“It’s simple” Mikel Arteta lifts the lid on Arsenal’s defending

Arsenal has improved defensively since Mikel Arteta became the club’s manager.

The Gunners that have been conceding needless goals before he became their manager, and even with the same players that had been struggling to keep clean sheets, he has made them look decent at the back.

He was speaking on the improvements his team has undergone recently and he admitted that there is still a long way to go.

He insisted that they have to keep improving as a team and that the continuous improvement would make them stronger, which will translate into more wins for them.

He added that there is still a lot of room for improvement in his team before disclosing that they defend with all the players on the pitch as soon as the opponents are with the ball.

The Gunners’ win over Wolves means they are now on a fine run of four wins from four games in all competitions.

“You can see all the teams that are in the title race, that win championships, the amount of clean sheets they need in order to do that,” he said as quoted by the Mirror.

“The more we improve here, the more solid we are the better chance we’re going to have to win football games. It’s simple.

“We have a lot of things to improve in our attacking patterns, the way we use the spaces, the way we read the overload. That will come but at least it goes down to 11 players defending every time the ball is on the opponents’ feet.”

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  1. A lot of time i asked, why is our defense so shambolic? I reckon they are error prone but that doesn’t mean they are as bad as it is, it’s clear most defenders are goalie are prone to error based on team set up, our defending approach, overall is awful, we leave too much space and expose our defenders expose, this has been our issues over the year, thankfully we are getting it right, unfortunately it has been the goalie and defense that has been bearing the criticism. It’s unfortunate we don’t remember attackers faults during a football match so far the game is won, a striker can afford to make as many mistakes as possible and be forgiven but just 1 mistake from a defender or goalie will be remembered for ages,

    1. I disagree with your comment about our keeper being under criticism. I firmly believe that almost all Gooners have consistently written good things about Leno, and correctly too. So goodness knows where you get your opinion that fans are on our keepers back. Not in my opinion, they are not. On the defence in general you are right but NOT about LENO.

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