Mikel Arteta makes it clear that Man City are favourites for the League title

Although Arsenal have had an amazing start to the season, having won 12 of their 14 games so far, it was only last week that we managed to get a 5 point lead over Man City after their shock defeat to Fulham.

It is a great feeling to be a Gooner at the moment, but I think we can honestly say that most pundits simply don’t believe that we can maintain the distance to Pep Guardiola’s team when the season restarts after the World Cup.

Mikel Arteta also says that history tells us that old club still have the best squad, best manager and can never be written off in the marathon that is the title race.

Arteta told Football.London, when asked about whether Arsenal are now favourites to win title: “We are today, but in football, today and tomorrow is very different. So let’s enjoy the time,”

“Do something: just look at the last six years, what Manchester City have done. With the best manager in the world, the best team in the world. They have shown it consistently in every single competition. We have to be very, very respectful of that.”

Of course Arteta is right that his old club should be respected, and it is also a fact, that with our thin squad, a spate of injuries could severely weaken our chances of continuing our amazing winning run.

Who knows, maybe Pep Guardiola will live to regret letting Arteta take Gabriel Jesus and Oleks Zinchenko last summer.

But, as Arteta says, let us enjoy the moment right now, and we will shall see what happens after Christmas…


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  1. The gaffer is right to make it abundantly clear the actual favorite is Manchester’s City sitting five points adrift

    The mind games already started and our gaffer is heavily equipped to engage.

    It is going to take great mental strength to compete with the likes of the citizens, playing before us and winning and sometimes completely destroying their opponents with Arsenal playing a day or two after, in it self is going to create lots of pressure on our young team.
    Now it is the gaffer responsibility to help ease some of that pressure. these are what some time refers to as the mine games.

    But in the mind games is where the gaffer loves to wet his bread and there will be no shortage from here on.

  2. He was spot-on. The long break will make other teams able to analyze our patterns and Man City are the most consistent EPL team in the last five years

    I’d be okay if we don’t win EPL, but I really hope we’ll win EL

        1. Gai, it doesn’t make sense using. World Cup break to analyse Arsenal pattern. There are other difficult team in the league Arsenal is one off. Besides all team coaches analyses their opponents.. Nothing changes Arteta won’t be sleeping knowing teams want to beat him he’s been working on making his team unpredictable.

    1. It’s not dat hard to analyse pattern, even championship coaches can use a day to do dat, so PL. Coaches dnt need 6 weeks to analyse us. What is actually hard is doing it in the pitch for 90min. Arteta knows and can analyse city frm A to Z but dat doesn’t mean our team will beat them

        1. Gai you have expressed doubts on certain game we end up winning. It’s one thing for a coach to analyse it’s another thing for him to have players with qualities good enough to beat Arsenal. Many coaches would take time to analyse MCity yet won’t be able to beat them. It takes more to win a game than just analysing your opponent.

  3. We definitely need to bring in at least two signings to be able to keep pace with City because I don’t think our current squad is strong enough to fight on two fronts maybe three if you add an Fa Cup run, our lackluster performances throughout the EUL group stage proves that we will need to put out our strongest line up when we face tougher opposition as we get to the latter stages of the competition.

    1. Strongly believe the gaffer will be doing just that right about now, he’s too hungry and impatient to leave that up to chance.

  4. in football anything can happen!! like Brentford winning
    City ( not Fulham ) !!? and Arsenal going on a winning streak like nobody else .. lets do this !

  5. Humility is key. In fact I love the underdog status rather than being favorite. Let’s keep surprising the pundits until the last day. Don’t forget Leicester did it few years ago. This Arsenal team is far better than that defensive counter-attacking Leicester team.

  6. Such a pity that Ad PAT chose not to further develop his piece It was anintersting subject which sadly ended before it has said anything other than the obvious.

    More haste Pat, equals not less speed but less quality, at least less quality of DEPTH. I realise you are a busy man but you have a top class brain ands I for one would like to know more of your REAL opinions, not just tasters posted only to tempt JA members to post.

    Most of these so brief articles by all you inhouse writers do not, it seems to me, garner much response at all. More in depth pieces would , I AM CONVINCED, do so!

    1. Jon, my forte is writing concidely andmaking my point quickly before the reader gets bored.
      You, though, are more than welcome to submit your long in-depth articles once a month
      I have to write 6 or 7 articles every single day!

    2. All u do is complain……. Dnt u get tired of complaining about articles, if its nt d English, its d choice of it etc.

  7. Let’s be frank… If arsenal loose a single player within the 11 except the fullbacks… We will loose some games… The only position we are certain to fill with the bench team is fullbacks… The rest goalkeeper, center back, middle park, wings and forward we are short of quality bench… Not quantity. … Like nketiah, nelson, viera, elneny, holding etc

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