Mikel Arteta looking to sell high profile star in the summer

Mikel Arteta is preparing to do what is seemingly impossible and sell Mesut Ozil.

This season could be Mesut Ozil’s last season at Arsenal and if Mikel Arteta was to have his way, the German could be shown the exit door in the summer, according to the latest reports from the Daily Mail.

Ozil was a high profile signing when he joined Arsenal before the 2013/2014 season and the German helped the team challenge for the league title that year.

However, he has struggled to replicate the form of his earlier years at the Emirates and it looks all a big mistake now after Arsenal gave him a new deal worth £350k per week.

The German has recently been restored to the Arsenal starting XI after he was frozen out from the team by their former manager Unai Emery.

However, he is still struggling to get goals or assists and it appears that this second half of the season is his last chance to show Arteta that he can be part of the club’s future.

Arteta is making use of the players at his disposal and he hopes that he has communicated his style of play and what he wants from each player at their recent Dubai camp.

If he fails to get a performance from the likes of Ozil before this season ends, there is a big chance that the German will be told to look for a new club.

That is all well and good but Arteta will face the same problem his predecessors have faced and that is that unless Ozil agrees to move the club are stuck with him.

While he is on that huge wage it is hard to see the German departing the Emirates until his ridiculous contract finally runs its course.


  1. Ozil is not useless, watch ur words, he is an arsenal player if ur player is useless it means ur club is useless and it means u too as a fan is useless…
    Please pick another word…

    He has family and a contract..
    He is Ozil, not a useless…
    He is a person…

    1. wow, this is quite a defense. I’ve never seen a single fan vehemently defend any other player like this. It always just seems to be Ozil, lmao. Hope you show the same energy when Luiz, Mustafi, Xhaka, Pepe, Lacazette get brought up, because I never see the defenses like these as I do in Ozil articles.

    2. Ozil is not useless, watch ur words, he is an arsenal player if ur player is useless it means ur club is useless and it means u too as a fan is useless…
      Please pick another word…

      How about Coasting or Lazy?

    1. So AdMartin-your next headline must surely be about selling Lacazette. He can’t score for toffees at the moment so look forward to reading that one.
      Then Pepe- he cant do anything.
      Followed by Sokritis,Luiz- Can’t defend
      Xhaka- Can’t do anything
      AMN- fill in as appropriate
      Wow, your hate for this player is legendary. But hey, with a dwindling response and advertisers to attempt to keep on board just revert to type and roll out a Mesut Ozil article.
      Hope it helps keep the money coming in for you.

      1. Site is growing at a massive pace Phil so your comments about the site are nearly as wide of the mark as your view of Ozil. If the day comes when any of those players perform to such a low level as Ozil then be assured I will come after them. No single individual is bigger than Arsenal and the second they become a huge drain and liability I will want them out of the club. I am shocked that you do not feel the same way. But I will say this, you have been very selective, as usual, I suggest you do a search on David Luiz as an example, I have even used a clown image on occasions when smashing him, I have not done that yet on Ozil.

        1. You’re shocked that not everyone thinks like you?? I don’t want to believe that in this century you still live in that bubble. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and maybe Ozil isn’t performing well for the team’ but the team needs support and that includes Ozil…..if Arteta starts him it’s probably because he sees something in him. But he will be gone this summer and on a positive note.

        1. A whole minute between your earlier reply and this follow up comment. Thanks for your immense patience there Phil.

          1. Good your keeping up to speed AdMart.
            But still looking forward to the articles on those I mentioned who have all performed worst than Ozil since MA took over. Unless of course you are too blind yourself to have noticed

            1. I have brilliant glasses that work like a dream and no matter how much I scrape the barrel there is no player that has performed worse and that includes Mustafi and Luiz.

  2. We love Mesut and when you call him names and disrespect him we Arsenal fans do not all embrace it. The only good thing is your willingness to admit your feelings towards the player player. Ya! Gunners! Ya

    1. I won’t
      He hasn’t shown enough for a long time
      What he was isn’t what he is now.
      Occasionally ‘stepping up to the plate’ is not acceptable regardless of what his reputation as a world champion once was
      I’m sorry that he can’t deliver as he should but his career is winding down.

  3. There is too much talk on Ozil. Yes he is not as good a player as he used to be, yes he has been poor for several seasons , yes he has hindered the progress of a lot of our players and ex players, yes he divides opinion,yes he is over paid. Can we all move on now. His contract will be up next year hopefully and we can stop talking about him.

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