Mikel Arteta is not the only candidate under consideration for Arsenal job

Arsenal managerial search gets a new twist as Patrick Vieira emerges as the primary target

Arsenal’s search for a new manager is taking too long as the team continues to struggle, but it seems they are not as close to appointing a new manager as we think.

The Gunners have shortlisted a number of targets to take over from interim boss, Freddie Ljungberg, two of which are former Arsenal players.

Mikel Arteta and Patrick Vieira have been considered for the job but the former seemed to have been closer to becoming their next manager.

It seems Arteta’s role in Manchester City’s dominance of the English game has impressed Arsenal’s board and they reportedly have been meeting with the Spaniard with hopes of making him their next manager.

However, Express Sport claims that there has been a new twist in the chase and Patrick Vieira has jumped to the top of the list of targets.

Vieira has earlier admitted that it would be hard for him to turn down his former club if they made an approach for his services.

The former midfielder is doing a good job as the manager of Nice at the moment. They haven’t been in top form lately, but Vieira’s job is secure.

The latest twist means that it could take some more time before Arsenal gets their permanent manager.


  1. Looks like Admin is part of the confusion here with nothing to write about other than the most ridiculous rumor about Arsenal getting a new manager. Admin repeats the same stories all day with about 5% twist to the facts or title. Stop it!

  2. Don’t believe this. it’s false, personal terms between Arteta and Arsenal are already settled. The only thing holding the deal is their agreement with City. If they refuse to meet City’s clause then maybe they might consider Viera.
    Viera was never among the top three candidates.
    People keep questioning why we are signing Arteta and ignoring over veterans. People insult the club and say Kroenke is settling
    for less but the same people refuse to understand and acknowledge the fact that Poch and Allegri refused Arsenal’s offer.

    To the reports that the senior players want Ancelotti, the senior players can sod off! They don’t help situations either, most of them are aware of the fact that Arteta will ditch them and face the serious players to build his own career

      1. Oh you’re asking me, you’ve not heard Allegri saying he’s on sabbatical for now?
        You ain’t heard him say he ain’t interested in any job for now?
        Should the club force him?

        Regarding Porch, I’ve read online (actual news blogs) a few times he’s rejected the job. Also is that hard to understand? Seeing how he once said he’d rather be a farmer than manage Arsenal?

  3. Well said once again EH, it amazes
    me how delusional Arsenal fans
    continue to be pertaining to the
    managerial situation.

    Why on earth would established
    managers such as Poch, Allegri,
    Simeone, Ancelotti, Rodgers be
    remotely interested in the Amateur
    Hour Circus that is AFC. Which one
    of these respected gaffers would
    happily walk into a club identifiable
    by an Absentee owner, a board
    littered with incompetence and
    corrupted by financial greed and a
    collection of overpaid,
    underachieving Prima Donnas that
    seriously believe they should have a
    say in who the next manager should

    Are there actual cells of Arsenal
    fans around the globe that believe
    Kroenke and Co. would gladly open
    there checkbooks and acquiesce to
    whatever the new manager has is mind
    for the club going forward.

    If AFC are adamant about appointing
    a new manager by the end of the
    month than Arteta or Viera are the
    only serious candidates and the
    sooner Gunners worlwide accept this
    reality and get behind either former
    Arsenal man the better.

    1. Ace, getting behind Arteta or whoever isn’t the issue. If he is appointed it will all be reboot and start again, that for sure. Its what will happen if Arteta doesn’t get a good start, the rot with the fans is deep and i hope he can fly from the start because if he doesn’t, where on earth do we go from there. Let hope he can start a revolution of the good kind.

  4. I have read a few times on here people saying ‘why would any top coach want this job,bla bla bla.’
    Please lets not get this twisted,Arsenal is one of the buggest clubs in the world and it is well run.we have had a few misfortunes recently but thats expected after losing Wenger.
    Every manager WANTS this job,they may turn it down due to the size of the offers presented to them by Arsenal but Everyone would be honored to coach this club

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