Mikel Arteta makes it perfectly clear what he expects from the Arsenal players

Mikel Arteta sends warning to underperforming stars that things must be done his way.

New Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has revealed that he will go tough on the players who don’t buy into his ideas.

The former midfielder has just been named Arsenal’s manager after a short search for Unai Emery’s successor.

Arteta was on the winning side last weekend when Manchester City beat Arsenal 3-0 at the Emirates and the Spaniard admits that he felt sad for how poorly the Gunners played.

He has been tasked with getting the team firing again and it looks like it would be a tough job with most of Arsenal’s players unsettled including the club’s top scorer, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Arteta made it clear in his first interview that he is willing to work with all of the club’s stars, however, anyone who isn’t willing to put in the work as the rebuilding starts would be cut off.

‘If I wouldn’t feel ready and prepared for this I wouldn’t be sitting in this chair,’ he said at his first press conference. ‘The first priority is to change the energy. Last week I was here with Manchester City and I felt a little bit down. ‘I want to get everybody in the club with the same mindset. We have to build a culture that sustains the rest.

‘My job is to convince everybody that this is how we’re going to live. If you’re going to be part of this organisation it’s going to be this way. ‘We need the fans. We need to engage them, to transmit our behaviour and intention. That’s the only way they’ll give us a little bit and we’ll feel that connection. ‘When you’re outside this football club you look at it and think wow, this is massive.’

Could be a bumpy ride. there are some huge ego’s in that dressing room and Arteta has to make sure he stamps his authority early on.


  1. Bournemouth (A), Chelsea (H) and Man United (H). Three difficult EPL games to see whether the senior players would work their socks off for the team or ignore the new coaches

    Arteta would be forced to use a wingback formation, because both Kolasinac and Tierney are injured. I hope Kolasinac would come back soon, otherwise Arsenal might need to promote a young LB from the academy or loan one

    1. Welcome Mikel I believed you gonna do better and bring us back to a position we belong that’s champion league position

  2. Arteta seems to have the right attitude… whether he can get the best out of his players remains to be seen

  3. Arteta need our support and should only be judged the summer transfer window. And that is if he is actually given decent transfer fund to buy the players that fit his playing philosophy. Asking MA to get into top 4 is asking for Miracles. No coach will be able to make that kind of improvement with the bunch of stooges we currently have. we should count this season as a loan and start preparing for the future by clearing out the likes of Ozil, Mustafi, Xhaka, Luiz, Socratis, AMN, chambers, Bellerin and loan out Gondouzi, saka and willock. One of Auba and Lacca needs to go too to that we can bring in a proper LW winger to balance the lineup.

  4. “We have to try and engage everyone. I have to try and convince the players of what I want to do and how I want to do it. They have to start accepting a different process, a different way of thinking. I want to get the staff and everyone at the club with the same mindset.
    “We have to build a culture that has to sustain the rest. If we don’t have the right culture…in difficult moments, the tree is going to shake, my job is to convince everybody this is how we’re going to live. If you’re going to be part of this organisation it has to be on these terms and in this way. After that, we can talk about other things.

    “The ambition of this club is clear – you have to be in Europe and fight for trophies. The rest is not good enough.
    “I want people who deliver energy and passion to the club. Anyone who doesn’t buy into this, has a negative effect or whatever, is not good enough for this environment and culture.”

    That’s pretty clear and bold. I love the fact that he accepts working with everyone, but now everyone must put in the sane vibe. If you’re not gonna do things his way then you’re a negative vibe who’s not needed and good enough for the environment.
    The guy sounds like someone who knows what he wants and how he’s gone chase it.
    I already said before, don’t let his calm look fool you. He’s a vocal person and was widely respected at City’s training ground.
    I hope he brings that strictness to this club too

      1. Silly comment with no justification whatsoever. Give the man a chance before you condemn him. You have no idea what he can and cannot do, yet you sprout negetivity. Which club do your represent?

        1. I’ve supported this club before you were born,so I have every right to express my opinion.Appointing Arteta is a serious mistake .He has no experience what so ever and he then becomes the coach of a club in serious trouble.You can be positive as you like but the writing is the wall.He’ll do as well as Henry did at Monaco and we now how that turned out

          1. Highbury44, of course you are entitled to your opinion; however despite any reservations, one cannot pre-empt the future and Mikel Arteta must be given our support to succeed.

        1. I remember on this site after a few games while Unai Emery was manager the words we have our Arsenal back.Less than a year latter everybody wanted him out.Now we have Arteta and everybody thinks he is our saviour to turn this club around.I really hope he does but common sense says he has no chance.Jon you have your opinions and I have mind .Only time will tell who is right

          1. Highbury44, the big question will be, similar to the situation Emery faced, at the first available transfer window will the Board/Owner support Arteta to make the transfers in and out that he wants and needs? Emery didn’t get the players he requested, will Arteta?

    1. Eddie, You are saying what almost all of us Gooners crave to hear; that Arteta will NOT put up with the sloth and sofness that has eaten away thrhearty of our team and even the squad for some years past and is , right now, poisonous and extremely damaging. Some 15 years ago I had a cancerous kidney that was cut out. It is called a nephrectomy. But it was not treated slowly but cut out, in a few hours, and I am fine now. You see the anology of course. There is no other way than to cut out all the team cancer and do it swiftly and surgically. I am sure MA will do it!

      This does not mean he will immediately sell all the cancerous players; that would leave us struggling to field ANY team. But all the sloth will vanish, like morning mist when the sun rises. MA is our sun!

  5. New manager or not we need an entire back four or we could be staring relegation dogfight, Mark my words it obvious to anyone from the shambles of last season why the head of recruitment failed to see that is beyond me or the fans

  6. Eddie, like you I feel he is laying out his vision, his rules and his way to every single player in the club.

    It is up to each individual to prove his worth and show MA that he wants to play for him and the club – so I see a level playing field, with no preconceived ideas about any player to hinder his thought pattern.

    I think I’m correct in saying that the only player he has actually played with, was Ozil, so he knows EXACTLY what the man is capable of doing – no hiding place there then!!!

    I also hope he keeps freddie in some capacity at the club, that seems the right thing to do and he deserves it anyway, following his results with the younger players.

    Personally and I don’t know why, the feeling I have is so different from the one when UE took over. I’m actually buzzing about the news and can’t wait to see what promises he got from kronkie regarding transfer kitty, future commitment and his own responsibilities regarding players and contracts.

    If it all comes to pass, one can understand just why City are so pi**ed off with us!!

    1. He wants to work with everyone at first and see their strength and weaknesses before he decides.
      Like he said, everyone needs to be on board and do what he wants, if you can’t then you’re a negative vibe around the club.
      So every player will get their chance honestly, till at least the next summer then we know who stays and who leaves

    2. It seems Arsenal wanted to appoint MA in the first place, but the part of not having managed a team before was holding them down, until UE showed up and claimed he knew the club and players inside out, and knew exactly how to make Arsenal the world beater. That’s why MA didn’t get the appointment the first time.
      The rest is now history and we are back to the board/owner’s original preference.

      1. Emery wanted certain players to implement the style he felt would bring Arsenal success. He did well his first season and then was not supported with the players he wanted and needed to play the way he wanted, in the transfer windows in CB’s and midfield.
        I hope Arteta is supported and not hung out to dry. All of us should want Arteta to succeed, as we don’t want a revolving door of head coaches, taking the blame for inept tight fisted Arsenal management by the Board and Owners.

      1. Actually in his words, he said Ozil is a massive player for arsenal… What I want is to understand how they are feeling and what they need. You have to understand it.

        1. Mobella, normally I would take that statement and ram it down every anti Ozil fans throat, but I am going with the view that every single player has got to prove himself from today and if Ozil (like every other player I MUST add) doesn’t buck up his ideas, then he will be out and quite rightly so.

          I assume the players, if that is what you mean when saying how they feel, are coming to terms with the fact that they now have a person who has learnt from the best about handling players and it’s time to earn their money, each and every one of them!!!!

          Don’t let us down Mikel, we are behind you all the way.

          1. ken and Mobella, “massive” may apply to Ozil’s undeniable talent or his cost to the Club.
            As you state Ken, every player gets a clean slate, with the new head coach; however as the maxim goes with Ozil, “to those to whom much is given, much is expected.”

  7. My expectations are pretty low for this season – top ten, progress from some of the young players and a clear style of attractive football and I’ll be happy.

    Like most I expect some players to be shifted out but other than our three veteran CBs – Luis, Socrates and Mustafi – I wouldn’t be surprised if any underperforming Arsenal player turned it around under Arteta. However you could knock me down with a feather if any of the three aforementioned players found solid form

  8. I am not going to be surprised if Arteta lights a fuse in some arses and get them overperforming in a jiffy. I am not predicting anything, but am willing to be pleasantly surprised by some great performances.

    Those expecting us to be at the same point on the log by season’s end should be prepared to be surprised. I don’t know the justification for such fears. We will definitely play better and win games going forward. Our position on the EPL table will improve.

    I think the appointment of Arteta is a good enough step and the Board should be congratulated for getting it right. We may have many issues, but we will make progress because we have a round peg in a round hole now.

    What Arteta brings is different from what UE brought. He was our captain and he has a sense of belonging to Arsenal that UE could never have shown. Not that UE did not want us to succeed. But He couldn’t get the players to regain their lost confidence.

    Arteta will succeed where UE didn’t if we back him and if the board doesn’t leave him stranded.

  9. Emery wanted certain players to implement the style he felt would bring Arsenal success. He did well his first season and then was not supported with the players he wanted and needed to play the way he wanted, in the transfer windows in CB’s and midfield.
    I hope Arteta is supported and not hung out to dry. All of us should want Arteta to succeed, as we don’t want a revolving door of head coaches, taking the blame for inept tight fisted Arsenal management by the Board and Owners.

    1. Stop already with your backing of Emery. He’s gone. Not having the players he want doesn’t change the formation and stupid tactics he use. He would have brought in old players anyway and still play boring football. He’s a coach who never win a single away game in his last season at sevilla.

      So annoying hearing this same word everytime. Do you think Pep, Klopp or Zidane will play a boring football with this kind of player.

      Even Freddie’s Arsenal team will look like Barcelona against Arsenal Emery’s team

      1. Bobs, I’m not backing Emery now he is gone;just stating the facts that the same underlying player issues remain from Wenger, through Emery and finally Ljundberg. You can only shuffle the players in Arsenal’s squad so any ways.
        Mikel Arteta faces the same conundrum of previous head coaches, in that the only sanction is to bench underperforming players, which is difficult with diminished quality and depth. Arteta must be supported in the transfer market.

  10. Welcome back Mikel! Loved you as a player and love you more as our Manager! Hope you bring back Arsenal back to where it belongs. So pained to see the Chelseakeys Spuds and Utd. above us. The players must give their 100% to Arteta and the Board must back him to the fullest. We as fans should be behind him come what may and support our dear club at all costs. Happy days in the offing! Starts with the away game at Everton today although MA wont be in charge hope his words already have a positive effect on our players.

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