Mikel Arteta joins the calls for action after Luiz Jimenez clash

Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta has joined the calls for concussion subs to be introduced in football following the horrific clash of heads involving Arsenal defender, David Luiz and Wolves striker, Raul Jimenez on Sunday.

The clash of heads occurred early in the game as the Wolves striker and Luiz went for the ball following an Arsenal corner.

The resulting clash of heads led to both players being knocked flat to the ground with Jimenez the worst off.

Although Luiz did sustain a head injury, he was able to continue after being bandaged up by the medical team.

However, his Wolves counterpart could not continue in the game as he had to be stretched off the pitch after being given oxygen.

Scans after the game revealed the Mexican fractured his skull during the clash and now Arteta has backed the calls for concussion subs to be introduced.

The Spanish coach told reporters, as reported by the Sun: “When you have one player with a massive concussion whose life is under threat and another who is bleeding, maybe we can give people a bit more time by using a temporary substitution.

“If you have any doubts and you need some extra time to check on a player, you can’t play on for ten or 15 minutes with ten men.

“So if we are going to be extra cautious, maybe it’s an option to have a temporary replacement.

“Some people have questioned whether David should have been allowed to continue on Sunday, but our doctor, Gary O’Driscoll, is one of the leading concussion authorities in this country.

“He did all the testing and followed all the protocols, and we were very comfortable for him to carry on playing.

“David was totally aware of the situation and was constantly asking about Raul. He wanted to carry on, but the doctor had to tick all the necessary boxes.

“He had a really nasty cut which we are still monitoring but he is feeling fine and I think he’ll be fit to play at Tottenham on Sunday if the scar is healing properly and he is comfortable heading the ball.”

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  1. He DID have the option to sub him off immediately as he has 3 subs available to him.. i dont like it when people try to spin things around to be on the higher moral grounds, he would have been morally right if he had used one of the 3 subs immediately and gave this exact same reasoning but he found it a waste to use that sub and now thinks it would be better to have a special concussion sub which basically is a good idea but he should not talk as if it was not possible on the weekend

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