Mikel Arteta loves Granit Xhaka’s “work ethic” and his “love for this football club”

There was a time not so long ago when Granit Xhaka was Arsenal fans go-to scapegoat after any defeat or bad draw, but he has been transformed this season when Mikel Arteta decided to move him further up the pitch, and he has turned in some amazing performances. He was even voted our Player of the Month by the fans in a landslide.

Last night, the Swiss international captain scored the only goal of the match against PSV and was yet again voted as Man of the Match, and Arteta could not be more pleased about it. “He deserves that,” Mikel Arteta told Arsenal.com. “He has faced adversity in difficult moments, he has put his arm up when he had something different to do, his work ethic, the way he is as a person, the way he treats everyone around the club, and the love for this football club and profession is unquestionable.

“He fully deserves that and I’m really happy to see him enjoying his career.”

“We believed he had the qualities to do that,” he said, “and sometimes it’s just unlocking something in the players mind and be more open and be receptive to all the things.

“He’s been extremely open and his work rate all the time to learn is fantastic, and now I think it’s paying off.”

It certainly does Mikel, and there is no doubt that his improvement has been influenced by Arteta’s man-managent skills.

Long may Granit Xhaka continue to contribute to our excellent winning run….


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  1. The gaffer is responsible for Xhaka dramatic improvements.

    But been closer to the player working every day Arteta obviously has seen a lot most of us haven’t seen.
    It is the ability to actually harness Xhaka strength and now using it to devastating effect that impresses me most, for a young coach many had issues with his salary and tactics he has certainly done better than his predecessors, as far as Xhaka is concerns, though to their credit had always value Xhaka but just couldn’t make him click.

    Xhaka must now wet his bread as the big question will surface again.

    1. @Gunsmoke – totally agree with you when you say it’s all down to Arteta and his ability to work with Xhaka. Im sure everyone watched the All Or Nothing docuseries and Xhaka clearly states he wanted to leave 100%, so to get this kind of turnaround from him, is simply immense. Xhaka is now one of the first names on the team sheet and most important players. He is our captain – albeit without the armband,

      On another note, perhaps the so called many ‘armchair experts’ on this and other platforms could get off Arteta and Edu’s backs and let them run the club as they are. It’s so interesting that people were calling for the likes of Bissouma, Coutinho and Buendia to be signed – yet when you look at those players for their respective clubs, they’re hardly pulling up trees as such.

      Trust the process and support the club no matter what. And just remember that perhaps, just perhaps, the Manager and his team know better than us.

      1. Exactly my point ric lonta, you have even word it better.

        But it’s not just the likes of Bissouma, Couthinho and Buendia, in Italy you have Vlohovic and Locatelli two very good players in my opinion, with the latter looking a shadow of his self, now this must have put the gaffer firmly in the conversation about his superior coaching skills.
        He is doing extremely well if one should have ask me.

        Yes Arteta and Edu need that breathing space, but the gaffer has risen the bar so high am just hoping finishing in the top three without actually winning the league won’t be seen as it been bottled.

        1. @gunsmoke – spot on – it’s not just those playersi named but many many more.

          Managing a team on football manager is one thing, but managing one of the worlds biggest clubs, where you have players earning millions per year, plus working on outgoings/incomings is a totally different gravy!

          Every Gunner is reaping the rewards now and those Arteta haters should appreciate just what kind of structure, passion, camaradarie, togetherness, spirit, fight and so much more Arteta and Edu (plus the Board – credit where its due) have put together.

          1. You are right mate, of the top six clubs his job was probably the hardest, getting rid of some highly decorated players, and instilling the discipline while significantly reducing the wage bill and building that togetherness you mention.

            Yes today we are happy in the vision the board has shown.
            But I had an experience that I will never forget, it was preseason against Chelsea at the Camping arena we had traveled hundreds of miles, to see this game and it never disappoint, it was from there first I noticed something was different this season.

            But you are right ric lonta, we all should show our appreciation for the tremendous work done, even if were not on board in the beginning

  2. Losing a game or two is not a problem, but the “bounce backability” is key. Especially when we lost to Manure despite playing well, we went on another run.

    Granit Xhaka has improved and installing a real team spirit, and that’s all down to all the team.

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