Mikel Arteta makes La Liga transfer request to Arsenal

Spanish outlet, Defensa Central claims that Mikel Arteta has asked Arsenal to sign Isco Alarcon for him.

The midfielder has seen limited opportunities at Real Madrid this season and in his bid to play in the European championship next year, he wants to leave.

The report says that several teams want Isco, but the midfielder may end up at Arsenal in the summer.

This is because Arteta has specifically told Arsenal that he has the profile of the creative midfielder that he wants to join his team.

The report says that the Gunners haven’t put in an official bid for him yet, but they are working towards a January move.

It adds that Arsenal plans to land Isco on loan for the rest of the season and then make the transfer permanent next summer.

However, it claims that the arrangement might not impress Madrid because the Spanish side would like the transfer to be done next summer when they will have better options at replacing him.

Isco has reportedly seen how Dani Ceballos left the Bernabeu and is now enjoying his football at the Emirates and he wants to join the midfielder under the wings of Arteta as he rebuilds the Gunners.

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  1. 1. will he help us to win now:
    very skillful and creative player
    good close control – useful for low block teams
    explosive pace with ability to dictate the game
    brings championship experience
    ability to play between the lines

    2. will he add value to the squad:
    has no meaningful resale value 3 years from now
    improve the game of others by creating space
    effect on growth/development on others – Dani C
    can we make better use of his 20m price

    3. will he help us to manager risk
    value estimated at 20M
    salary not known, but ballpark est. 150,000pw
    not known to be error-prone
    lifestyle change at this time could be a challenge
    high upside but also high down-side {Erickson)
    new to the league and UK- style football-Denis Suarez

    Rating (out of 10)
    1. 9
    2. 6
    3. 5
    Overall rating 20.

    Other points
    we have a good relationship with RM
    RM would be flexible – loan/buy options
    any interest in our players – Dani C, MO
    better players could be available soon re. financial meltdown (buyers’ market)

    Not the perfect candidate. Team age profile and salary structure will take a hit. This player however could improve the team in the short term.

  2. Arsenal cannot bring in any more foreign players with out selling some foreign players included in PL squad…I wonder who they are going to sell…

  3. Repeat the Ozil saga again with Isco.Everyone wants to be with AFC for the wages and perks and nothing more. No to this transfer. Will take us from 12th to 15th if not lower. I just do not fancy RM players starting from Baptista to Cabellos. Name me one RM player who was consistent with us?

    1. Not the right question to ask (and an unnecessarily pessimistic premise). All players should be taken at individual merit. James has been pretty tasty at Everton.

  4. So arteta freeze out Ozil and now looking to buy an equally lazy but less creative “playmaker”? I don’t believe this rumour

    1. Attitude problems with our resident best No.10 in the world.
      Absolutely a stinking attitude and mentality.

      Madrid get rid.

      Wenger bending over backwards to accommodate him but consistently got poor performances for the majority of the time.

      Emery kept pointing out the poor attitude and mentality.

      Germany couldn’t wait for the drama queen to go.

      Ljumberg saw him as a weak only okay in home games against relegation teams.

      Arteta just got tired of the poor attitude / mentality and froze him out.

      Once again, poor attitude and mentality is the common factor here 😊

  5. Isco? Well not the ideal long term solution but a quick fix option.

    I say we throw everything in at lyon for auor or maybe mancity’s garcia.

    1. Name me one bad game he had under Arteta? We only lost one game with him playing the side compared to now and we so much better football as well.
      Attitude problems my ass. Arteta hasn’t mentioned anything about his attitude. All his team mates say he trains well.
      If you actually watched the interview with Freddie he said yes you lose a bit physically with him and normally against the so called ‘weaker teams’ that (we are losing to at present) where we dominate the ball more he’s the perfect foil to have. That being said he did agree with what Evra said on sky sports that he should be played right now. He clearly knows there’s something else going on.

  6. What direction is Arteta really going?, we compl
    ain bout Ozil, buh want Isco, I’ll have prefer a young guy who is ready to give it all, not bunch of average and underwhelming players who is only after our money, Arteta is slowing digging his grave, he won’t last longer at Arsenal.

  7. I think the Isco train sailed long time ago.
    It’s like the Benzema to Arsenal train.
    And ain’t he has weak as our Shirt Selling Genius? If you are struggling in Lal liga then you don’t wanna think the EPL is the way to go. 😊

  8. Half-season loan with option to buy for £20m and 50% of (reportedly £120k p/w) wages. Let’s see if they bite.

    He’s not necessarily the player we need but he’s the type we’re looking for. Someone who can make space when surrounded by three players; a Bernardo Silva/Cazorla type.

  9. Two contrasting thoughts : We badly need a hungry top quality creative hard working central midfielder and I can believe MA is keen to find one for JAN.
    Secondly , I do not belive a single word of this Isco rumour, as he does not fit the description above, namely neither hungry nor hardworking. Just does not ring true !

  10. I can’t wait to see this Isco joins Arsenal. I mean he is such wonder to watch.
    Very creative.
    Go for him immediately. Don’t wait.
    This is one of the best news ever ☺️ f it’s true💯🤝🕺🕺🙏🕺🕺🕺🔥👁️

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