber will all be Arsenal players, transfers worth of 200 million!

    And now I’m reading very strong links of Aurelien Tschouameni, bid worth of £80 million!

    If these happen, I can only see them happening if there are going to be some big sales as well. As an example using the rumor of Partey joining the Saudis in a 50 million deal.

  12. It is great to have long-term goals. But long-term goals require logical, achievable mid-point targets, so it would be interesting to hear what his are.

    Surely, making sure last season wasn’t just a one-off, where we benefitted from Liverpool, Man Utd, and Chelsea being terrible for large parts of the season.

    The aforementioned teams will be much more competitive next season, and it would appear MA realises that, hence the uncharacteristically early transfer business.

    1. Almost every season some teams deliver worse than expected and some better. Arsenal will most likely be a top four team next season regardless of our opponents 🔴⚪️

      1. I agree. Arsenal are clearly in a stronger position than we have been in a long time.
        Arteta and Edu have already clearly articulated the long term goals.

  13. Gratitude should also be extended to our legendary ex coach Mr Wenger who offered his assistance on a consultancy basis a couple of years back when Arteta was struggling.

    1. Source of the news of Mr Arsene offering assistance on a consultancy basis sir?

  14. Thank you Arteta for bringing the hope back to the red part of London. You are capable of taking us all the way and to bring more greatness to this amazing club. I knew you were going to be successful, and now I’m convinced that you will bring home the CL trophy in a couple of years. 🔴⚪️ COYG

  15. It’s difficult not to be excited as we are clearly continuing down the road to improve the first team, and the squad quality and depth. However, it does not automatically mean we will win everything in sight. The PL is the target for me, no team has won the PL by luck alone, whoever wins the league deserves it. The minimum standard for this season has to be CL qualification. That may seem lacking ambition, but we have to understand our competition is not standing still either. My minimum standard for last season was to finish 5th, which pre season was realistic IMO. There are targets and there are expectations. The media targets will be that we win something, let’s start with the Community Shield. 😊

    1. Very sensible comment. That’s not putting too much pressure on the MA and his boys so that we can quietly go all the way and win all the important trophies this coming season. By the Grace of God.

  16. A little less hubris please!!! Let’s not get carried away, next season will be tougher than the last one. Much more pressure on Arteta and the team after this summer’s spending spree (which probably isn’t over yet) and the new players having to adapt. Another year to consolidate the team then genuinely aim for the EPL title.

  17. Football is a funny thing and Man C have been the best team without question for the past number of years. However all great teams slowly get eroded till others can compete.
    I think when we see city going to places like Anfield, Old Trafford the Emirites etc and losing the odd game. Then seeing them lose a few at home esp to the so called big 6 then their own belief of invincibility we will see eroded.
    This may also as others point out coincide with certain players leaving or getting to the end of their carear etc.
    For the past 2 seasons we have lost to them at home when we deserved and prob should have won the game. This season I believe we will beat them at home as others may do. Then the land slide will begin and City will be in a fight for a title no more land slides.

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