Mikel Arteta looks forward to fans support returning to the Emirates

Mikel Arteta looking to build fences with the Arsenal fans.

Arsenal play host to Chelsea on Sunday and Mikel Arteta hopes the fans will provide the right atmosphere for the players to thrive.

Arteta started his reign against Bournemouth and is keen to see his side get their first win under him against Chelsea, but he also knows how important the fans’ support is to their cause.

Some of the supporters have struggled to support the team this season with results not going their way, they have created a toxic environment that has seen them boo off their players more often than not.

That toxicity caused them to clash with Granit Xhaka and he was subsequently stripped of the captain’s armband.

Arteta also understands that the relationship between club and fans is give and take and he is looking forward to giving them something to cheer about.

‘I think energy is everything, in life, in football and in sports. If we are able to generate this it will give us a lift,’ said the Spaniard per Arsenal.com.

‘I was really pleased with how the fans treated the players [against Bournemouth] and I was happy that the players went to see the fans after the game as well because we need that connection. ‘Slowly, we need to build that back to where it was. It’s going to be very powerful for us to use that.’

On the fans having something to cheer about, Arteta knows added:

‘Hopefully we can change it, first I need to convince the players and then, if I can convince the players, afterwards we can convince the fans. ‘I think it’s very, very important in my job. At the end of the day they’re expecting a lot from us.

‘We have to give them enjoyment, we have to make their lives better and, when we win, it will be better because they will be happier. ‘It’s our responsibility and we have to do everything we can to achieve that.’


  1. It could be the wrong time of the year to get a full house back, but I fully expect a much better atmosphere plus a great welcome home to MA.

    I also think we are all totally sick and tired of the toxic reaction to our club by the media, pundits and, of course, us the fans.

    Time to put all the negativity behind us, support the club and back WHATEVER MA decides is best for The Arsenal. Can’t wait for the game, leaving tonight…staying over for the United game and travelling back next year – 2020 the year of The Arsenal.

  2. There are some fans who are still not convinced on MA being manager(though many are convinced after bournemouth game) and hopefully tomorrow is the day he is going to prove them all wrong

    1. |Yes COYG!
      Glued to BT tv keeping up to speed with the scores. Down in the dumps until Newcastle equalised. The thought of Everton going above us in the league would be too much to bear!! The Ancelloti supporters would have a field day.
      Fingers crossed for tomorrow and an encouraging performance capped by a win!!!

  3. I will stick up for fans who have been driven beyond despair over a number of years now. So many players have been just going through the motions and to fanatically support players who simply coast through games is to insult the intelligence of fans. When players start giving back to us fans,as is only right and proper, by sweating blood for the club we FANS worship(and how many players can honestly claim they do the same?) then and ONLY then are they fully entitled to our wholehearted support. The fan/player relationship has become FAR TOO ONESIDED for some time now and it needs the players to start earning and re -earning our love. Simple fairness! Am I wrong? If so, then tell me why!

    For what it is worth, I am convinced that now we have a demanding and fully professional man in charge and who can properly communicate and who CAN and WILL intensely coach players, we will now see a sea change in attitude and in fighting for the shirt. Long overdue too!

    1. Hope you are right jon, i hope it starts with a win against Chelsea followed by utd, that would do wonders.

  4. I’m sure the fans will show MA and the team support.

    The players will also show MA support.

    Question is when the time comes, will the board?

  5. Everton now above Arsenal. Just looking at their last 5 matches, they played Chelsea, United and Arsenal – coming up with 1 win and 2 draws. Arsenal would have considered that run of fixtures “difficult”. Everton have now racked up 2 more wins since then. Arsenal players may not be ideal atm, but are Everton players really better?

    We even failed to beat Bournemoth who have been in terrible form. Brighton beat them today 2-0.

  6. I saw green shoots of a new dawn in the game against Bournemouth, and yes I know it was only a draw and they were soundly beaten by Brighton today, but We have been so bad recently but actually showed some real passion for the game. I’ll support Arteta and also believe the board will too, otherwise he wouldn’t have taken on the task.

    1. I’m also 100% behind Arteta. But considering how “relatively weaker teams” are winning matches we tend to struggle in, I’m wondering if we have a mentality problem or our players are just not good enough.

  7. Even if our players are not good enough, although I believe that some are, there is not much we can do about it. What we have, until the January window, is what we have. I am hopeful that Arteta can bring some cohesion to the squad and get the right players in the right positions and play as a team. If that occurs, then it may be that some those “not good enough players” might just surprise us with much better performances. Just as an after-thought I doubt we will be getting any
    world class players in January, there are only 3 and they are billionaires and happy where they are.

    1. YOU SERIOUSLY THINK THERE ARE ONLY THREE WORLD CLASS PLAYERS THEN? Many of the City and Liverpool players are WC, plus dozens from top teams all over the world. Do you actually watch football? Perhaps you would care to give us a laugh and actually name theonly three WC players, according to you, in thr whole world. Come on give us a a laugh! Whichever three you provide I will then name a dozen more straightway!

        1. Jon, what patH is alluding to, is that we cannot afford any of the top three players…and if we could, they are happy where they are,, so what’s the point talking about it?!?!?!?!?
          Why you have to try and belittle others is beyond me – let’s hope patH doesn’t remember your views on UE and july 2019…

          OT Reggie, after our Suarez discussion,I decided to go back and take a look at what did occur and used LFC and the media to get that information…because I know, “as an old fool”, I am starting to get things wrong and am always willing to apologise if I am wrong:

          1. LFC. There was no release clause in the contract with Suarez, there was an agreement to advise the player if another club was interested and had put in an offer over £40,000,000.
          2. Brendan Rodgers confirmed that Arsenal had made two bids, one was below the £40,000,000 needed to inform Suarez and the second of £40,000,001 did then involve Suarez himself…however, Rodgers said the club had valued Suarez at a minimum £55,000,000 so there was no chance of pool accepting Arsenals offer.
          3. BBC Sport @ Phil McNulty on the 8/7/2013…Arsenal’s first offer was £35,000,000 (I thought it was £40,000,000), followed two weeks later by the £40,000,001 offer
          4. Wenger confirmed that he had spoken with Suarez and they had verbally agreed terms and contract. It was the “release clause” and “not the advice to the player”
          that gazidis got wrong.
          5. BBC: Part 4 allowed LFC to belittle the Arsenal offer, producing the famous “what are they smoking” retort.

          I’m not interested in proving who was right or wrong, but I wanted to clear the issue up in my head and Mogunna’s as well as yours.
          So it seems, gazidis got it all wrong, messed up on the player AW had wanted yet again.

          1. Ken however you word it, the original post was wrong, Gerrard talked Suarez out of joining Arsenal, Kronk had nothing to do with Suarez not coming. The truth, however its worded, Suarez in the end didn’t want to come to Arsenal. The original post blamed Kronk for Suarez and Kante not coming to Arsenal, that was 100% wrong. Im not sticking up for Kronk but reality.

          2. Reggie, there were two offers though and no release clause, which I was stating as factual…two facts that you disputed.

            As been stated many times, the buck stops with kronkie and so it should i my opinion.

            Anyway, if we take the LFC version as the truth (and I see no reason for them to lie, as they kept Suarez) the issue is done and dusted.

            Onward and Upwards:

      1. What I was saying tongue in cheek, was we can not afford any of the dozens of players which many on this site are suggesting are world class that would even consider coming to Arsenal.
        World class is not that easily defined and all of us have different opinions of what makes a player world class.

  8. I hope MA gets more breathing room because there will be tough times ahead, even if he does well those times will still come. I hope the fact he played for us goes in his favor, but something tells me it won’t hold too much sway. Him being young seems to be a plus with some, again though it won’t save him from an onslaught. Fans might be a bit more aware of expectations these days, MA might raise them beyond the top four and get us hoping again, but if this season and last few seasons show us anything it is to be careful, not as black and white as people imagine and there are many strings to our bow. It is easy to ridicule, too easy, patience, support, aspiration, these are much more difficult. It’s a slippery slope and everyone inside that stadium (and on a keyboard/podcast) plays a part.

  9. Last season we beat both Chelsea and man u at home, but this time both see us as an easy three points. Teams tailor made to take points off big clubs, even Former big clubs like us

    1. S, if either club have actually said that, they are bigger fools than they were when playing Southampton and Watford…especially as you correctly say, we beat them both at home last season.

      In truth, it’s the negative fans amongst us, who see three easy points for them!!!

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